Chapter 1

My name is Lance, and I work for a special force that are anonymously known as the best force on the planet, that we're aware of. We're the best in our field specifics and are from all different sections of the world, chosen after proving that our skills are difficult to compete with. I'm the leader of my team, we refer to ourselves as a family, it's easier to address ourselves since during our time in this team we haven't been allowed to say our name in case anywhere we go is bugged, so most of us have forgotten. Last night I was up late doing some of the paper work from our previous assignment so I was hoping to get some rest, but it appeared that wasn't going to happen.

Lance, a tall average looking man with medium length scruffy hair messed over his face, is lying in bed after a long night up when a loud knocking occurs on his bedroom door. Being a team leader he had less standards to have to abide by unlike the rest of his team so he would only have to stand at salute when he was sure there was an officer at his door, which is when the door was opened, which gave a confirmation of him being a higher rank. Despite being flat out tired, the lower ranks in the military had to salute their superiors to show their upmost respect so he jumped out of bed, shirtless with only his pyjama pants on, and saluted.

"At ease," the officer said, allowing Lance to sit back down on his bed where he was more comfortable, "the lazeract detainment facility has been breached early this morning so you and your team have been assigned to escort one of the prisoners, you weren't supposed to get this assignment for another month."

"Who're we escorting, sir?" Lance replied, wiping the rheum from his eyes.

"You'll be briefed with your team, I want them up and in the conference room asap, make 'um bring their gear, you're moving out in ten minutes."

The higher ranked officer proceeded to leave his private quarters and as soon as he exited, Lance got fully dressed and packed away his gear before making his bed and locking his quarters behind him. He continued down the corridor until he exit at the end, taking him outside where the sun was yet to fully arise, only peeking over the hills in the distance that helped keep their base stay under the radar.

A small jeep came along with a driver and passenger who greeted him as they passed by his rank and he greeted them with a good morning. He proceeded to walk across from the officers' private quarters building and across the pavement road until he reached the housing facility.

The building was a large single floored barracks that spread across almost half of the base, housing several different platoons, squads and Special Forces spread out throughout the building. After spending so much time here he was able to navigate his way through the maze of corridors like it was written on the back of his hand and within no time he made it into his teams' barracks.

He opens the door to the barracks by slamming it against the wall, he flicks on the lights that make the room go from pitch black to as bright as it could be and he shouts "attention!" Once called they all race from their beds up on to the feet, disregarding the fact that they were in their underwear, both men and women, since they had known each other for so long, and they stand with straight backs, arms and legs as they raise their chin and call out "sir!" in response.

Lance looks around the barrack to see whether they're all up and if they're all standing in correct stance, it didn't both him too much since this team was just as important as family was to him, he just had to be sure they could get it right for in the situation that another officer was to ask for their attention.

"At ease," he said calmly as they spread their legs slightly apart and put their hands behind their backs. "We've been given an assignment, get dressed and gather your equipment because we're heading straight out. You have five minutes to get ready and haul ass to the conference room."

He gives order for them to begin gathering their things and as they do so one in particularly, whist pulling on his pants and hopping into the centre, leading through the barracks in between their beds, decides to shout out to his commanding officer.

"What's our assignment?"

In most other platoons, it would more than likely be seen as an offence for a soldier to ask their commanding officer about their assignment after being briefed and commanded to make haste to a certain location where it would be explained, but here it was different. As mentioned they were all but a family and saw each other as no other but Kyle, the man who called out, was Lance's best friend and had been ever since they were kids, and Kyle decided to follow Lance's decision of joining the military.

"I've told you all that I know Ky, we'll just have to see in the conference room," he replied.

Shortly after giving an unhelpful answer, though it was nothing but the truth, Lance left the barracks to leave them be whilst they gathered their things and got dressed. The barracks held fifthteen people, fifthteen of the world's best soldiers and it had been this way for over two years now, that was since their last team member was killed during an assignment, and it hit them all hard. Though ever since they have had no more new recruits since they get news ones every year, if there are any deemed worthy, or if there are the correct number since no little than five can be recruited to the team at once (though this seemed silly, it was to make sure that they always had the perfect number of people for their in-field formations).

