The sun was setting over the city, casting an orange glow on a boy walking on a sidewalk by the river. On the boy's back was an obviously irritated girl whose right ankle was wrapped up in a bandage, and the boy looked just as annoyed.

"What kind of idiot sprains her ankle right before the end of the day?" The boy, Izumi Itsuki, muttered, not caring to hide his irritation.
"Just shut up about it already!" The girl, Serizawa Kyou, shouted.
"Don't shout in my ear!" Itsuki shot back, glaring at the girl over his shoulder.
Kyou stuck her tongue out at him, and they started glaring at each other.

Itsuki turned away from her. "You know... I'm really tempted to just drop you down on the ground and leave you there."
"You wouldn't dare. You have to take me or home or else, so HAH." Kyou glared at the back of his head.
"Or else what?" He muttered.
"I can always tell the nurse about it tomorrow, you know. That big, bad Itsuki left a little girl with a sprained ankle on the side of the road to fend for herself." She crossed her arms, being careful as to avoid tipping over.
"I don't see any 'little girls' around here."
"What's that suppose to mean!?" Her hands came down harsh on his shoulders.

"Cut it out!" Itsuki cried out, rearing his head back and making contact with her forehead.

Kyou winced, nearly losing her grip on his shoulders, and having to wrap her arms around his neck to keep herself from falling over. Now pressed against his back, she was much closer when she spoke in a decisively threatening tone. "You're going to pay for that..." Her mouth was right over his ear, and her breath went straight into it.

Itsuki's eyes widened, a flash of red appearing across his cheeks. "Don't breathe in my ear!" He cried out, jerking away from her.
Kyou blinked, and then grinned. "What? Are your ears sensitive or something?"
"They're not!" He denied, trying to ease away from her.
She leaned forward and blew into his ear, and he cried out just like before. "Oh man! You really are!" She was laughing, before his head came back and smacked her right on the forehead for a second time.

"If you do that again, I will seriously drop you." Itsuki muttered, glaring back at Kyou. "I mean it."
"Whatever." Kyou glared right back at him.

Sighing, Itsuki turned away from her and started walking again, Kyou glaring at the back of his head the entire way. Finally, after five minutes of irritated silence and glaring, Kyou was ready to speak again.

"Why did it have to be you anyways?"
"We live straight across from each other, so of course the nurse is going to make me take you home." Itsuki said, sighing at the end of it.
"Don't remind me. It's bad enough I have to see your ugly mug every morning." Kyou huffed.
"Just don't look in a mirror, or you'll see something uglier."
Kyou smiled. "You will die a painful and horrible death."
"I'll leave a note behind saying you did it."

Kyou glared at him, sighed, and looked away. "I'm getting sick of you. Hurry up and get me home." She muttered, staring absentmindedly at some houses.
Itsuki took a glance back at her, then looked away from her. "You know, usually when a girl is pressed up against you, you can feel her chest."
She slowly, ever so slowly, turned and glared at him. "What are you trying to say...?"
"I don't feel nothing."

That sent Kyou over the edge. Her eyes narrowed and she sunk her teeth into Itsuki's ear, biting down hard as her arms tightened around his neck. He cried out, his hands reflexively releasing Kyou's legs. Her eyes widened when her injured foot dropped down to the ground, and she cried out, releasing Itsuki's ear and stumbling down to the ground. Still connected with her arms around his neck, he followed her.

They ended up lying down on the ground next to each other, Itsuki with a bleeding ear and Kyou with a bloody nose, his head having slammed into it when they had dropped down together. They both were looking up at the darkening sky, one just as annoyed as the other.

"Hey, Itsuki..." Kyou said after about ten minutes.
"What?" Itsuki muttered, neither glancing at each other.
"I hate you."
"Yeah, I hate you too... Kyou."