"See you tomorrow, Akio!"

"See you guys!"

The young high school boy left his fellow teammates after they finished yet another grueling practice. The young man slowly walked along a heavily used suburban road as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

Akio looked up at the blue sky and grinned as a light breeze blew by.

Perhaps this will finally be the year I get to actually play... Hard to believe it was just two years ago that I was just a lowly first-year student!

As the kid was lost in thought, a single white feather fell from the sky in front of him as it landed on his palm.


The boy fixed his eyes on the feather until he caught a few figures moving in the corner of his eye. Akio quickly looked around into an alleyway where he swore he saw something move. Curiosity had clearly gotten the best of him as the boy dropped the feather and ran out into the alleyway. As the boy veered off of the main road, the feather slowly faded away into oblivion.

After a few turns, the boy saw a young girl, about his age, being pinned against one of the buildings by two thugs.

"Listen here, you know what we want!"

"Leave the girl alone!"

The two thugs and the girl simultaneously turned their heads and saw the boy standing in the middle of the alleyway. The thugs looked at one another and began laughing.

"Kid, leave now before you get yourself hurt!" the man threatened as his partner focused once more on restraining the girl.

To the thugs' dismay, the kid continued to stubbornly stand in opposition.

To Akio's surprise, the girl's golden eyes met his own in the form of a glare.

"Get the hell out of here! I know what I'm doing!" as the girl scolded Akio, a strange gleam seemed to emanate from the boy's eyes.

"No, I'm not going to let them hurt you!"

One of the aggressors slowly reached into his jacket and pulled out a pistol.

"Listen kid, you have one more chance. Pretend like you didn't see anything and get the hell out of here!"

"N-No! I cannot leave her here!"

"This boy is all sorts of stupid..." the girl mumbled under her breath as she suddenly threw off the grip of the thug that had her pinned down.

The girl sprinted forward and with a swift kick, sent the armed man crumbling to the ground. Quickly snatching the gun from her foe, the girl brought her attention once more to the bewildered Akio.

"Get out of here, now!"


Life left the girl's golden eyes as the surrounding walls of the building were stained in crimson. The girl's lifeless body collapsed onto the ground. For a moment, Akio stood there in disbelief as the two goons began to argue.

"Shit! What did you do that for?"

"She took your gun! She could've killed us!"

"Why would she have killed us? That's not what she does!"

"You never know.."

"And you know she's much more useful alive!"

"Ah, damn it! What's done is done. Now let's take care of that kid.."

The two turned around.

"Hey, where'd he go?"

The school boy sprinted back down the street in a panic. Scenes of the bullet flying through the girl's head played on a loop in Akio's mind.

I just witnessed a murder...

The boy continued running until he happened upon a koban.*


Akio stopped in front of a man in uniform as he began heaving for air.

"What is it young lad?"

"O-Officer. I-I-I..."

"Well, spit it out kid! What's the problem?"

Akio paused for a moment and slowed his breathing. At this point, another police officer entered the building to see what was going on.

"I just witnessed a murder."

"That's terrible... What happened?"

"I was heading home from school when in an alleyway I saw two men taking on a girl. I don't know what they were trying to do, but they shot her in the head!"

"A death by a firearm? That hasn't happened in this town in a few years. How odd,"the other officer noted.

"Well either way, we need to investigate the scene so we can attempt to find the killers."

Akio sat in a corner trembling as the police officers worked out the case's details.

She was shot in the head... I saw her die...

Akio was taken to the crime scene by a police officer. Judging by the police lines and number of important looking people standing around, there was clearly an investigation going on.

"Kid, are you sure this is the location where this murder happened?"

"Yes! This is the exact location, look!"

The kid pointed between two buildings as the officers around him congregated to that area.

"That's where she was shot in the head. Blood spattered everywhere and it stained the wall!"

An investigator walked forward to the police officers.

"There is no trace of blood or anything. With the details of the kid's account, there's no way a murder was conducted here. There are no witnesses, no shell casings, not even the blood stain that this kid talked about."

"It has to be there! She was killed right here! The blood was here!"

"If the crime occurred a few hours ago, then the blood would still be here. But there's no evidence whatsoever that a murder took place here."

Suddenly, the men all around the poor high schooler turned hostile.

"Is this some sort of a prank?"

"No, I swear! It happened!"

"Do you think this is funny? You shouldn't waste the time of law enforcement!"

"It happened! I saw her die!" Akio continued to plea to the men of the law but to no luck.

"Do you have some sort of mental disease?"

"You're going to be in big trouble once we contact your parents and your school!"

The angry voices continued bombarding the poor kid.

None of them believe me... I saw her die.

The scene of the young girl dying continued to play in Akio's head over and over again as he relived the details.

She died right in front of me... But they don't believe me. Why don't they believe me?! I'm going to get in trouble for watching somebody die in front of my own two eyes...

"Hey, are you awake?"


A girl lying in a white bed rubbed her temple as she woke up in pain.

"Still not used to it, huh?" a nurse with white hair and cyan eyes stood near the bed of the awaking girl.

The girl brushed her black hair from out of her eyes as her head continued throbbing in pain.

"I swear I'll never get used to this whole respawning after death thing."

The girl's yellow eyes watched as a small metal object fell from her forehead and onto her chest.

"So you died from a bullet to the head this time, huh? It's not too often that you die."

"I only died because some random kid got in the way of business."

"Oh, how odd. I do hope you didn't cause him too much trouble."

"I'm the one that got shot in the head!"

The girl sighed as she sat up in bed, adjusting her shoulder length hair.

"I thought that by choosing Japan rather than the Middle East or the Ukraine as my deployment would mean that I wouldn't have to have crap like this happen to me..."

The nurse smiled weakly.

"You know, no matter where you're deployed you'll still have to deal with certain combat duties."

"I guess you're right... "

The girl sighed once more as she closed her golden eyes.

"Going to hell can't be too bad of a fate... Being a guardian angel is way too much work."

Author's Note:

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*A koban is a small police station found scattered throughout neighborhoods in Japan.