He arrived in Gunders Pass, a town very similar to Lost Springs, two hours after sunset. It was abuzz with drunkards, travellers and bar patrons, all wandering from saloon to saloon, looking for a good time.

Maxwell Kidd wasn't looking for a good time, however, and he walked into the first hotel he found. It was a decent place, and he got a small second storey room. He found it hard to sleep, but eventually he dozed off.

The next day, a dull light crawled through a thick fog which surrounded the town.

It was a chilly morning, and dew lay on every surface.

Apart from a few people arriving and leaving, not much was going on this early. Kidd mounted his horse, put on his hat and rode further down the gravel road, with a new destination:

Dodge City. Dodge City was nothing like Lost Springs or Gunders Pass; it was larger, tougher and meaner, not to mention a hive of business and home to one of the largest law enforcement groups in the region. Gangs roamed the lands around the town, and there were frequent gunfights.

By midday, Kidd was well inside Kansas, and by nightfall he was at the outskirts of Dodge City. The city's lights could be seen for miles, and this frontier town was a haven for people wanting to get rich quick.

Casinos, brothels, bars and saloons lined the streets, and law enforcers were out patrolling every corner.

Finally Kidd found a hotel with a vacancy that he could afford, paid for one night and settled down. He was stiff from hours of constant horseback travel, and he needed a good rest for the last leg of his trip.

He woke late that morning, which he knew would mean he'd have to rush to reach Fort Zarah by sunset. He dressed himself quickly and left the hotel, but before he could reach his horse he was stopped by three men in waistcoats and bandanas, who demanded his money.

"I ain't got no money, and if I did, you fellas'd be the last people I'd ever give it to!" he said, trying to push them aside.

"Well if you ain't got no money, then how'd ya pay to stay there?" said one of the three, pointing at the hotel behind Kidd

"You better step aside before I knock the taste out of that big mouth of yours" Kidd quipped, putting a hand on the revolver holstered to his waist

"I s'pose we'll have to get your money the hard way, right fellas?" the man laughed, as his friends nodded in agreement

"I suppose we will" Kidd said, pulling out his gun and firing a warning shot over the leader's shoulder, sending the three thugs running for their lives.

"Yellow-bellied cowards" Kidd said to himself as he mounted his horse and headed further North-East towards Fort Zarah.