~~1985, Age 17~~

Annalise closed her sketchbook and stretched. She stood up when she heard the bell. She started to walking to class when she heard a motorcycle. She turned but didn't see anything.

Annalise sighed. "Did you hear about the new student? Kids are calling him the devil and saying he looks like a demon" A voice whispered.

Annalise's eyes widened. She grabbed the girl's shoulder. "What did you say?!"

The girl pushed her hand off. "Go see for yourself. He just got here on his bike"

Annalise left the girls and ran to the student parking lot. She looked around till she spotted a boy near a motorcycle. "Turn around" She whispered.

The boy turned and started walking towards the school. Annalise gasped. She started running towards him. "AIDAN!" She screamed.

The boy stopped and looked around. He looked towards her and his eyes widened. Annalise got to him and tackled him to the ground. "Aidan" She whispered.

"Lisi? Oh my god, Lisi!" Aidan exclaimed.

He pulled her close as he sat up. Annalise started to cry. "You came back. Oh I missed you."

Aidan quickly kissed her. Annalise looked at him surprised. "I promised kisses when I found you again" He reminded her.

Annalise glared at him. "That is not a kiss. This is a kiss" She told him before putting her lips on his.

Aidan grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer. They pulled back panting. "Let..Me call Mama..She wants to know right away if I run into you." Annalise told him.

"Let me hold you a little longer please. I am so glad I found you again. I know we only promised kisses but now that we are older and understand crap like this, can you be my girl? I want these kisses to be only mine."

Annalise nodded. "I have always been and will always be your girl"


Rhonda poured the tea and took a drink. Tea always seemed to calm her when there was big news. She started to look through the mail when she heard the door open. She left the kitchen and gasped when she saw Aidan standing there.

"Hey mama" Aidan said.

Rhonda put her drink down and hugged him. She started to cry as he hugged her back. She then backed up and looked at him. "Arms. Show them to me" She commanded him.

Aidan rolled his sleeves up. "There are a few new scars but they are mostly from my job at a garage. While I am good with fixing cars, I tend to get clumsy sometimes."

Rhonda nodded. Annalise came in smiling. Rhonda looked at them and grinned real big. "You guys are together."

They both nodded. Rhonda felt so happy. She knew they created a big connection when they were little but she never imagined they would be together. "Oh, I have some tea in the kitchen. I am betting you have been missing it"

Aidan laughed. "Oh yea. I tried to make it and it was gross. I tried to have the old man make it and well...I learned to never let him near a stove again"

"Old man?" Rhonda asked.

"Aidan was rescued by a man named Rick, three years ago. Rick is hiding him from the system while Aidan helps at the garage. Aidan calls him old man but he admitted that Rick is like a dad to him."

"Then you can bring him for dinner because you are not leaving tonight. I may let you go tomorrow but you are staying tonight. Oh and you are staying in the guestroom. There will be no sneaking into Annalise's bed anymore."

"Oh come on mom. Did you really think we planned when you went to bed?"

Rhonda raised an eyebrow. "Let's not even get into all that! Now, Lisi will go make you cups of tea while Aidan will go call his old man. You tell him that I am demanding he come since I want to personally thank him for bring you back to us"

Aidan hugged her again and went to the phone. He dialed the number and waited. "Rick's Garage and Repair here, how may I help ya?" Rick answered.

"Hey old man. I met up with an old friend and her mother is demanding both of us to dinner."

"I don't do family shit Aidan and you know that. Go ahead and eat dinner with them. I will get take out."

"Old man, I am saying that Rhonda is demanding. Trust me when I say that she could possibly either drag you here or take the dinner to you. This woman pulled a three year old by her legs to try to get her into daycare, I don't think you want to push this."

"I don't give a shit. I pushed it when I brought you in and while I will never regret that, I am not a family guy."

Aidan moved away from the phone. "He is refusing to coming mama. Can we take dinner to him?"

Rhonda nodded. "That is fine."

Aidan put the phone back to his ear. "Very well old man. We will be there in a few hours."


Aidan hung up the phone. He walked to the kitchen. Annalise smiled at him as she pulled out some blueberries. "Annalise Taylor, if you throw those blueberries out, you will have blueberries in everything you eat for a week" Rhonda threatened.

Annalise put the blueberries back in the fridge as Aidan laughed. Aidan pulled her into his arms. "So you still hate blueberries?"

"They are beyond nasty! Mom keeps them in stock though so when you came back so you could have your precious blueberries."

Rhonda face them. "Alright, what should we make for dinner? I need to know what I can't make also."

"I am open to anything but the old man despises tomatoes. He is worse than Lisi with her blueberries."

