February 13, 2015 Direct Word from God for His Children

(Part of the message was cut off)

"I will be with you, all the way through, all the way through this struggle all the way through this time.

You look and you see, evil men rising to power and gaining power and storing up even more power within them.

But, know that My Power is greater than theirs and I have already defeated them.

Watch as I destroy your enemies, watch as I give the victory over to you.

Remember, that you are the ones that win in the end, not them.

They seem empowering now, yes they rally, they look like they've risen above even the very throne of God;

but they have not.

They are on the earth and that is as far as they will go.

I AM coming soon my children, and when I do all the evil will be destroyed and all that will be there are just My own,

My very own children who I am coming for in this time.

Do not be afraid!

Do not turn to the right, or to the left.

Do not try to 'make a plan' but instead look to Me.

I will guide you through this hard time; it is not going to be easy, the United States will be under great trouble great turmoil, but you will survive you will do more than that you will thrive.

I will be with you in this time as I bring My Judgment against this land; you will know that I AM THE LORD.

You will be able to say this with your mouth; 'The LORD HE IS GOD, The LORD HE IS GOD,' as I bring you out of the water and onto the dry land."

-Says the LORD