One afternoon, there was a black bear who saw a thicket of summer blackberries across a field. He lumbered over the grass to gather himself a meal of berries, and perhaps flip over some rocks in search of grub. About two or three paces away from the berries, he stepped beside a hole in the ground. Up swarmed about a dozen bumblebees! He snorted and twitched as he was stung several times.

At least, he broke into a rolling lope and ran away until the bees disappeared and the stinging stopped. He came to a river and decided he might be able to fish for trout. He lumbered to the edge and splashed his paws into the water. Some trout coasted by, and he plunged his snout in the water. But he missed! He opened his jaws and tried again. He clamped down on nothing but water! The trout were slippery, and when he tried again, one of the trout slipped right between his jaws!

The bumbling black bear groaned. Foraging and fishing was a challenge!

But wait! He thrust his snout into the air and sniffed. Yes, there was something delicious close by. He turned away from the river and lumbered down the banks. The smells grew stronger. He was getting closer! He knew what awaited him: he could smell what the people called "sandwiches" and "cake."

There was a cluster of people – two grown and two smaller ones – eating a picnic by the river bank. He loved picnics. He lumbered closer, snorting as he sniffed the air.

All four humans looked up. They stared, mouths open.

"We have to go," said the grown female. The family scrambled up to their feet and inched away, looking back at the black bear every couple of seconds. The bear was grateful for their generosity in leaving him such a great meal. He could see that most of the four sandwiches were intact, and there was a nice slice of iced yellow cake with each one.

The humans disappeared by the time he reached the red and white picnic blanket and sat his rump down. Now this was an easy day to forage!