(~Two Hours Later~)

Aidan opened the door to the garage and saw Rick waiting. He smiled. "I know you are mad but I really want you to meet them. They were who protected me before I was put into the system."

Rick sighed. "I already know your plan and I am not gonna date the woman. You secretly made this a blind date"

"Now, I wouldn't do that old man." Aidan teased.

Rick ignored him. He turned the open signed to closed when Rhonda and Annalise came in. Rhonda instantly walked up to him and put her hand out. "I am Rhonda Jameson and I would like to thank you for helping Aidan get back to us."

Rick looked at her surprised then shook her hand. "Nice to meet you. My name is Rick Evans. I also wouldn't thank me. All I did was offer the boy a hiding spot since he took care of a problem of mine. Plus he is a great help in the garage...Well, most of the time. He has this clumsy trait with cars for some reason"

Aidan leaned over to Annalise. "I have never seen the old man talk this much to anyone but me." He whispered to her.

Annalise laughed. Rhonda grabbed a bag and pulled out a big pot. "Aidan said you didn't like tomatoes so we made chicken spaghetti."

"We also did homemade garlic bread and small fruit bowls" Annalise broke in.

They all sat down and set up their plates. Rhonda took a bite then looked at Rick. "So how did you come across Aidan?"

"Well, I don't know Aidan's side since he refuses to tell me but he did something to get rid of the town gang. They were killing people left and right but Aidan did something that got them to leave. The whole town thanked him by agreeing to help me keep hidden from the system."

"How are you guys hiding him?" Rhonda asked.

"Our mayor is suppose to send reports of any new children to CPS. She repots that Aidan is a resident at our orphanage and when they visit, Aidan just stays at her office. When kids are at an orphanage, they can do volunteer hours so we made the story that Aidan is the mayor's aid. He is training to be a secretary in training." Rick explained.

"You sure are a chatterbox tonight, old man. Are you sure of your earlier statement?"

Rick slapped the back of Aidan's head. "She is asking questions and I was answering you stupid fuck"

Rhonda gaped at Rick. "What is wrong with you?! You don't cuss at kids!"

Aidan laughed. "Its okay mama. Old man usually says a cuss word at least one time a sentence. I am surprised he held off for this long."

They heard the door open and a woman came in. Aidan turned and quickly jumped up. He went and hugged the woman. "Nice to see you again, Jackie"

Jackie's eyes widened. "You remember me?"

"How could I forget the woman that would help me after my mother beat me? She would even come when she had a client to help me."

Jackie smiled sadly. "I wish I could have helped you more devil boy, I mean Aidan."

Aidan shook his head. He grabbed Jackie's hand and brought her to the table. Rhonda hugged her. "Where is Mr. Hunk?"

Jackie laughed. "He decided to stay home with the baby tonight. He was scared it may get cold later and he didn't want her out in it."

Aidan looked at her in shock. "You have a baby?"

Jackie nodded. "A little girl. My husband and I named her Clarissa."

"When did you get...Who did you marry?!"

Jackie busted out laughing. "I missed your enthusiasm. He was actually a client that helped us save you. He won my heart and now we are living happily ever after"

Jackie sat down. Rhonda looked at Rick. "Now back to the earlier conversation. Stop cussing at the boy!"

Rick waved her off and took a bite of his food. Aidan sighed. "This is why you have never been able to keep a woman."

"No, I have never kept a woman because they can't handle my awesomeness"

Rhonda and Annalise shook their heads. Rick shrugged and took another bite of his food. "I swear old man. Mayor was right when she said you were gonna die alone." Aidan mumbled.

~~1987, Age 19~~

Annalise closed her book and looked up. She saw a man looking at her. "May I help you?" She asked.

The man grinned. "So you are the devil's whore."

Annalise glared. "Excuse me?! My boyfriend is not the devil and I would appreciate that you rephrase from calling him that!"

"He sure looks like the devil to me"

"Oh really? Well, this devil would like you to leave his girlfriend alone before he buries you six feet under" A voice yelled.

The boy turned around to see Aidan. Annalise stood up and ran to hug him. Aidan pulled her close then looked back to the boy. The boy smirked. "You think you're all that but you will always be hated. No one could love an evil devil." The boy told him before walking off.

Aidan started to go after him when Annalise grabbed his hand. She pulled him down and kissed him. Aidan wrapped his arms around her and put his forehead against hers. "I love you" He whispered.

"I love you too" She whispered back.

Aidan pulled back. He grabbed her arm and started walking. "Oh guess what I found out today? I somehow started a gang and didn't even know it"

Annalise laughed. "It was the motorcycle wasn't it?"

