I originally wrote this in 2008, when I was in the 3rd grade. I entered it into a poetry contest for kids and it got voted into the top ten, so that was a pretty cool experience for me as a kid. :)

When the rain touches you,
It makes you feel happy.
It kisses you hello.
It makes your lips glossy
And your eyes drip.
It makes big puddles;
You splash in one and water covers you.
It starts to slow down,
But it picks up power and pours down;
Watering plants with their own watering cans.
The trees blow softly in the wind
And birds fly to their nests.
The grass in the meadow billows in the breeze.
The clouds turn grey,
The sky's stomach rumbles and its light explodes.
Stones drip in the water, taking showers.
The rain beats down on you,
Playing its orchestra for you.
It stops, kisses you good-bye,
And leaves you looking above.