A/N: So I finally wrote about this amazing couple. They have hounded me for so long that they started their story on Sims. Then one of their sons made an appearance in another story I am working on. I wrote them in as a small part but then I thought that people should get their story to understand what their son talked about and here we are. I split it in to two parts since it was long. I hope you guys enjoy their story.

~~1971, Age 3~~

Annalise screamed as Rhonda pulled her legs. "Come on Annie! Daycare is no different than home!"

Annalise grabbed the pole harder and screamed louder. Rhonda looked at Dave. "I am not the only parent here!"

Dave covered his mouth to keep from laughing. A little boy walked up and touched Annalise. "Stop scream! It hurt me!" He yelled at her.

Annalise stopped screaming and looked at him. Rhonda slowly lowered her legs. "AIDAN CARMICHEAL! GET YOUR ASS BACK OVER HERE!" A woman hollered.

The boy ran behind Annalise. "Hide me!"

Rhonda looked at Dave then walked in front of Annalise and turned towards her. "Your name is Aidan right?" She whispered.

The boy nodded. Rhonda smiled. "Okay. Is that woman your mother?"

Aidan nodded again. "Do you want to walk in with us? I will have my husband talk to your mommy if you can get this little screamer in that classroom"

Annalise's eyes widened. She glared at the boy as he grabbed her hand. He started to pull her to the doors as she slapped his hand and started to scream again. Rhonda threw her hands up. "That is it young lady!"

She picked Annalise up and threw her over her shoulder. She then put her hand out and looked at Aidan. "Let's go Sir Aidan. I caught the dragon"

Aidan smiled and grabbed her hand. Dave shook his head as Rhonda walked inside. He let out a breath and walked over to Aidan's mother. She looked ready to kill someone.

(~Two Hours Later~)

Aidan walked over to Annalise. "Want to play?"

Annalise nodded a little. Aidan grabbed her hand and pulled her to the sand box. Annalise smiled a little. She was very shy to new people but those that knew her, knew she could have her hyper moments.

They played a little before another little boy came over. He grabbed a handful of sand and threw it at Aidan. A teacher looked at them as Aidan threw sand back at the boy. The teacher ran over and grabbed Aidan's hand. "You don't throw sand young man! You are coming to stand on the red line."

The teacher dragged Aidan to the red line. "Stand here or I will call your mommy"

Annalise glared at the boy before running over to Aidan. She stood across from him. "I am Lisi. Be my fr'end?"

Aidan grinned really big. "Yea!"

The teacher sighed. She turned away and rubbed her head. She knew the girl was gonna be in a world of trouble with that boy. She knew he was a little devil and would show his true colors some day.

~1974, Age 6~

Annalise grabbed Aidan's hand as they heard the yelling increase. Her daddy didn't like Aidan but her mommy did. Aidan looked at the ground and felt anger. Most people didn't like him but he hated when they hurt Annalise in someway.

"What is your problem, Dave?! He is just a little boy!" Rhonda screamed.

"He is a devil Rhonda! He is going to taint our little girl! He may even be planning to kill her and you don't give a shit!" Dave argued.

"You shut up right now! That boy is no devil and he would never hurt Annalise! If anything, he protects her!"

They heard silence for a moment. "If you don't get him out of this house and our lives right now then I will leave" Dave threatened.

Annalise's eyes widened. Aidan hugged her. "Then go. You can explain to our precious daughter why you refuse to let her have this one friend. You can tell her why daddy doesn't like her best friend" Rhonda told him.

They heard a door slam. They waited a moment before the door opened and Rhonda walked in. She got on her knees in front of them and opened her arms. Both of them ran to her and hugged her. "This isn't the end, you two. This is the beginning of a new life. This new life looks much better"

They looked at her and nodded. Rhonda smiled sadly. "How about we call Mrs. CarMicheal and see about all of us going out for ice cream?"

Aidan quickly shook his head. "Mommy at work"

Rhonda raised an eyebrow. "She seems to work a lot Aidan. Who watches you all the time?"

"Our neighburr Jackie watches me."

"Is Jackie the one who gives you permission to come here?"

