He never expected it to get this far. He really didn't. All his life, he'd fought for justice. He upheld the law. To some, he even was the law. But that was the past. His days as Sheriff of Lost Springs were over.

Maxwell Kidd had been Sheriff of the town for fifteen years. He and his deputies were the stuff of legend, making a once run down and lawless town into a thriving highway community.

Residents of the town loved and respected him. Criminals feared him. Sheriff Kidd had a good life back then, but it all blew away like a flame in the wind.

Bart Dally grew up in Dodge City, another town on the Santa Fe trail. His father owned a brothel, and his mother worked behind the bar. He hated them both, and when he was only eleven years old he ran away. Neither of them cared.

After traveling hundreds of miles to Fort Zarah, he was found by the leader of a notorious criminal gang. Jesse Evans.

Kidd and his deputies had started many a local legend, capturing entire criminal posses and killing notorious gang leaders. He had lost friends, and for every friend he lost he swore he'd uphold the law in their name. He made a lot of promises, some he couldn't keep. Some he wished he hadn't made.

Evans and his gang became Bart's new family, and they brought him up as a criminal. Bart's first gun came from Jesse, and he practiced with it as often as he could. When he was only seventeen, he made his first kill. The man he shot was Coleman Kidd, Buffalo Farmer and brother of Sheriff Maxwell Kidd. When Coleman died, the Sheriff made a promise more important than any promise he'd made before. He would bring the murderer to justice, no matter the cost.

That was how the legend of Sheriff Maxwell Kidd began.