Lenin: I can't belive you brought this imperialist monster here

Metternich: I can't belive this Communist could win a revolution. God is against him and for us. Down with universities!

Hitler: Metternich, you're an Aryan, Why don't you join us and crush this slav scum.

Brown: Calm down, we don't want a fight.

Hitler: Says the half Celt. Ungodly mongrel.

Plato: And an artist. I say we banish him from the Republic.

Lenin: Republic isn't Good enough, We need to dethrone the Bourgeise as well as the monarchy.

Metternich: Republic is the spawn of the devil

Hitler: It hides the weak from the strong.

Hilter, Metternich, Lenin: Let him drink hemlock

Plato: My apology. Lets get rid of the artist first.

Hilter: He deserves to be a slave.

Lenin: No one deserves slavery.

Hitler: The weak deserve slavery.

Metternich: Slavery is condoned by God.

Lenin: God, shmod.

Metternich: Why you little!

Hitler: That's it! Trounce the slav.

Metternich: You would give everyone a job in your machine! Vagrants deserve hanging!

(The three of them come to blows.)

Plato: Ethan, I really think you should turn to philosophy.

Brown: I am an artist.

Plato: (slaps brown in the face. They come to blows)

Mussolini: Can't we all just get along!?