The Other observed Weston Jakob. "No false claims or excuses, good. No illusions to break. However, is there any good? If given another life, will you do any better?"

Weston Jacob remained silent as he considered this. Another chance at life? Could he do any better...? He didn't know. He hadn't done anything last time. And then a hope flared within him,: Would he remember this?

The Other spoke again, "You did not maintain your body, yet you did not intend to damage it. Your next body will not be human, but neither need it be animal. Likewise your mind. You will be able to consider, but at a lesser level."

Not human? What would that be? And not animal...what did that leave? A ghost? But he said 'body'...

"There is one strength in you, though it has grown only passively. In life or fantasy, when you had some clarity about a situation and your options within it, you acted to seek improvement."

Huh? Nothing had ever been clear. Relationships, building a career, even having fun a had been so complicated, so muddled. Porn was easier – just rent and watch. Video games were easier – follow the rules, get better, win. And take out and tv, or frozen food and streaming if it got too late – no complications and he was always welcome to stay or stop.

"It may help a little, but no life is sure. You will have to face uncertainties. Find a purpose to give your efforts meaning."

With that, the Other seemed to leave. Weston panicked again. Was he alone? What should he do? Could he do anything?

Just then he felt a pulling from within.

He felt himself moving, and then falling! There was a sudden rush and then blackness.

A little while later, on an endless savannah, a baby is born into a nomadic tribe of Homo Habilis.

Author's Note

I know this is a short entry, but it seemed fitting for what it contained.