Gary Gauthier is a spartan, who is enjoying his semi-retirement in Okemos, Michigan. Before moving to MI, he was a resident of Tampa, FL. In this phase of life, when he is semi-retired; he involves himself in various activities that please him. For example, he runs an organization 501c, food for vets and also gives guitar lessons.

Gary Gauthier also works with vets and has been appointed since April 2013 to be a mentor for the veterans court in Ingham County, Michigan. He is a proud member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), an organization that has been serving veterans since 1920 by empowering them to a high-quality life with respect & dignity they deserve. Having served the US army, Gary has a special place in his heart for seniors and vets & finds it extremely gratifying to help them. Other than working with them, he spends his time in activities, like hunting, bowling, and playing golf.

About Gary Gauthier

Gary Gauthier is a semi-retired US Army combat engineer based in Okemos, MI. He is a proud father of Michael Gauthier, who is a ranger in 505 parachute assult regiment 82nd airborn division, currently serving in Iraq. Having served the US Army for several years, Gary holds a special place in his heart for the veterans and loves to work for them. He is also a member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, which has been empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect & dignity since 1920. With the aim to serve veterans, he has even set up an organization 501c, food for vets. Other than his endeavors to help veterans live a secure and respectable life, it is his love for sports that fills his schedule.