"Grandma! Grandma! Tell us another story!"
"Yeah pleaseeee?"
"You tell way better stories than Aunt Lia, and Uncle Thomas." The old woman in the love chair chuckled at the small gather of children around her. The lady's name, was Queen Aria, well, was queen at least. The crown had been passed down to her daughter-in-law, Lia.
"Now, now, just wait a few moments, let me see if I can still think of any." She put her finger to her chin as if trying to remember something.
"Oh! I've got it. Have I ever told you the time I found a magical treasure map?"
"Ooooh! Tell us it please!" the children chorused,
"Alright, alright, now settle down, for this is a magical journey, filled with magic, and knights, as well as a dragon. What good story wouldn't have a dragon now…

I was 15 years old, the Prince of Wellington had just proposed to me, and I was all but appalled. Prince Edgard of Wellington was handsome yes, but he had the worst personality. All boring and proper, you would have thought he had no funny bone.
Of course, my mother and father would have wanted me to marry him, you see out kingdom was in great need of money. No one said it but we all suspected that it was the doing of the Fairy Tia. She and my mother were not on the best terms.
I was able to get away from all the commotion and escape the palace for a while. One of the chamber maids, Elise gave me a map out of the palace from the sewer ways. Not the most pleasant places, but still a way to get out.
As I glanced up at the sky, I knew that it was worth coming through the pipes. I glanced around and sure enough, Sar was there.
Sar worked in the old mill, brown hair, green eyes, he looked just like all the other villagers, but to me, he was much more. I never talked about it, but I'm sure he felt the same way.
"What are you doing here Princess Aria of Canter?" he asked and mocked a bow.
"Ugh, don't even get me started, that prince of Wellington tried to propose to me." I said
sitting down on a stump."
"You said no right." he asked,
"Of course, that prince is as boring as my dad saying a speech." I sighed, looking around, the woodland fairies were at it again. Sparkly up the supposedly dark woods.
"Hey take a look at this!"
"What?" He pointed to a piece of parchment that was caught on a tree branch. "What does it say?"
"I don't know, it's in some kind of weird lettering, maybe you can figure it out." As I took the parchment into my hands, I felt a warm glow surrounding me.
Little did me and Sar know, but this piece of paper might as well be the reason out kingdom was destroyed….