Chasing Ghosts


I've always tried to hide my fears,

And never let anyone see my tears.

I tried to prove myself

By being someone else.

I lied to everyone.

I didn't want to be shunned.

I said yes to everything.

And I never got to be me.

I lied about my hopes,

And I hid my goals.

Said I had different dreams,

But I never wanted to be those things.

I was chasing after ghosts

And what hurt the very most,

Was when everyone believed in me

Until I told what I really wanted to be.

And it's "Get your head out of the clouds."

"Come on, get a real job, now."

"You'll never get anywhere with that."

And they wonder why I was always so sad!

Well I'm done pretendin'!

I'm done being hidden!

I'm leaving myself open

Because I've already been broken!

I've already hated myself,

Already tried to be someone else.

I didn't fight back until now…

Now I'm throwing it all down.

I am beautiful,

Something wonderful.

I don't have to hide anymore.

I've found what I'm looking for.

The road will be hard,

But all good things really are.

I don't mind the long walk,

It's better than my old short talks!

I want to fly free

And I can only do it if I'm me.

So I'm leaving my post.

I'm done chasing ghosts.