Whiskey Scented Tears


Watching the whiskey scented tears

Slipping down your cheeks

And splashing in the dust,

I forget about what's plaguing me.

I touch your shoulder

With an uncertain hand.

I see you falter even further,

And I want to understand.

I know I don't share your ghosts;

I didn't strike down innocents.

I don't have your guilt,

Nor did I commit your sins.

My world is still intact.

It never shattered like an old picture frame.

I didn't watch homes and people burn.

I don't have to drink away a thousand names.

Though I can hold you

And take you in my arms,

I can't erase your pain,

And I can't rebuild your heart.

It's not my place to forgive;

I can't tell you that it's alright.

I don't know what their voices say

This is only your fight.

But I'll be your shoulder to cry on,

I'll be your strength and stronghold.

When you can't take it anymore,

I'll be there to take you home.

I'll never walk the path

That you once trod,

And I'll never feel the pain

You face as you cry out to God.

I want to relieve you of your agony,

I want to take the grief away,

I want to cry those tears for you,

But I know it doesn't work that way.

So I watch your whiskey scented tears

As they flow down your face.

I ignore my own pain

And act as your saving grace.

I'm not God,

And I can't forgive you for them;

The ones you took and broke,

But I can be yours until the bitter end.

I can be your pillar.

I'm okay with being your life-line.

I can keep your finger off the trigger.

I'm alright with letting you cry.

I can dry those whiskey scented tears.

Even though there are things I still can't do,

And despite the things you've done,

I still love you.