Cricket was a small, fluffy black cat with laser green eyes. He often got upset with other cats who trespassed on his property and would chase them away. His arch nemesis was an orange tabby who took great pleasure in chasing him as much as he chased her. Her name was Marmalade, and to his dismay, she stuck around.

One day, Marmalade saw a bowl of cat food in the backyard. As she ate, she became aware of a great shadow towering over her. She looked slowly over her shoulder, and to her surprise, she saw a peacock!

"Excuse me," said the peacock. "That's my food."

Marmalade backed away and allowed him to eat out of his dish until she was given her own food. Little did she know that although Riley the peacock was an imposing bird, he was gentle and shy. Because of this, the daughter of their human family was surprised to see Riley chase Cricket across the lawn one day. That is, until Marmalade came up and sat beside the massive bird.

Goes to show that friendship can cross species.