Hi people of Fictionpress! So this is my first story to be published on here. Mostly I write one-shots, this being one of the many I've written. Sometimes I'll do a short story but for the most part I suck at writing long stories, unlike the fancy people over in the world of Fanfiction. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! Review, review, review! (Constructive Criticism encouraged!)

She wore her hair in a tight ponytail, and the ends that had slipped out were curled and wrapped around one another. She had a soft face, lips that were thin but not too thin, a nose that was curved down, and a look of dullness in her eyes. But the most prominent thing about her was not in her complexion.

Day after day the girl wore monotone colors, blacks and gray and whites.

But one day the girl walked in, don't ask where for it is far to early in the story to explain, and she was not wearing her usual colors, but instead a blue knitted sweater.

It was snug but not tight, it showed her thin figure and her curves, but it did not make her look ostentatious.

A simple blue sweater is what she wore, and every person in the building noticed, though no person knew why. Yes, conspiracies came forth; one said she had undergone extensive therapy for her supposed depression, while others said she simply had a change of heart.

Neither of these reasons were correct, however. Only the silent ghost that lingered by the girl's side knew the reason why. Truly, a ghost. Perhaps from the early 19th century, as he took a transparent human form and dressed in rather dapper clothing. A handsome man, yet no one could appreciate the full extent of his looks, as no one knew he was there.

The girl who wore her blue sweater occasionally felt a presence, though she was not sure as to what this was. She would go upon her day, yet strange things would occur. She would stir a mixed beverage, the ghost kept her from becoming woozy the next day. Little things everyday, and eventually the girl started to detect this. 'A simple strike of luck', she would think to herself. Yet, it was the unnoticed ghost.

The ghost, perhaps, came from a place deep inside the building, where secrets were kept far from the heart. Due to the ghost not having a physical complex, his longing for the girl to notice him would not be fulfilled, but instead he continued on with the small deeds of affection he would play for the girl.

As time went on, her depression grew, her face reflected her deep sorrow, and the ghost tried desperately to keep her spirits lifted with his daily good deeds. However, the day arrived when the girl would walk into the complex building in her blue sweater.

The ghost knew the cause for her troubles, as well as her long-dead fiancé, if he was still living, of course. Today was the day that, if the fiancé still had a beating heart, they would marry. Undeniably, the girl would walk down the isle today, in a white dress, with a something blue tucked into her wardrobe covertly.

The girl, in her deep sorrow, had long since forgotten of the day that they would marry, which happened to be the present day.

The ghost knew, he knew that her blue knitted sweater was a reflection of her forgotten dream of the walk down the isle, and he knew there was nothing he could do as he watched the girl tie a rope in the building, and watch as the quick snap of her neck hanging from the rope ended her life, over the place where she would have been married.