Lyra's POV

"Why can't we just grab her and go, we would be long gone before those two kids could even register what is going on," Hunter said frustrated. They were sitting in the back of a crowded coffee shop, only five tables away from their target and of course Hunter didn't like it one bit.

"One thing you need to learn is patience and not underestimating your target it could it could come back to bite you, we need to stick with the facts and we don't know anything about this girl, her upbringing weather she even knows where she is from. There are people all over the place it would be stupid to make a move now," Lyra lectured her little brother knowing that their father would not be pleased if Hunter came back home and had learnt nothing about strategy or leadership two key things needed to become a great alpha.

"what the hell did you do to your hair" Lyra exclaimed as she saw her now bright red headed twin stroll towards he acting as if she didn't just completely change her look.

"It's called hair dye this place has almost any colour imaginable" Sage replied rolling her eyes. Lyra stared at how different they now looked and was shocked at her sisters hair which wasn't just dyed a deep, rich red, the colour of blood but she had also hacked a good three inches of hair off so now the uneven length only barely reached her shoulders.

"Let's move out we got shit too do" Sage spoke with authority her eyes not leaving the retiring figure of our target as she left the coffee shop alone.

"You heard her let's move out," Diego ordered and all the wolves went out to the street casually not drawing any attention to themselves. Sage stopped Hunter grabbing his arm and spoke harshly in his ear

"You better not mess this up for me," she growled. She had to admit that the only thing that came between herself and her twin was their baby brother ever since their mother's death Lyra had taken it upon herself to protect and look out for her younger brother and whenever she saw Sage act cruelly to hunter a protectiveness bubbles up inside her.

"go on Hunter," Lyra said giving her brother a nudge to just keep walking, as he left she gave her twin a glare "can't you just try to be nice," she pleaded, Sage just rolled her eyes and walked off, obviously a no Lyra thought to herself.

Lori's POV

Lori sat in the backseat of the car, leaning her head against the window and listening to the rhythmic pattering of the rain hitting the car as it fell from the stormy grey sky.

It was close to midnight and after hours of her parents arguing over which trails would get them to the small lakeside cabin –an argument that occurred every year- it resulted in them being lost but neither of her parents would admit this and get a map out as they both hated being wrong, they could have been at the cabin by now but because of their string of bad luck, today ended up with a flat tyre and to make it worse both her parents phones were dead before they could even call for help.

Lori's parents were drenched in the ice cold rain and struggled to attach the spare tire and as she stared out the window into the dark forest that looked so dangerous a thought entered her mind "maybe the forest doesn't want us to leave yet." Lori couldn't wait to leave the forest it was a scary place to be, but then she remembered the small wooden cabin in the heart of the forest and how beautiful it is there, the reason why her parents keep coming back every year, the crystal clear water that shimmers under the sun light and the reflection of the snow covered mountains on the water's surface, even though she was counting down the days of the next two weeks till she could go home, to the apartment in New York, the city she grew up in and the friends she had made but still every time she left the small cabin a part of her would miss it.

Lori was brought back to reality by a loud thud that came from the roof of the car she sat up and looked outside, the rain was only drizzling now and the moon shone brightly in the darkness of the night. Lori could just make out her parents faces and they both shared a look of terror, as they stood frozen staring just above the car "mum are you ok" Lori called out nervously, her answer was a shrill shriek that escaped her mother's lips but it was barely heard over the deafening roar of the thunder, seconds later lightening burst from the sky and struck down a tree nearby, Lori turned to see a blackened tree fall to the ground and by the time she had turned back to her parents they had vanished.

She struggled to open the door but when Lori was finally out of the car she was in tears, something had happened to her parents and she was alone "mum, dad where are you" she called out but the only response was the rustling of the bushes in front of her "hello is anyone there" she did not want to go into the forest but had to find her parents and did not know where else to look. It got darker the further she went into the forest, her heart was hammering inside of her chest, every time the leaves rustled Lori jumped in fright and each time she called out to her parents begging for them to come back there would be no answer just silence.

One thought kept entering Lori's head "what if they're dead, and each time she forced it back refusing to think the worst,

Lori was finding it hard to breath so she leaned against a tree and tried to clear her head, she was just about to start her search again when something wet dripped onto her cheek from the tree that towered above, Lori wiped the liquid and studied it for a few moments, it

was too dark and sticky to be rainwater, slowly Lori looked up to see the bloodied remains of a freshly dead corpse hanging from a branch, a scream caught in her throat and she fell to her knees and vomited until nothing more would come up. More blood dripped from the body and landed on her hand she stared at the drops then struggled to her feet funning for the safety of the car as the tears flowed from her eyes and would not stop.

As Lori ran she knew she would not be able to forget this moment, each time she closed her eyes she would see the bloody face of her mother, her neck bent at an unnatural angle flesh hanging from her cheeks and two empty eye sockets staring down at her, Lori had no idea what happened to her father but did not want to find out.

She pushed branches out of her way as she stumbled onto the dirt path, the car was only a few metres away, untouched with the backseat door open wide. Lori saw movement in the corner of her eye she turned around but all she saw was trees so she started back towards the car but before she could take a single step she froze she wanted to run but her body wouldn't respond.

A young man with silver eyes and short straight hair that was as black as night appeared out of nowhere he wore black jeans and a t-shirt with a leather jacket both stained a dark red he was leaning against the car looking board, the man looked Lori in the eyes and smiled showing teeth with bits of flesh stuck in between them, they were as sharp as needles, sharper than any human teeth should be.

She knew that if she did not get away from this man then she would die so Lori turned and was going to run back into the forest hoping she could hide but she only took a step before a girl appeared right in front of her, Lori screamed as a girl with fiery red hair dug clawed nails into her shoulder, Lori struggled to break free of the iron grip the red haired girl had her in but all Lori did was lose her footing and fall to the ground.

The red haired girl hand slid down Loris arm and pain shot down her left arm, blood seeped from five long gashes running from her shoulder to her wrist as Lori looked up into the terrifying green eyes and thought that she would die.

lost in her thoughts Lori did not notice a third person coming up behind her until a pair of hands gripped her shoulders from behind and there was a loud thud as her head was slammed into the hard dirt and she passed out.