Most commonly in two's the soldiers left the barracks once they were done while some travelled along since they didn't want to wait for their friends to get ready, and were too eager to be briefed. Kyle managed to move out with his friend Leo, the only Asian on the team that was transferred from Japan. Whilst they moved out two women followed shortly behind whilst they giggled together after watching them leave.

Back in the conference room, once everyone had been seated, their higher ranking officer began to brief them on their mission, whilst Lance stood beside to give them his bit of the briefing that had been arranged with the officer whilst they were waiting.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the rude awakening at such an early hour but there's been a crisis that only the best of the best can respond to," the officer paused whilst the team gave themselves a chant to boost their own confidence and egos. "The prison containment compound known as Lazeract has taken a brutal breaching this morning," he stood aside as images were displayed on the wall behind him, "the terrorist organisation that started this god-forsaken-plague and world-wide war had attempted to breakout prisoner 492880 but were kept back by struggling forces."

Kyle threw up his hand whilst sitting at his desk and was quickly noted by the officer as he gave him permission to speak.

"Who is this prisoner?"

"The name at this point, to you all, is confidential and you won't be briefed on his identification until the mission is a success. General's orders. So with the recent breaching his transfer date has been pushed to NOW. You're moving out straight after this briefing so let's get this over with."

Everyone chuckled at his half-assed attitude, which was okay to do since they were so close to their higher ranked officer since he was the one who recruited them into this team, and as told Lance to open the door in came a trolley with gas masks placed along the three levels of it.

"These are your high grade gas masks that you'll be needing out there in the field since you're going to be travelling a far distance, and likely hood is that you'll travel through cities and towns that have the infestation," the officer explained. "Now thank God I don't have to explain to you how the hell these things work but regardless they're simple as pulling the trigger. You place it over your head, flick the switch at the neck and whoopty doo you're safe from the infectious gases and spores that travel through the air, though remember, if you have a wound on show or one is caused in the area of an infestation then you're going to get infected, depending on what grade the bio-terrorists are using will determine how was acting and dramatic it will affect your system. Keep that in mind."

A gas mask along with a spare fresh air breathalyser is given out to each soldier for them to place in their rucksacks whilst the officer continued to explain their mission.

"You're taking Prison '80, as we here call him, to Facia Prison, known as the highest security prison in the world, so we can make sure that this guy never gets out and if this group try to attack again, then they're going to be slaughtered. Now bear in mind this is the most dangerous assignment that we may have given out since I've been in the force, you're going up against the biggest terrorist organisation in the world and spitting in their faces as you steal their baby and put him in a bigger crib. Now we all know that every prison has that little shit bag of a rat that'll give out all information to someone on the outside as soon as they can to earn a little something in return, so I'm guessing that a few days after you've gotten him out of there that the group will be onto you, but by then you should be long gone and out of imaginal reach for them, but you may still run into them since we're not sure where they're positioned around the world."

Another photo was displayed on the sheet behind him of a man. It was a rough looking man that was familiar to some of the soldiers sitting in their seats. The picture given was of him standing one foot on top of a dead citizen that was taken just as he removed his gas mask to reveal his face, he was holding a rifle above his head and aimed it towards the sky whilst other terrorist gathered around him.

"This is Ajax, some of you may recognise this bastard from the news or some of those pretty execution videos they like to record for us every now and then, this is the leader's little, or big, left hand man. Now I doubt the chances of you coming face-to-face with him since, well no one inside of the force has ever managed to and tell us anything about it afterwards. This is a dangerous man that surprisingly wasn't seen during the attack this morning, though he is in command while their leader is MIA."

Naomi raised her hand from the back of the room and was immediately acknowledged.

"Sounds to me like the prisoner we're escorting is the leader," she said, giving her curious input.

