Forever and a Day


Forever and a day

I hear you say

As you kiss my cheek goodbye.

I stand by the sea,

A sea so blue,

As I watch you sail tonight.

And day by day,

Here I will stay,

Waiting for your return.

My love for you, oh how it yearns

To meet your loving arms again.

But the war so cold

And ice so cruel

Rips me away from you.

You don't return,

And just a letter

Is all I have of you.

You died a hero, they say,

And I have the Purple Heart

That you so bravely earned.

But with this badge comes a grief

That leaves me a new, fresh burn.

Where are you now,

"Forever and a day"?

Why did you lie and walk away?

This world so cruel

And fate so cold

Steals from me a love of old.

I walk through life

With thoughts of you

And how you gladly died.

My country is free,

But my heart is chained.

I know it's selfish of me,

But I'm still lost in my own pain.

I hobble down

A broken path

Of empty graves and faded tombs.

Voices of the past

Ring through my ears,

And they all belong to you.

Before I know it, a bright light shines

Upon my wrinkled face,

And I see your beautiful smile;

It sets me free once again.

The weight leaves my chest

As I take your hand

And step away from time,

Leaving this world behind.

"Forever and a day"

I hear you say

As you kiss my cheek goodnight.