My father, killed in a concentration camp

My mother, raped by a Gestapo officer

My little sister died in the age of nine

Me I was a little boy and saw my family die

Therefore I hate all Germans

But they're far away and much too powerful

I wanna let the world know

How much pain I feel

How much hatred is inside of me

How much sorrow I feel

They did this to me and the whole world was watching

Now it's my turn to show the world

Nobody will ever tell me

How to live

Where to live

Which religion to confess

Now I live on my land

The land of our fathers

The only land

Where Jewish people can feel free

And no one will ever take away my rights

Not even the Palestinians

The world did so much harm to me

I show the world what it means to be harmed

As long as I live I will fight

For my rights

For my land

Without compromise

And I teach my children to do the same

They have to know about the past

They have to fight for the future

I will never forget as long as I live

I will hate the world as long as I live

And I teach my children to do the same