"I think so. I mean the red hair and sharp eyes says devil so motorcycle screams gangster."

Annalise laid her head on his shoulder. "I wish people would just leave you alone or get to know you."

"They are not as great as you sweetheart. Besides, I wish they would leave you out of it. I don't want them hurting you"

"Let's forget it for now. I want to know if you know where Rick is taking my mother tonight"

Aidan smiled. "I am not saying anything. I finally got the old man to ask your mother out. I am not going to ruin his plans"

"Come on Aidan! I won't tell mom!" Annalise whined.

"Nope. This is all about old man and mama. I am not butting in and neither are you"

"How did you even get him to ask her out? They have been beating around the bush for a year now"

Aidan squeezed her hand. "I told him that another guy was snooping around."

"But there is no...Oh, that was good. But wait, Rick is not that stupid"

"Oh I know. I asked the mayor's son to pretend to be snooping around and talking about asking her out when Rick was near"

"And who says you don't take care of him"

Aidan chuckled. "I try. Oh, how is Jackie?"

"She is good. She has hit five months of pregnancy and has cravings badly. Mr. Hunk said she is making him sick with some of her inventions."

"I have to know, what is his real name? You guys just call him Mr. Hunk"

Annalise sighed. "I would tell you if I knew. Jackie told mom that he hates his name. When we met him and mom accidentally called him his nickname, he announced that is his official name from us. Jackie has promised him to never tell us what his true name is"

"So is it a boy or girl this time?"

"Another girl. Jackie is hoping for a boy before she gets to where she can't have more kids."

They continued walking till they reached Annalise's house. Aidan kissed her deeply. Annalise hugged him. "I best get back and make sure the old man actually cleans up."

Annalise nodded. She watched Aidan walk off before going inside. "I am home mom!"

Rhonda came down the stairs. "Do you know where my black dress with the blue hem is?

"I think you laid it in your office. Are you wearing your black heels or the black sandals?"

"I am dressing nicely with clothes. Let's not push it with the shoes." Rhonda said before going to her office.

Annalise put her bag down. She went to her room and changed her clothes. Rhonda came in a little later. "Are you gonna be okay tonight?"

"Yea. Aidan is coming with Rick. We are just gonna chill and watch movies tonight."

Rhonda crossed her arms. "While you guys are nineteen, I ask that I am not made a grandmother just yet so please be careful"

"Mom! We really are just gonna watch movies"

Rhonda smiled. "I know but I am just letting you know"

Annalise shook her head as Rhonda left the room. She pulled her hair up then went to the living room. She curled up on the couch and turned on the TV. Rhonda came back in the room and kissed her forehead. "Dave called again. He wants you to call him."

"Why now?"

"He thinks you are going to Jonathan's birthday party."

Annalise didn't know whether to laugh or scream. "Where did he get that crazy idea?!"

"I have no idea. Are you gonna ever call him or can I block his number?"

"Block it. I am so tired of him thinking I will bend to his will."

Rhonda nodded. "Thank you. The only good thing I got from that marriage was you."

Annalise smiled. "I love you too mom. Now go get ready"

~~1989, Age 21~~

Aidan glared as another door slammed in their faces. He looked at Annalise. "I am sorry..."

Annalise grabbed his hand. "We will get married and I will not let some stupid priests stop us. Do you think Mayor Juliana is certified?"

Aidan quickly picked Annalise up bridal style. Annalise wrapped her arms around his neck. "Now what is this for?"

"Being my best friend and being the greatest person ever. I love you so much and I will spend everyday trying to find us someone that will agree to marry us. I never want to be separated from you ever again."

Annalise smiled. "Let's go ask the mayor. This is the last thing we need to complete our wedding. I am sure she will have a license or know someone that does."

They quickly got to the mayor's home. Aidan knocked on the door then opened it. Mayor Juliana looked up and smiled. "Aidan, how are you today?"

"To be honest, not so good" He answered. He shut the door and sat on the couch with Annalise.

Mayor Juliana looked at them worried. "What is wrong?"

"As you know, I have asked Annalise to marry me. The problem is my appearance. No one is willing to marry a devil."

Mayor Juliana turned mad. She stood up. "Did you ask Kaleido?"

"Who is that?" Aidan asked.

Mayor Juliana quickly smiled. "Kaleido is in training but he does have the license to marry you. He works under Brother William. Kaleido will be more understanding."

"His name doesn't sound American" Annalise mentioned.

"He is Japanese but was born and adopted here."

"Can you call him? I really don't want Brother William to slam the door in our faces again" Aidan pleaded.

