Weaker than I


You don't deserve to judge me

Based off of what you see.

You don't know the cracks in my heart

Or the extent of my rough start.

You can't see the scars on my soul,

Yet you judge me for not being whole.

You don't understand my fears

And you mock all of my tears.

You say to get a grip,

But you strike out and make me trip.

You know you are wrong,

But blame it on me for "not being strong".

You point your finger at me,

Claiming that I'm nobody.

Despite this, you take the time to kick me when I'm down,

Claiming my worth isn't sound.

You don't know the demons I have faced,

Or how I've been cheated out of grace.

However, I will still continue to smile;

Though you'll only see it every once in a while.

You'll soon know that at the end of the day,

You are weaker than I in every way.