A Normal Week

My name is Lisa. It is apparently an American, German, Hebrew, Greek, and English baby name. I know this because I had to research my name for a school assignment. Why do they say baby names and not just names? Anyways, my name's American and German meaning is 'Devoted to God'. For Greek or Hebrew, it may be short for Elizabeth, or Elisheba which means 'oath of God' or 'God is satisfaction'. For Greek, it is also 'lily flower'. The English meaning is 'Oath of God' or 'My God is bountiful'.

Honestly, I'm not really devoted to anything, let alone God. Sorry, God. And I'm neutral to lilies. I don't know what else to say about my name. It is the name of one of the most famous paintings, the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

My name is actually one of the most common names in America, but I've actually not met very many Lisas. I think it's probably because I'm an indoors person so I don't meet very many people. How many paragraphs have I written already? Oh, only three. I also don't care much for writing, so that'll factor into this boring story.

Okay, truth is, I'm hoping to use this as like a journal for things that have been happening in my daily life. If someone is still reading up to this point, then don't get your hopes up for an interesting story, because the daily life of a normal girl who likes to stay indoors is still very boring and so I stay true to my word. This will be the most uninteresting story you'll ever read. If you keep reading.

So stop reading now.

This is your chance to leave.

I'm not doing reverse psychology. This is going to be my day to day life you'll be reading.

Okay, if you're not gone yet, I question your life choices.

Alright, so summing up my life up to now: going to school, going home, doing homework, lazing around, going to sleep, and then the cycle repeats.

You're still reading? Alright then. I did warn you.

So today there was a new kid in some of my classes. In fact, he was in like, four of them, I dunno. I just remembered that I had to go through listening to the teacher introduce a new kid for several classes. So far that's the most exciting thing happening so far. I suck at talking to boys though. He's already made a lot of friends anyways.

I'm a freshman in high school, and even though it's the middle of the year, I've only made two friends so far. Both of them already have their own friend groups though, and they're both completely different groups so yeah. I don't really know anyone at this high school since I moved here after middle school. Everyone else knew each other since elementary school and were already in their own cliques by the time I came along.

Since I don't really participate in school, the only things I know about what's going on in the school is when i'm listening in to conversations or what's said on the announcements. I'm also inactive in my class unless I have to ask the teacher a question, which I rarely do, because I'm super dumb and never even know what it is I don't understand. I don't understand ALL of it. I don't know what I don't know! I think a lot of my teachers get really impatient with me too, so I try to avoid asking questions all in all.

The only refuge for my simple brain is gym class, but even in there I don't have anyone I know and when we have to partner up with someone I always have to go to the teacher so he can partner me up with other leftovers.

Maybe I'm sad about the way my life is going, but I don't think I am. I don't remember what the word is for not being sad or happy about something. Or not really thinking much of something.

I tried searching up the word. I'm getting: apathetic, bored, listless, but none of those are the right word. If my life continues this way until the end of my lifetime, I wouldn't be happy, but I wouldn't be sad either. It's that middle. I'll be middle. I'll just be okay with it, there you go.

So my friend was absent today and we had to partner up to do a research project that we'll be presenting next week, so I got partnered up with some random guy. I think his name is James, or maybe John…but I'm more certain that it's James.

It really sucks though, because even though he's comfortable talking a bunch with his friends and goofing off, when it comes to researching and typing up our slides, he'll just stare blankly at it or expect me to do something. I'll be like 'Should we put this in?' and he'll shrug or something and say, 'Sure' or 'It's up to you.'

Oh, I finally remembered the word I had wanted a few days ago. I'm neutral.

But as of late, I've been annoyed because James is not really helping me with the project at all. We're behind the rest of the class and I don't want to suggest coming in for lunch when I need the time to go to my other classes and get help on homework!

While I was working on my math homework in the math tutorial room, someone said my name, and since no one ever says my name, I looked up and I probably looked really freaked out. It was just my friend, who had entered the classroom with her group of friends. She waved and then went back to talking to others. I was still too busy in shock to wave back and I had too much to do so I couldn't chat with her.

I'm so embarrassed just thinking back on it. This morning, since the snow has been melting, the sidewalks and roads have been wet, and my shoes when they're wet are REALLY slippery. So I walked into the school and there was this girl just walking somewhat behind me because she was entering through he same way, but as soon as I stepped off the carpet inside the school, my foot slid in front of me and I fell right onto my back!

It didn't hurt because I had my backpack on and it cushioned my fall, but I got so embarrassed! People at their lockers just sorta glanced my way then the girl behind me came over and asked if i was okay. So I just got up and said I was fine and hurried away, but I really should've laughed it off or something because now I'm still embarrassed about it!

Last time I did this, I was in middle school, but I didn't slip, I tripped over the carpet at the entrance and fell flat on my face! It was worse that time because I had my binder in my hands so as I fell, I lost grip of my binder and it fell in front of me with the papers scattering everywhere from inside it like it does in TV! Everyone that time looked my way and stared. Just. Stared. No one even asked if I was okay so I just picked up everything I dropped and hurried away clumsily.

Today was also the last school day my biology class has to work on our research projects and James and I are not even close to done. I'm glad today is Friday, but it looks like I'm going to have a horrible weekend of homework to look forward to.