Mayor Juliana smirked. "Give me just a few minutes. I will call him then have a few words with Brother William"

She stood up and left the room. Aidan kissed Annalise and smiled. "I believe we are gonna get married"

"Even if we can't get married with a priest, we can have Mayor Juliana do a marriage license for us and everyone gets together for the reception"

Aidan shook his head. "You deserve a wedding"

Annalise grabbed his chin. "We both deserve a wedding but as long as I am with you, I don't care what we do."

Annalise quickly kissed him as Mayor Juliana came back in. She sat down. "Kaleido agreed to do your wedding. He said he can meet with you later on the details."

"Thank you so much Mayor Juliana" Annalise said as she hugged her.

Mayor Juliana laughed. "You guys are so welcome. Now in return, I want the details on Rick and Rhonda. I swear that man was gonna die alone!"

Aidan tried to keep from laughing. "Surprisingly, mama has got the old man to calm down."

"I just can't believe it. That man didn't know how to be social or anything till he met Aidan"

They continued talking before Aidan and Annalise left. They got to their apartment. Annalise put her arms around his neck. "We are gonna get married." She whispered.

Aidan grinned and kissed her passionately. "Soon, I will get to call you my wife."

"And I can call you my husband."

[Two Weeks Later]

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride" Kaleido cheered.

Aidan kissed Annalise while everyone clapped. "I present you, Mr. and Mrs. Aidan CarMicheal!" Kaleido announced.

Rhonda quickly stood up. "The reception will be held at Mayor Juliana's backyard. Everyone head that way unless you are part of the wedding party. We are gonna take some photos."

People quickly left and photos were taken. Soon everyone arrived at Mayor Juliana's house. Rhonda walked up to the microphone and got everyone's attention. "I know we are all enjoying ourselves but I am sure the bride and groom also want to start their honeymoon"

Everyone laughed. "Now because I raised the bride and the groom a little bit, I am giving the first speech. Now, when these two met, Aidan caught me pulling Annalise, by her feet, to go into daycare!" Rhonda started.

People laughed while Annalise groaned. Rhonda smirked at her then looked back at everyone. "The next thing I know, Aidan is hanging at my house pretty much five days a week, sometimes he would add that extra day. We loved having him there. From the fights over blueberries to me finding Aidan had sneaked into Annalise's bed again."

Some people oohed. "While all this went on, I never imagined we would be here. I was completely oblivious to how close they became but as Annalise grew up, she told me everyday 'We promised kisses mom and I will marry him'. Both of us were beyond hurt when he was taken from us but we kept hope."

Rhonda smiled at them. "These two have shown me that even with everything against them, they knew they were meant for each other and they made it happen. I wish them many years of happiness and many grandchildren for me"

Everyone clapped at Rhonda handed the microphone to Rick. Rick glared at her then sighed. "How should I start?"

"How about the beginning you idiot?!" Mayor Juliana teased.

"Who invited her again?" Rick asked Annalise and Aidan.

They laughed and Rick looked back at the crowd. "One night, I was working late. I was working on the cranky mayor's car when I hear banging on my door. I open it to see Aidan barely conscious. That is where my life took a turn but it was never a bad turn. He opened my eyes to a lot of things."

People smiled. "I took him in and pretty much helped him finish growing. He showed me that you can be clumsy when it comes to fixing things. He showed me that finding true love can happen at anytime whether it be an old one or a new love. When I met Annalise, I could see the huge change in him. He was more open and I suddenly stopped getting complaints on how many things he dropped or him daydreaming."

Rick grinned. "I am glad these two have found each other again. They bring the best of each other out and Annalise has saved my business from his clumsiness."

Everyone busted out laughing as Rick handed the microphone to Jackie. Jackie closed her eyes then opened them. "I am surprised I am here right now. I knew Aidan and Annalise changed my life but I never thought they would choose me to speak. The point of these speeches are for people that made an impact on their lives or they are just really close."

Everyone stayed silent. "When they asked me to do a speech, I instantly said no because I felt like I failed in so many ways to them but I went home that night and looked at my husband. I thought back to when Aidan was a little boy and I was just the, forgive my truthful words, slutty neighbor. There were so many times I wanted to save Aidan from his horrible life."

Jackie looked at Aidan then back to the people. "See, I was his babysitter after school or whenever his mother would disappear sometimes. I was truly surprised when Aidan came one day and asked if his little friend could come to play. He brought her to my apartment and I thought it was the funniest thing that they were very close."

"I started to see things change in Aidan. He was so happy and he smiled those real smiles. To try and help him, I talked with Rhonda on him staying with them more. I wanted him to have that happiness and have real smiles. Then we decided to save him. We wanted to make sure he would be safe and we thought that he would get to stay with Rhonda."