Aidan nodded. "She seems happy when I ask."

Rhonda closed her eyes then opened them. "Okay so how about we just go get ice cream by ourselves? I think we all deserve some chocolate fudge sundaes."

Aidan and Annalise cheered. "Can daddy come?" Annalise suddenly asked.

Rhonda grabbed her hands. "I...Daddy won't be coming this time Lisi, but I will see if he wants to come next time okay?"

Annalise nodded. Rhonda stood up and grabbed both their hands. "Let's go before they run out of our ice cream."

(~A week later~)

Rhonda knocked on a door then looked at her watch. The door opened and a woman came out. "What the hell do you want?"

Rhonda coughed at the horrible smell. "Umm, are you Jackie?"

"Sure am. Now what is a high class pretty woman doing here? I am not into the lesbo sex money anymore."

Rhonda gaped then shook her head. "You are the one that watches Aidan?"

"Aidan? Oh you mean Devil boy." Jackie paused then chuckled. "Of course I watch him but only when his mama gets high and tries to beat the shit out of him. I have to keep him locked in the back though since he scares all the good paying men away."

"Tries to...Oh dear God. Listen, I made a mistake coming here. Um, do you have him now?"

"Nope. Astrid is home and boy is she drunk today! I offered her to some threesomes for money but the woman thinks no man can handle her. Though I have to admit she is-"

"OKAY! Is my daughter in that house?!" Rhonda interrupted her.

Jackie smirked. "Sure is. Astrid did seem pissed when she saw Aidan had a friend but she welcomed her in. If I know that boy, he has your girl hidden because when Astrid is drunk or high...I am surprised that boy is even still alive."

Rhonda felt sick. She quickly ran down the stairs. Jackie leaned on the railing. "Bring that girl back anytime!"

(~Aidan and Annalise~)

Aidan pushed Annalise under the bed. "Stay" He ordered.

He quickly ran to stand in front of the bed as the door slammed opened. His mother, Astrid, glared at him. "You little fucker! I told you that you didn't deserve friends! I told you that you didn't deserve being happy!"

Annalise covered her mouth as Astrid punched Aidan. Aidan fell on the ground and Astrid kicked him. "You destroyed my marriage! You ruined everything for me and you think you can be happy?! Where is your little whore? Maybe I should kill her so you would learn your place!"

Aidan cried as Astrid grabbed his hair. "I asked you a question! Where is your little whore?!"

They heard banging on the door. Astrid banged Aidan's head into the wall. She slammed the closet door open and looked in. Then she turned to the bed. She pushed it and grabbed Annalise's wrist. "Gotcha you little whore. You like my boy huh?"

Annalise started to cry. Aidan slowly got up and hit Astrid. The front door slammed open. Astrid hit Aidan into the wall again then walked out with Annalise. She walked up to Rhonda and tossed Annalise into her hands. "Keep your little shit away from us."

Rhonda ran out of there and Astrid slammed the door shut. Rhonda looked Annalise all over then pulled her into her arms. She then pulled back. "We need to go call police okay? We need to save Aidan"

They ran back over to Jackie's. Jackie shook her head. "Police is a big no, no pretty lady. Last time someone did that, Astrid put the poor boy in the hospital. She played the upset mother act and now police just go by what she says. She says she didn't hurt the boy then she didn't according to them."

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Jackie lit a cigarette. "How I wish I was. If I could save the boy, then I would but unless we have perfect evidence, we can't do nothing. Plus not many would care of a boy that looks like him. Those scary eyes and red hair. Makes you wonder who willing laid with that woman."

~~1976, Age 8~~

Aidan closed Annalise's door. "Mama is a sleep. Can I sleep up there now?"

Annalise moved over. Aidan climbed in the bed and covered up. "Why can't we sleep like this no more when Mama is up?" Aidan asked.

"She said we different and its not allowed." Annalise said.

They were quiet for a little bit. Annalise grabbed Aidan's sleeve and pulled it up. "No marks." She whispered.

"Mommy went on a trip. Jackie is watching me" Aidan explained. Annalise stayed silent.

Aidan hugged Annalise. "I okay Lisi."

