Cafe Smiley

Chapter 1 : job article

Jacob is sat at home on his sofa he reads the paper that comes though his door and looks at the job lists because he is looking for a job so he can get extra money so that he can pay his bills better he sees a job that he likes the sound of. He looks closely at the details and then goes to the place where it is at on the newspaper it is says cafe smiley where everyone has a great time and employers get good pay. He rushes straight to the place and into the office and he asks for an interview and a job the assistant to the owner says that he needs to go back home and show all bring all of his details with him and he can have a interview. So he said he will be right back and he went home and got all of his details and then he goes back to her and shows her the details and tell her why he wants the job. The assistant gives him the job because she thinks that he will be the right person for the job and she evens says that she think he will be the right person for it.

He goes home happy and he remembers what she told him that he can start tomorrow after he goes home he goes to bed and sleeps happy wondering what is job will bring him the next day.