Weston Jakob was 48 years old. He was 5'10" and weighed 240 pounds...yeah. His skin was a light brown, his hair was black and wavy and cut fairly short, his eyes seemed medium brown.

He was crossing the street one day and died of a heart attack. Common enough at that age and weight. As far as anyone knew, that was the end of Weston Jakob. Few cared other than some medical personel who certified him dead and took him to the morgue, from where he was sent on for incineration.

But Weston Jakob himself, the subtle body composed of mind and intellect, who had dwelt in that uncared for and unmaintained body which had died, went on.

This was a surprise to Weston Jakob.

He then experienced what you might expect. First, his life flashed before him, all that he had experienced in body mind and thought, all activities and reaction. Second, the severe disappointment with himself for a life basically wasted. Third, the thought that he could have done better, that he would have done better, had he only known.

Had he only known. That could have been the motto for Weston Jakob's life. Had he only known, he would have been more welcoming of and responsive to his family's love. Had he only known, he would have paid more attention in school. Had he only known, he would have at least tried to play sports. Had he only known, he would have tried to make friends. Had he only known, he would have tried harder at his job. Had he only known, he would have avoided porn. Had he only known, he would have tried to stay healthy. Had he only known, he might have prepared for life after the death of his body.

And then Fourth, panic.

Life after death. Life after death. What the hell? What would happen now? Would he go to hell? He had no idea what he was supposed to do now...wait for a light? Something else?

He heard a chuckle beside him. And then a voice, dry, maybe male.

"Yeah, that was pretty bad, not much to go on." Then...it, the person, being, whatever, seemed to focus on him. Weston couldn't see anything or anyone, but he somehow knew there was another with him, watching him.

"You didn't expect this, these days not many do. You think it is all mythology, or thought it was anyway. You read a lot of comics, a lot of manga, where did you think the ideas came from?"

The Other went on, "I saw what you read and watched, so I know you have an idea of what will happen next. You are to be known for the choices you made in life and sent on to the destination to which these add up."

Weston Jakob thought back on his life, all of it fresh after the recent flashback, and had to admit there was...nothing. He hadn't been good, nor had he been bad. He hadn't helped anyone, nor had he hurt anyone. Not really caring about anything, having no passions or drives, he'd just sunk down into mediocrity, building a nest of the paltry satisfactions of his games and fast food and stories and porn.

He had certainly fantasized about doing good, about being a hero. Taking charge and making things better. Of course, he'd also fantasized about doing harmful things, about the protagonists in his comics or videos getting revenge for being hurt as innocents. He'd dreamed of women, pleasuring them and being so very often pleasured by them.

What did it all add up to?

Had he only known, he might have dome some good in the real world, might have made actual choices about his real life.

"Well?" the Other asked.

Weston Jakob was quiet. What was there to say? He'd just seen the whole of his life, no part of it left out, no more illusions about how he'd lived it. There was just not just much there. Even the panic was gone now. Did it matter what happened next? Not just to anyone else, but even to himself? His whole life had been about momentary enjoyments, and zero relevance to real life.

Had he only known.

-Author's Notes-

This first chapter is introspective and a bit morose. There may be some of that later, but the story will shift to adventure and exploration of his new chance at life.

I plan to use the rpg mechanics of GURPS in Weston's view of life. Still, he won't be in a game, just seeing his [fantastical, new] life that way.