Annalise looked at him. "Aidan, what are kisses? Lily asked me if I had kisses today"

"Kisses are for people that love each other. Mommies and Daddies have kisses."

"Then I want a kisses from you since I love you!" Annalise cheered.

Aidan stuck his tongue out. "Kisses are gross though!"

Annalise thought for a moment. "How about when we older? We only give each other kisses"

Aidan nodded happily. He stuck his pinkie out. "Promise for kisses?"

Annalise put their pinkies together. "Promise!"

They giggled and closed their eyes. "Don't leave me Aidan" Annalise whispered before they fell asleep.

(~Next Morning~)

Rhonda opened the door and sighed. Every time she put Aidan on the floor, he would be in the bed the next morning. She didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad one. She heard the phone ring so she closed the door and ran to the phone. "Hello?" She answered.

"Hi pretty lady. I am just calling to tell you that Astrid gave a ring. She will be home in two hours so you better get Aidan here soon. I don't want her coming early to see him not here." Jackie said.

"Alright, thank you Jackie. Did you get the cameras set up?"

Jackie laughed. "Did I? Pretty lady, I got the man to pay up and install the cameras! Love when the job shows its benefits"

Rhonda didn't know how she became friends with this woman but it did help at times. "So does this mean you will be seeing this one again?"

"Thinking of it. He had the whole package! Great looks, great in bed, and rich!"

Rhonda laughed. "Never change Jackie. Okay, I am gonna get the munchkins up. How many days should we give the cameras?"

"Well, as long as Mr. Hunk hid them right and she don't find them, I say five days. Astrid is talking of going to a party that day so we can check it out."

Rhonda said her goodbyes and hung up the phone. She walked back to the bedroom and opened the door. She almost laughed at their new position. Aidan was at the bottom of the bed with his head hanging off while Annalise was diagonal. She had her legs on his stomach while an arm was hanging off the bed.

Rhonda walked over to Annalise and woke her up. As Annalise rubbed her eyes, Rhonda walked over to Aidan. She shook him lightly. "I need you to wake up Aidan."

Aidan opened his eyes and smiled. "Morning mama."

Rhonda smiled. She helped him sit up then walked to Annalise. "Morning Lisi. Its your turn to choose breakfast."

Annalise jumped up and grabbed Aidan's hand. "We want blueberry waffles!"

"Lisi, you don't like blueberries, remember?"

"But Aidan does!" Annalise argued.

Rhonda sighed. These two were so inseparable that it drove her up the wall. "Okay, I will make blueberry waffles and strawberry waffles. We can even take some to Jackie."

(~A Week Later~)

Aidan flinched as he heard banging on the door. Astrid taped his mouth and stuck her nails into his arm. He screamed and she slapped him. "Keep it down or this will be way worse."

She pulled her hand back and walked out. She closed the door and went to the front door. She opened it and a police officer quickly turned her around and handcuffed her. "What the hell?!" She exclaimed.

"You, Astrid CarMicheal, are under arrest for child abuse and attempt of murder."

Another officer began to read her rights while the one that arrested her started looking around the apartment. A woman came in and instantly went to the bedroom. She gasped and quickly untied Aidan. "You are okay son. You are safe now"

Aidan nodded before he passed out. The lady quickly moved the tape as the officer came in. "Get away from that little freak, Jade"

"Shut up, Zane! He is only a child!"

"ANNALISE!" A voice cried.

Jade looked up as a little girl came running in. She was crying as she ran to Aidan. "Wake up!" She demanded.

Jade turned shocked as Aidan opened his eyes a little and smile. "Hi Lisi." He said before passing back out.

"KILL THAT DEVIL! HE WILL RUIN YOU ALL!" Astrid started screaming.

Zane cursed and left the room. Jade picked Aidan up and started to leave the room. "You can't have him!" Annalise stopped her.

Rhonda came in and pulled Annalise in her arms. "Let her do her job Lisi. We can see him later"

"NO!" Annalise whined.

Jade walked out. She didn't have the heart to tell the little girl that she may never see her friend again. She heard the girl still screaming and crying. A paramedic came up and took Aidan. Jade looked at Zane and he nodded.

