"Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can, and you'll get to where God wants you to be."

-Joel Osteen

Connor looked solemnly at the urn at the front of the altar. They had decorated it in a simple blue color with white designs, using Michaela's favorite colors. It had been a week since the explosion that killed Rodney Banks and Michaela Winchester, and the country of Hydropolis was in utter chaos.

As the slow, rhythmic organ music played, Connor Kline was overcome with emotion as the fact that his sister had died finally sank in. A single tear was let loose, and he blinked it away and sniffed.

By Connor's side, Leslie Kline was mourning, her deeply bowed head covered by a delicate black veil. Sobbing, she let the raw emotion wash over her as a close friend of Michaela's read a moving speech.

"Hydropolis has lost a great hero, friend, sister, and daughter," Luke Giles began. "Although she had to endure the terrible pain of losing her family, Michaela Winchester was always a funny and sarcastic soul, and she lit up any room she walked into. I remember a time with her before all of this, before she killed Rodney Banks, and before her family was killed by a bomb in a government building, she would always come to my Pod and make sure that I was okay when I, unfortunately, didn't pass a test, or I did something stupid that I was regretting.

"Michaela was my best friend. Without her I know that my life will never be complete. The one thing that I'll regret for the rest of my life is that when I was in need, she saved me. But the one time she needed me, even if I needed to knock some sense into her head, I failed her, and I don't think I can ever forgive myself for that. She never saw herself clearly: as the strong, sarcastic, beautiful best friend she was. She saw herself as a waste of space, and as her body was being blown into smithereens she didn't realize the pain she was putting all of us into. But like all true friends, I forgive her for her stupid, heroic actions. Thank you"

By this point Leslie Kline was sobbing and Connor had tears running silently down his face, and even John Kline wore a mask of sadness. The whole family was in distress as they realized they had lost their second child.

The next two Notes were filled with people coming up to the Klines and Luke Giles, paying their respects for Michaela's death. The fact that she had killed Rodney Banks and that she was mentally unstable when she died was never brought up, and thankfully no Official came to arrest Connor and Luke for their rebellious actions.

All around, people were silently sobbing or muttering to themselves about the unfairness of human nature, how the best and most powerful will always be lost.

Luke had known Michaela for years, but it was perhaps Connor having the most difficult time accepting her death. They had practiced what was going to happen hundreds of times, but he couldn't help but think that this was all his fault.

A bell rung, bringing Connor back to reality. He glanced around, noticing people crowding around the urn containing Michaela's ashes. There was something going on, and Connor was just tall enough to see past the gathering mourners.

A figure was holding up the fragile piece of pottery containing Michaela's remains above his head, and he was delicately walking towards a balcony covered in flowers and ocean spray. Luke and Connor pushed their way past the people dressed in black to say their final goodbyes to their friend and sister. The urn was waiting, with a set of silvery gloves on either side. The boys murmured a few words, gently placed the gloves on their hands, and lifted the urn together.

"Goodbye, Michaela," Luke said softly as he and Connor threw the urn into the waiting arms of the sea. Friends and family watched as the urn, containing one of Hydropolis' greatest heroes, slowly floated away, until finally it was gone.