Why I Write


You ask me "Why don't you get a real job?"

You convince yourself that I'm just a slob.

You say "You just don't want to work.

And you're stupid, because you think your words hold worth."

Why do you do your "real job"; please tell me!

Is it for the money to feed your insatiable greed?

What legacy of your work will YOU leave;

An open seat waiting for someone to come and fill the vacancy?

Who will you benefit and who will you give hope to?

Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?

I'm not getting anything for free, if that's what you think.

I'm writing so that the love in the world doesn't shrink.

Who is your work for?

A single boss who will only demand more and more?

My work is for those who don't have anyone to care for them.

My work is to make people feel like there's someone who loves them!

I write for myself

As well as anyone else

Who's willing to read

And accept the help from me.

I write to lift up the hopeless

And fix up the broken.

I write to reach out to the shattered heart

And fill in the empty parts.

I write to prove that I am who I am.

I write to tell why I stand where I stand.

I write to strengthen the weaker man.

I write to reach out a helping hand.

I write because my voice is soft.

I write so I don't hold myself aloft.

I write because I want to remain human

And because I'm just a simple woman.

I write because I'm strong

And to realize I can still be wrong.

I write because I'm weak

And sometimes too afraid to speak.

I write to build a bridge between you and me.

I write to set my soul free.

I write because I can't always voice my words.

I write because I deserve to be heard.

I write because I know

That there are those without hope.

I write because I want to make a difference

And not fade into irreverence.

I write because I want to find God.

I write so I don't pretend to be someone I'm not.

I write from beneath my heart; from my very core;

I write so other people can soar.

I write because I want to fill a need!

I write because I want to feed

The world's deepest and most profound emotions;

Emotions thought to be buried deeper than the oceans!

I write to make a difference!

I write to both adults and children!

I write to the people who aren't considered people!

I write to those not reached by the church and its glorified steeple!

I don't give a damn whether or not you think it matters.

I see how far my pen reaches and watch as my book grows fatter.

And even if that pen only reaches one,

That's one person who doesn't feel shunned.

I write because I want everyone...

I want everyone... To know that...