Cafe smiley

chapter 3 : Alfred Smiley's Accident

Months later when they have got to know each other more and they was working more together Daniel decided that he now trusts Jacob enough to share the truth with him so he walks up to Jacob "Jacob now you have been working here for months now and I have got to know you better but know I think I can tell you something and trust in you to keep this a secret I trust you with his Jacob ". "Ok "says Jacob "I promise I will not tell anyone what you are going to say " says Jacob " do you know when I told you about our owner that he is on trips a lot that's not the case the truth is that our boss was found in a alley way not to far away from here dead ". When Jacob heard this he felt a shiver go down his spine but it felt eerie and strange "what happened " says Jacob " nobody knows I am afraid the police have tried to see's who did this but nothing pointing anywhere it's a mystery " says Daniel.

"When did he die " says Jacob " 3 months after he set up the cafe " says Daniel " I haven't told anyone this Jacob you are the first one that I have told like I said I feel like I can trust you the most with his information. "I am so sorry for your loss Daniel I bet you miss him " says Jacob feels upset for him "yeah I still sometimes but I move on I still need to keep on with my work keeping this place up and running for him ".

There was a couple of minutes silence and then Daniel spoke again " if someone asks say that the boss is on a trip somewhere" says Daniel "I will Daniel I promise " says Jacob hoping that him saying this might make Daniel feel better and not as upset as he looked to be. " Thank you Jacob you must be getting off doing your work now sorry I need to tell someone about it " says Daniel " it's ok Daniel I didn't mind you telling me and see you tomorrow " says Jacob as he walks to do his job and after he packs up and goes home after another day but can't shake the creeped out weird feeling he felt when Daniel told him about his bosses death.