Feathers in the Wind

We were not all peaceful people,

But we were people all the same.

Like all, we had our faults and lacked perfection,

But for our lands' destruction, we weren't to blame.

The Pale Foxes came in from the east

And some made trade, others declared war.

Some of us fought back, but we were not even

With the weapons that they bore.

We were hunted and abused like animals,

While they slaughtered and wasted our livelihood.

We were Feathers in the wind and doomed to lose it all

Because the Pale Foxes only cared for their own good.

We were slaughtered and driven from our homes.

We watched as our men were killed

And our women taken by the Pale Foxes; stripped of their honor.

We were confined to barren land, our lives thoroughly and billed.

We were the forgotten,

The unspoken,

The fallen,

The broken.

I look at my ancestors' plight

As I watch the drop in the Puddle grow.

If this is the way of my Puddle's people,

Then this is a puddle I'd rather not know.



A/N: I'm sorry that uploading took so long, everyone. College got ahead of me, and then I had writer's block for this one, so I just neglected to post. I hope you like this one. I'll try to update the next chapter, soon.