There are so many reasons why I like you,

You're such an awesome friend from my point of view,

To start off, you are so pretty,

You have soft hair and skin like a kitty,

You are the only one I know who can rock braces and glasses,

You make Seventh Period heaven unlike my other classes,

There are so many reasons to like a warm person like you,

But right now I can only name a few so here's number two,

You're the only one who doesn't run away when I want a hug,

Your hugs are warm and friendly like being wrapped in a rug,

Last but absolutely not least is number three,

I hope after this you'll see how special you are to me,

I love spending time with you as much as I love annoying Dominic,

You are one of the few people that doesn't make me disgustingly sick,

With others I want to punch them in their faces or other places,

But when I'm around you my violent manner disappears with zero traces,

Most of my other friends call me crazy, but you never touched that sensitive topic,

Even when I act creepy or when I break down and cry you never called me psychotic,

You make me feel like a normal human with a functional brain,

And a good friend like you put a stop to the thoughts of a bleeding vein,

Now it's time for this poem come to an end,

I hope you know that you are a good friend,

If you don't then I'll make you understand,

I will not tell you with words big and grand,

Because words are never good enough to express the human heart,

This was a "Thank You" gift for your lovely duct tape art and with this I depart