This is dedicated to a friend for whom I will never meet in person.

What Do I Do Now?

© by Misty Cantrell

I'm so lost without you now!

Now I'm left with haunting memories of us with what it seems no more to add.

Where did you go?

Was this my imagination; was it all one big lie?

There's nothing more I can do, to make our paths cross.

You've show me things that no one else could, adventures I will always cherished.

For all that you have done for me, Thank you, but in the process it has left me wanting so much more.

Please don't say goodbye!?

All my life I've always had to put the pieces back together-but.

With you, you use a certain glue that holds them in place.

Sadly with your absence, the glue is peeling away.

What do I do now?

Was this experience even real?

I have no one to help with this; others wouldn't understand.

This is something that they couldn't grasp to.

Because of it's unknown existence, there's only few who could help and guide me.

So I'm here alone; wondering.

What do I do now?

Do I just move on, pretend it didn't exist at all?

Or should I try harder to hold you closer to my broken heart.

The pain is too much for me, please come and brush it away.

Like you have done so many times before.

I need, and ache for you!

What else could we be?

For so many years, I haven't even notice your good looks, til you reached out to me first.

I'm sorry for not being as strong as I need to be.

I'm slipping into believing what the "programming" is saying, which I know isn't true.

But I will keep fighting it, just to see you!

To my close friend, I will always love you no matter what.

And the question still remains...

What do I do now?