Chapter 16


Mako slowly cracked open his bleary eyes to darkness. Ugh… why the hell am I awake? He could have sworn that he'd heard some loud noises, but the vague memory sank back through the fogginess of his just-woken-up mind.

The alarm clock read 3:24 AM.

Mako groaned softly and covered his face with a pillow. Normally, he would have disregarded the sound and gone back to sleep immediately, but something nagged at his groggy brain. Something that was important…

Sean! He might have heard something from his parents!

Mako struggled out of his tangled covers, slipped his headphones on - he winced at the sudden onslaught of loud music - and stumbled to his bedroom door. In his small living room, he spotted Sean sitting up on the couch, frowning at his phone.

"Something… wrong?" He asked sleepily.

Sean jumped and turned around. "M-Mako! You're awake?"

Mako leaned on the doorway and gave an unintelligible grunt.

"N-Nothing's wrong," Sean replied quickly. "You should, uh, go back to sleep."

Sound advice… I should…

Mako lumbered back to his bed and crashed on top of it.

When he awoke the next morning, his ears ached horribly, just like they did when he forgot to take off his headphones before going to sleep...


He quickly removed the headphones, experiencing a rare conscious moment without cranking electric guitar and deafening drums. Then why is there still a weird high-pitched synth beat going on?

A few seconds later, Mako realized that it wasn't a synth at all, but his alarm clock. With the headphones in his head, he hadn't noticed it beeping. As he reached over to turn it off, he absent-mindedly noted the blaring red numbers on the clock screen. 7:41 AM.

7:41 AM. School started at eight o'clock.


Mako jumped out of bed and hurriedly pulled on his jeans and T-shirt. Grabbing the sweatshirt off of his footboard, he banged open the bedroom door and into the living room.

"Sean! Sean!" He yelled at a blanket-covered lump on the couch.

It stirred feebly.

"Let's go! Wake up, Sean! We're late!"

He pulled the blanket over his head. "Mmpf…"

"I'm gonna go make breakfast. If you aren't up and dressed by then, I will splash cold water all over your face." Mako disappeared into the kitchen without a backward glance.

There wasn't much that Mako could make in the few minutes he had. He poured two bowls of cereal, filled them with milk, and got two bananas. Glancing back into the living room, Sean was still sprawled on the couch. With a sigh, he set down the bananas and filled an empty bowl with cold water, adding in a few ice cubes for good measure.

He walked to the couch, bowl in hand. "Sean…"

Sean glanced up with sleep-laden eyes and spotted the clear glass bowl in Mako's hands, the ice cubes sloshing around the bottom. He bolted off the couch. "Okay, okay! I'm up!"

"Good," Mako replied. "You can borrow some of my clothes. We probably have similar sizes."

Sean muttered his assent and headed to Mako's room. He quickly returned, wearing a black sweatshirt and some dark jeans. He joined Mako in the kitchen and quickly started on his cereal.

"Your wardrobe is so depressing, man," Sean commented. "I bet you don't have anything that's white."

"That's not true," Mako replied. "I've got a few white dress shirts."

Sean scoffed and quickly scarfed down the bowl of cereal. Mako finished right after him.

"Shit!" Mako swore, looking down at his watch. "It's 7:51 now! We gotta go!"

The two of them rushed out of Mako's apartment. For a moment, Mako contemplated taking his bike, but he decided not to. It would just be plain mean to leave Sean in the dust.

After a while, they finally caught up with the girls.

"You're late," Liz remarked. "Did you two have some late-night pillow fights or something? Or did you play spin-the-bottle?"

Mako panted from the running and didn't reply.

Char made an amused noise. "You can't play spin-the-bottle with two people, Liz. And that's quite the bedhead you've got going on today." She reached forward and tugged gently at the angular, flattened strands of hair on Mako's head. "You sleep with your headphones on or something?"

He grumbled irritably in response.

"Someone's cranky this morning," Liz raised her eyebrows.

"He threatened to pour cold water on my head if I didn't get up. He actually started tipping the bowl," Sean commented.

"You're exaggerating," Mako muttered. "You jumped off the couch as soon as you saw the bowl in my hand."

Sean shrugged. "I was half-asleep. Don't expect me to be perfectly accurate in my descriptions."

Mako grunted. "Whatever." He sighed. "I think I woke up in the middle of the night… not really sure though. Might've been a dream, a really realistic one at that."

Sean coughed nervously. "It was probably a dream."

Mako frowned. I distinctly remember taking off my headphones when I went to bed last night, though… that means I had to have woken up in the middle of the night and put them on again. But I remember talking to Sean when I woke up last night… why would he lie?

Mako arrived at the cafeteria and cursed under his breath. Amidst the hectic rush of the morning, he'd forgotten to pack a lunch. He retrieved a five dollar bill from his wallet and got up to stand in the lunch line. Wrinkling his nose at the soggy-looking burgers piled up on a tray for the students to take, he looked back at his table.

Sean had sat down. He'd placed his books next to him, and was currently frowning at something in his hands- a phone, Mako realized. A second later, Sean put the it down on the table and then exited the cafeteria. He's probably getting his wallet, Mako realized. But why was he so concerned about his phone?

He quickly grabbed a burger and a few sides, paid for them, and returned to the table. Making sure Sean really was gone, he swiped the phone and looked at the lock screen. Six missed calls from… Dad.


When Sean returned with his wallet, Mako was finishing up his salad.

"Hey man, we forgot lunch," Sean said. "I'm gonna go buy some, okay?"

Mako nodded, starting on the burger.

After Sean returned with his own soggy burger, Mako took a deep breath.

"Hey, Sean… your dad's trying to talk to you, you know."

Sean went white. "What- what are you talking about?"

Mako put his burger down on his tray. "I saw your phone just now, while you were getting your wallet."

Sean squeezed his eyes shut. "What- no. Why did you-."

"Six missed calls?" Mako asked incredulously. "What - was that what woke me up last night?"

Sean stared at the table. "...Maybe."

"Are you afraid?"

Sean scoffed. "Afraid? O-Of course not!"

Mako pursed his lips in a "you're-shitting-me" look. "Okay, this is your dad. He might have done something terrible and awful… but even though it looks like he might have some anger management issues - serious ones, actually - he definitely loves you, and he didn't want to hurt you."

Sean bit his lip. "But… but I…"

Mako shook his head. "He wants to say something to you. If you don't give him the chance to apologize, you might never feel the same way around him again."

"I don't want to hear the man who hit me… just giving me stupid excuses and asking me to forgive him," Sean said bitterly.

"Look, I'm not asking you to forgive him," Mako said. "Just give him a chance. You're his son. How do you think he feels, hitting his own son? Just let him say what he needs to say. Make your own judgements from there."

Sean looked lost. He clenched the plastic spork in his trembling hand.

"I don't have parents," Mako told him quietly. "It's taught me that other people need to value theirs more."

Ring. Ring.

Sean's jaw tightened as he locked gazes with the sleek phone that sat on the table between them.

Mako looked at Sean. "This might be your only opportunity."

Sean stared back at him.

Ring. Ring.

"Hi, Dad."

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