Some people were holding tissues as tears fell. "We were wrong but I think we won in the end. These two proved what love can overcome. Even with everything that happened, they are sitting here smiling those real smiles and giving all the love they have to each other. I thank God everyday that I was the one to be there for them and that they helped me too." Jackie finished.

Aidan stood up and pulled her into a hug. Jackie smiled and thanked him. He sat back down as Jackie handed the microphone Mayor Juliana. Mayor Juliana grinned. "Well, I know I will never be able to top Jackie's speech but I know I will beat my brother's."

Annalise's eyes widened and she looked at Aidan. He chuckled and nodded. Mayor Juliana sighed. "Yes everyone, Rick is unfortunately my older brother."

Everyone laughed. "Now, I won't give some big speech. They chose me to speak but I think just looking at them speaks for itself. Aidan was a risk this town took and we have never regretted it. Annalise brightened our town and keeps Aidan on his toes."

She turned to face them. "Now, Aidan told me about you wished to visit the hometown of your great grandparents. What was it again?"

"They lived in Tokyo, Japan until my aunt was born. My grandmother was an English teacher there." Rhonda revealed.

"My great grandmother wrote about everything she saw or did in her journal. I used to read it when I was little and always wanted to see through my eyes." Annalise confessed.

Mayor Juliana nodded. She pulled out an envelope. "The town wants to thank Aidan and you by sending you to Tokyo, Japan for your honeymoon."

Annalise squealed and hugged her. Everyone clapped and cheered. They all knew everything was going to be great for this couple.

~1990, Age 22~

"Are you sure you can handle going to the reception?" Aidan asked worriedly.

Annalise smiled. "I am fine Aidan. While I may be eight months pregnant, I am gonna be there for my mother the whole time."

Aidan kissed her belly. "Our baby is almost here."

Annalise grabbed his chin and made him look at her. "You are gonna be a great daddy" She whispered.

Aidan rose up and kissed her. "You are gonna be the best mommy."

"Will you two knock it off?! The reception is down the hall!" Rick hollered.

Annalise covered her mouth to keep from laughing while Aidan groaned. "You are suppose to be with your new wife old man!"

"I was trying till the wife forced me to come get you two so don't go there!"

They all walked to the reception hall. Rhonda grinned and kissed Rick. "Mama, next time send someone younger. Old man only knows how to ruin the mood" Aidan suggested.

Rhonda and Annalise laughed. Rick flipped Aidan off then grabbed Rhonda's hand. "I believe it is time for my first dance with my wife so you guys will have to excuse us."

Aidan helped Annalise sit down as Rick took Rhonda to dance. Annalise grabbed Aidan's hand. "I can't believe mom is married again" Annalise mumbled.

"Did you ever see any of this? I had always hoped I would find you guys again but I never imagined that all of this would come true."

Annalise kissed his hand. "It has and so much more will come true"

[One Month Later]

Aidan kissed Annalise and wiped some sweat off her face. "You did so amazing."

Annalise looked at him tiredly. "What are we gonna name her?"

"The name we agreed on, remember? Lauren-"

Annalise shook her head. "That was not what we agreed on. That was the name I suggested and you threatened to spend the night at mama's!"

Aidan chuckled. "Fine. I think the next name was Emi Elizabeth CarMicheal."

"That was it. Have you filled out her papers yet?"

"Slow down Lisi. They haven't brought her back from being cleaned up yet" Aidan teased.

They heard the door open and a nurse came in with their baby. She quickly gave them their baby. "The doctor asked if you would like us to put her to sleep"

Annalise's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?"

"You are raising a devil baby ma'am. That child should not be allowed to live! We understand this man forced you but you don't have to keep his spawn"

Rhonda stood up and glared at the nurse. "I want you to get out and never come back. This man is like a son to me and that baby is my granddaughter. I will not have you disrespecting them!"

The nurse quickly ran out of the room. Aidan looked at Emi and felt sadness fill him. "She is gonna be hated her whole life..."

Annalise rubbed Emi's red hair. "No. There are so many people that will love this little girl. Did you forget the whole town is pretty much waiting to welcome us home?"

"And when she is ready to leave the town or when new people come?"

"We will teach her and warn her. Her daddy will be the best for that" Annalise assured him.

Rhonda walked over and smiled at Emi. "She will be prepared but she will be loved. She has the most amazing parents ever"

Annalise kissed Emi's forehead and gave her to Aidan. "It will be a story for years to come."

"Its name will be, 'The Devil and His Angel'" Aidan whispered before he kissed her.