A/N: I'm a straight, Christian female, but I firmly believe in rights for all. I'm going to start a series of poetry that supports equal rights for not only gays, but different nationalities, different genders, and anything else I can think of. If you disagree, that's fine. I'm not judging you; just trying to stop people from judging those who dare to accept their own differences. So here's the first piece.

Rainbows in Puddles

Even puddles have Rainbows,

So why shouldn't wedding rings?

Why should one group decide

What another does with their wings?

Crosses say that Rainbows can't wear rings

Because Rainbows are an abomination.

Crosses say that everything about Rainbows

Goes against Father's creation.

But Crosses pretend that they

Don't do any wrong.

What Crosses don't seem to know

Is that they're singing a very dangerous song.

Father says that all wrongs are of the same price

And hold the same worth.

So if Crosses are keeping Rainbows' wings away,

Isn't that stealing; a wrong here on Earth?

And if Crosses are committing a wrong to stop a wrong,

Aren't they committing a hypocrisy, a physical lie?

But Crosses don't want to admit

That they also have demons in their eyes.

Father says that everyone in every puddle

Has free will, does he not?

But Crosses are staunching that will,

So isn't that yet another wrong blot?

Even without those inquiries,

Puddles and Crosses are separate things.

This means that Crosses have no say

In whether or not Rainbows can have their rings.

It isn't just Crosses who oppose Rainbows.

There are Ties, Stars, Moons, and so many more.

However, none have a say in the Puddles' laws,

Because Puddles are separate from them all; this has been said before.

Rainbows are in all of the Puddles.

Rainbows are a part of Father's creation; they deserve wings, too.

Rainbows are just as beautiful

As me and you.

A/N: I don't usually use symbolism as much as I did in this poem, but I'll be using the same symbols throughout the series, so if you're still confused, private message me, and I'll tell you them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this.