~~1977, Age 9~~

Judge Brian looked at the files. "What case are you bringing me Miss Jameson? Aidan CarMicheal belongs to the state now so why are you coming here?"

"Because everyone refuses to listen to me! Aidan would be better in my custody than you guys. Aidan trusts me and he loves my little girl! I am asking for custody of Aidan and I am being refused!"

Brian looked at Jade. "What is your excuse?"

"Your honor, Aidan is to personally involved in this family. Plus I think he deserves a new start based on everything that happened and his looks. He is mistreated on how he looks and I believe staying here will hurt him more."

Rhonda was ready to tear her hair out. "What does it matter that he is personally involved with us?! That just means its a better chance for him. I told you that we would also move if you wanted him relocated! We also don't care how he looks! Your honor, I am financially secure, I have a home, and I took care of the boy anyways!"

"The boy needs a fresh start Miss Jameson!"

"Hush both of you! Now I want you to bring in the boy, Jade"

Jade stood up and left the room. She came back in a second later. "Will you please come help me get the children off the pillar?"

Rhonda groaned. She stood up and they walked out. Annalise and Aidan were both gripping a pillar. "Annalise Taylor Jameson, let go right now! Aidan, you were suppose to keep her in line!" Rhonda exclaimed.

Both Annalise and Aidan giggled. Rhonda walked forward and circled the pillar. "Now, who must I tickle to get you two off?"

Both children let go. Rhonda put her hands out and they grabbed them. She walked in the room with Jade following. They all sat down. Brian closed the folder and looked at Aidan. "Aidan, do you like Miss Jameson?"

"Who?" Aidan asked.

"Rhonda" Jade tried to explain.

Aidan shrugged. "Do you like mama, Aidan. My name is Rhonda but you call me mama" Rhonda broke in.

"I love mama!" Aidan cheered.

"Mama huh. Okay Aidan, do you wish to live with mama...Or get a new start?"

"He wants to live with us!" Annalise broke in.

"Lisi, shush." Rhonda ordered.

"I want to live with mama" Aidan confirmed.

Brian looked at Jade. "Its on your field now since he is not old enough to make a choice yet."

"I still want him to have a fresh start. You see how personal he is with this family and it could hurt him in the end"

"Or make it better!" Rhonda pointed out.

"I am sorry Miss Jameson. While I have some movement, I am letting Miss Jade have this. She has been a social worker for twenty five years so I trust her"

Jade,stood up. "Thank you, your honor. Come Aidan."

"Let us at least say goodbye first!" Rhonda demanded.

Rhonda stood up and got in front of Aidan. "You have to be strong so you can come back to us. Never let anyone bully you for your looks."

Aidan felt tears. "Where am I going mama? I thought I was going with you?!"

Rhonda pulled Annalise to her. "You have to go with Miss Jade. They won't let you come with me. You have to be strong for Lisi and me, okay?"

Annalise grabbed Aidan. "He is not leaving!"

Rhonda hugged them both. "He has to baby. They think he will get hurt with us."

Aidan looked at Annalise. "I will be strong. I will be back."

"I will wait. Promise no kisses?"

"No kisses. We do that when we meet again."

Rhonda look between them. "Wait, kisses?!"

"Aidan heard about kisses at school. We promised kisses when we be older." Annalise explained.

Jade looked at her watch. "We must be going." She grabbed Aidan's hand and they all waved goodbye.

Rhonda turned to Annalise. "We are talking about that kisses thing when we get home"

~~1981, Age 13 (Aidan)~~

Aidan ducked under the stairs as he heard yelling. He cringed when he heard footsteps. "Alright you devil, show your true self! No one will save your sins now!" A voice rang through the room.

Aidan peeked around to see the owner of the orphanage holding a cross out. Aidan cursed in his head. He woke up to her trying to crucify him. He watched as she moved to the kitchen.

Aidan made a break for the door. He ran out into the night and just kept running. He felt the cold hit him. He suddenly stopped at a river. He looked back then climbed into the water. He felt so cold as he got across.

He quickly climbed out before he heard screaming. He gasped and started to run again. This happened every time he got put in a new orphanage. No one would adopt the demon kid and all the nuns would try to kill him.