"You didn't hear it from me."

The officer's reply was quickly dismissed by himself though not by everyone else, which he expected. He was informed by his superiors to not reveal the identity to any of the soldiers embarking on his mission, or anyone at the compound in general, so in his reply he didn't give out the answer, though it was obvious by now who their target was and everyone in the room knew it.

After dismissing his own reply he gave the briefing over to Lance before leaving the room, at which point Lance stood in the centre of the room, in front of the projector that was displaying the image of Ajax on the wall, and placed his hands firmly on the trolley.

"Any questions?"

A few raised their hands so Lance began with the closest, another female of the team called Sara, who asked how long they were travelling and how long the mission should take.

"Officer James give me the specific duration of a five-to-six day travel to Facia prison, it really depends on the traffic, situation of where we're passing through and how much resistance we run into on the way. Don't worry though we have pre-planned destinations where we're going to be spending our nights sleeping so that we're always fully rested."

After responding in full detail to Sara's question he locked on to the closest that he could see who had their hand up and called out their name, Jason.

"You know who we're escorting here, right sir?" he asked with a concerned tone, clearly worrying for not his only life but all those who were in the room.

"I know, and we all know. It's going to be tough but we're gonna have to get through this, I'm sure that if everything goes to plan, this'll be the fastest five days you would've ever had. Just be careful and avoid conversation with him," Lance leaned in as his tone changed dramatically, informing the rest of the team of how serious he was being about the situation, "we don't know what he's capable of and any wrong word that slips from your mouth could put yourself and others in jeopardy."

Once they were finished on the topic he pointed over to the next person, but it seemed that after answering that question they all put their hands down, meaning they all had the same thing on their minds, which made the situation bother Lance even more than it already was. Whilst silence grew in the room and Lance waited for another hand he finally received one and answered to it.

"Do we get to have breakfast before we head out?"

Everyone in the room laughed at Edison's, or as they referred to him as Eddy, question. It seemed that in no matter what situation he was able to put a smile on everyone's face and he knew when to do it at the right time. Lance told him that they could pick something up from the canteen and bring it in the car with them though they'd have to be fast, then he dismissed them all.

There's such a thing as being too nice to your team, well I'm pretty sure I've mastered it. Though in the field that attitude has to disappear, that is for back in the compound, out there you've gotta look out for each other and make sure nobody fucks up. And they all know this.

Lance went outside and waited by their vehicles that had been brought out for them after being dropped off by a truck, since they weren't going to get them moving any other way. The military had come a long way with their advanced technology and made it so only specific people could drive these cars, or at least specific people with the correct matching technology. This way each vehicle had a designated driver who was decided better than the others in their 'team'.

He waited by his vehicle, which was car number one, for the rest of the team to come back after fetching themselves some food, Lance thought it'd give a better impression if he, as the higher ranked soldier, was to stay outside whilst his team felt the need to eat. Though while they started coming back one by one he noticed that his friend Kyle had brought with him two bags of food along with a cup holder in his other hand, holding two drinks.

He chuckled as he received these given to him and they clashed their cups together as if giving a toast before he walked around the front of the car and got his door.

"It's from all of us."

It was good to know that his team was thinking about him.

When everyone was back they had to stand by their vehicles, at each door that they were going to be sitting in the seat of, so Lance could get a head count and make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be and once confirmed he could let them go.

Himself, Kyle, Naomi and Chase were in the first vehicle. Leo, Martin, Matilda and Josh were in the one behind them. Scott, Sara, Jason and Catherine were in the third and Edison, Amber, Terry and Richard were in the final car. He had confirmed that all fifthteen were there after identifying them in his head.

"Alright, let's roll out."

On his command everybody opened their doors and got into their seats, the engines were started and everyone followed the vehicle in front of them whilst Lance lead in front. The satnav was set for Lazeract containment facility and they were on their way, it was time to get this mission on the road.

Authors Note:

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