Darla the dandelion fairy grasped the stalk of one of the weeds as it swayed to and fro in the summer breeze. She was so small that no one could see her unless they held the dandelion close to their eyes and stared right at her. In fact, when a small girl ran outside and picked her dandelion to make a wish, she scrambled up into the downy seeds so that she could not be seen.

"I wish," said the girl as she closed her eyes, "that my birthday party tomorrow will be really fun!"

And with that, she blew on the seeds with great force. The seeds dispersed into the air at the same time as a great gust of wind swept them higher and higher into the sky.

The little dandelion fairy clutched the tiny tufted seed with both hands as she soared over the homes and fields beneath her. She closed her eyes, scared to see where she would end up.

After some time swirling and whirling in the air, she realized the seed stopped. She opened her eyes one at a time and saw that the seed had touched onto the end of a blade of grass. Several other seeds were scattered in a field around her.

So she made her home on the blade of grass. The field seemed rather untouched, so she knew she would be safe. She started to sleep on the blade of grass when she suddenly had an idea: she could spend the day making the little girl's birthday special!

But how? She crawled to the tip of the blade of grass and felt is waver beneath her. She looked around the field, and to her delight, discovered various wildflowers! There were buttercups and poppies and some lupins. When she squinted, she could even see the fairies of each flower clinging to the stalk beneath the bloom. She would have to go and speak with them about her idea.

Of course, it was windy. That made it a challenge for fairies their size to fly. She would have to be brave and smart in her method. She perched on the tip of the blade of grass and waited until the breeze was more gentle and gusted toward the other flowers. Then she launched into flight!

The wind carried her swiftly past a poppy. She darted a hand out and caught the stalk, causing it to bend with the wind that blew her. The redheaded poppy fairy who was one the other side of the stem looked surprised to see her.

"A dandelion fairy! My, what brings you here?"

"A little girl made a wish on my dandelion and the wind carried me here," explained Darla.

"What did she wish for?" asked the poppy fairy. She gripped the stem as the wind blew her long hair.

"She wished that she would have a fun birthday party tomorrow," Darla answered. "So I wanted to ask if there were any poppies and other wildflowers that might be unoccupied by fairies. I could decorate the property to prepare for the party tomorrow."

The poppy fairy examined the field around her and pondered this idea. "I know there are some unoccupied poppies. There should be some lupins and buttercups. May I help you grant the wish?"

"I would love that! I am Darla. May I ask your name?"

"Parla," answered the poppy fairy.

Together, the dandelion and poppy fairies darted from wildflower to wildflower, asking other fairies to assist them in gathering unoccupied blooms.

Soon, about twenty-five fairies were bustling around the field with bouquets of wildflowers clutched in each small hand. Honey bees darted about and attempted to touch down on the blooms before they were flown away by the fairies.

"So where does the little girl live?" asked a lupin fairy named Lorelei. She had several clusters of lupins clasped against her body with each arm.

"Let me show you," Darla the dandelion fairy launched into flight and a stream of wildflower fairies came after. Together, they arrived at the little cottage beside the pasture and perched on the branches of a maple tree to plan how to decorate.

There was a plain white trellis that acted as a fence around the house. Belle the buttercup fairy rushed to start decorating the empty squares with wildflowers with woven stems. Lorelei the lupin fairy tied the stems of several wildflowers to dangle down from the eaves of the house as a colorful fringe. Parla wove some wildflowers around the trunks and branches of all the trees. At last, Darla the dandelion fairy framed each window with blooms.

The wildflower fairies then returned to their field and chattered with excitement about the party.

When children started arriving the next afternoon, the fairies sheltered themselves beneath the maple leaves to watch. The parents and their children were in awe of the decorations, and so was the little girl when she came out of the house with her own parents to meet them.

"These are so beautiful," the little girl breathed as she looked around.

"I have no idea where these flowers came from," her mother exchanged a surprised look with her husband. He also shook his head and shrugged.

"Well, I love them," the little girl praised. Within the maple tree, the fairies embraced and high-fived one another.

All at once, a massive gust of wind swirled across the property and blasted all the wildflowers away from the house! The people gasped and the fairies clamped their hands over their mouths with surprise and horror. All the wildflowers were scattered across the grass!

"I am so sorry all the wildflowers blew away, honey," her mother said as she looked around.

The little girl pouted with disappointment for a moment. Then she shrugged.

"Those wildflowers were nice," she said, "but I have everything I want: my family and friends are here!"

The fairies applauded. Their small hands sounded like the jingle of tiny bells. Darla smiled down at the girl with pride. She was a girl who knew what was important!

What happened next surprised even her. The loved ones of the little girl started to gather up the scattered wildflowers in bunches, which they presented to her one by one. She embraced each person and accepted the flowers to be put in a vase somewhere in the house.

The fairies were satisfied. They had put a smile on the girl's face, but most importantly, they witnessed the girl's love for her family and friends. They returned to the field and chattered about it with glee. At one point, Darla stopped and looked around at the other fairies.

"You know," she said, "something else happened today. We all became friends!"

Her fellow fairies heartily agreed.

Days passed. She awakened one morning and stretched with a yawn. She crawled to the tip of the blade of grass and surveyed the field. An entire field of dandelions had sprouted and grown! It amazed her what could appear within a matter of days. She reached out as far as she could and grabbed the stalk of the nearest dandelion. She leaped to it and wrapped her legs around the stem.

Here was her new home until someone else made a wish.