He ran until he ran into something. He looked up to see a man glaring at him. Aidan backed up. The man cracked his knuckles. "Looks like I got new meat here"

Aidan quickly climbed a tree. "If you can catch me then you got me but I won't make it easy. I got a girl to find since we promised kisses."

The man looked at him confused. Aidan took the chance to jump down over the man and knock him down. He quickly ran some and climbed another tree. He looked through the leaves. "I am coming Lisi. Just you wait"


Dave looked at his daughter. "Are you just gonna sit there for this whole trip?"

"What trip? I was forced here by you."

"Why can't a man spend a summer with his daughter?"

Annalise glared at him. "When the man has not even contacted his daughter since he left ten years ago! Let's not even talk about that you just invited me because I am getting a brother in a month! Suddenly your old family just enters your mind again!"

"Now that is enough Annalise! You will not disrespect me in my home!" Dave demanded.

Annalise stood up. "Fine, I am going home. I would rather garden with mom all summer and I want to be there when Aidan returns"

Dave's eyes widened. "You still hang with that little demon?! He will kill you Annalise!"

"Aidan is not like that! You all need to quit judging him!"

Annalise ran upstairs. She grabbed the phone and instantly called Rhonda. Her mother answered on the first ring. "I am already sending a ticket. I figured you would be calling."

"Have I ever told you that you are the best mother ever?"

"Everyday but it doesn't hurt to hear it more. Listen, if I am not here when you get back, I am going to check on Jackie. I want to see if she has heard anything on Aidan and I think she said something about marrying Mr. Hunk. She has never been able to let that one go"

Annalise laughed. "So she is finally giving up the prostitute job for good?"

"Oh we can only hope. I worry about that girl and that job."

Annalise heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Got to go mom. I think Princess Erica is coming to try and talk to me"

They hung up as the door opened. "Are you okay, Annalise?" Erica asked.

"I am fine. My mom is sending a ticket so I should be out of here tomorrow or the day after."

"Please forgive me. Your father really didn't think we should have done this but I really wanted our baby to know his sister."

"That really doesn't make me feel better Erica. That just tells me what I already knew. My dad don't give a crap about me. If he did then he would had done something after he left."

"You seriously think I don't give shit about you?" Dave interrupted.

Annalise sighed. "Look, Jackie lives about an hour away. I will call her to let me stay till I get my ticket."

"Go rest for a little bit Erica. I need to speak with my daughter."

Erica nodded and left the room. Dave shut the door. "You are my daughter Annalise and I love you very much."

Annalise laughed. "Nice way of showing it."

"This boy did this didn't he? He turned you against me"

Annalise grabbed her bag. "I will call Jackie at the station. See you later, Dave"

~~1982, Age 14 (Aidan)~~

Aidan felt pain all through his body. He finally escaped the stupid gang. He stumbled a little before he caught himself. He felt the rain on him and he cursed. He looked forward to see a garage with lights on. He slowly made his way there and banged on the door.

His legs finally gave out. He fell to the ground as the door slammed open. "What the fuck?!" A voice shouted.

"Help..Me..Please" Aidan groaned out.

Aidan felt someone grab him and drag him inside. "What the fuck happened to you?" The voice spoke again.


"You tough motherfucker! Well, let's see what we can do to fix you up. What's your name buddy?"


The voice chuckled. "Nice to meet you Aidan. My name is Rick"


Rhonda looked at Annalise. "You know he will be back. You guys promised kisses. I still can't believe how close you two became."

"I am gonna marry him mom. I just know he is coming and I am gonna marry him. No one is willing to see him like we do which makes me so mad."

Rhonda hugged her. "I know baby. He is gonna come home, I can just feel it."

Annalise smiled at her. "Did you ever expect this when you took us into daycare together?"

"To be honest, no. I just wanted to save him from his mother. Speaking of mother, I was so happy when he started calling me mama."

"I remember that. He just started and never stopped."

Rhonda stood up. "Let's go get our ice cream for old times."

"Only if I get the brownie bits!" Annalise teased before she ran out of the room.