Our story was much like anyone else's. We met junior year in high school, fell in love and were inseparable. We shared most of the same classes, ate lunch together, and studied in the library after school. Then once we graduated, he found a job at the local sawmill so he could pay for us to live in our own place. We were just renting it, but to us, it felt like home.

His names Donald, or as I liked to call him; Donny. He would always tell me how much he hated being called that, but I could see it on his face that he liked it. At least from me anyway. In general we lived a pretty happy life. Everyone fights though, I think it's impossible to avoid some days. Especially when all he wants to do is watch Wrestling. I love him to the moon and back, and I would do anything to spend the rest of my life by his side.

It was the summer a year after we graduated. Donny had just landed an amazing promotion at the sawmill. Meaning he would make more money, but also that he would be doing more dangerous jobs. I woke up early on a Saturday, which was normal for me to do. Donny hated that I couldn't sleep in, especially when he had the day off work. The sun was beaming through my bedroom window. It was almost always hot and sunny here, but it seemed to be more intense this year. Global warming I heard someone say. Either way, I wasn't about to complain about more summer.

I stood up out of the bed and wandered over to the closet. 'What should I wear today?' I thought to myself. I pulled out a knee length sundress I haven't worn since last year. It was a light blue colour with a cute pink flower design running up the one side of it.

"Yep, that's perfect!" I said excitedly to myself. I smiled into the body length mirror as I pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I figured I should grab something to eat, and then maybe go for a nice long walk down to the park.

As I headed into the kitchen I saw Donny sitting at the table eating his cereal.

"Good morning Donny," I said cheerfully. He didn't say anything back right away so I thought he might be in a bad mood. So I went to the cupboard and grabbed a granola bar to eat. Donald's phone then began to ring, he answers.

"Hello? Yes this is him… Ah Tom, what's up? What do you mean you can't make it in today?" at this point he has raised his voice to an almost yelling. He then began to swear at Tom and slammed his phone down on the table.

"Are you okay Donny?" I asked quietly trying not to upset him even more.

"What do you think Melody?" He screamed at me. His face was flushed with anger. He stood up, aggressively shoving his chair against the wall in the process.

"Donny, you should really calm down please, you're scaring me," I said timidly, but I knew too late that it would only make it worse.

"Don't you dare go telling me what to do Mel? You have no idea what's going on," He shouted at me. He walked towards the kitchen with his bowl and threw it into the sink. It shattered on contact. I was too scared to stay there. I decided to grab my shoes and head for the door.

"I'm going to go for a walk Donald; I hope your day gets better. I love you," I told him as I opened the door.

"Yeah whatever, just leave," he said in disgust. My heart sank into my stomach; he has never not said I love you back. I just started walking, hoping I could get my mind off this whole situation. The sun was so warm and welcoming on my skin. It almost washed away all of my fears. As I walked down our street, our neighbours the Palmers were outside working on their garden they had on their front lawn.

"Ah sweet Melody, how are you today?" Mrs. Palmer asked as she looked through her oversized sunglasses at me. I smiled and waved to them.

"I'm doing very well today thank you!" I answered her. I was lying, but they didn't need to know that. They were such a sweet couple. They even invited us over for their spaghetti Tuesday every now and then. That's something we should really start doing, Donald and I. I looked up into the sky and noticed there wasn't a single cloud. Which I thought was weird because they were calling for a storm today sometime. I picked up my pace a little so I could get to the park at a decent time. I was a hell of a walk. One I was very familiar with.

Along the way, I said hello to a great many different people. Everyone was so friendly here. Even to a complete stranger. It was one of my favourite parts about this town. I walked for what felt like days before I finally saw the parks' big wooden welcome sign. I could already hear the people laughing and enjoying their day. It was always a treat to hear.

As I walked into the park I saw many familiar faces. Like Joe, the guy who owns the Deli on 1St. Julia was also there, she ran the cute little book store downtown. I walked over to my favourite bench and took a seat. I leaned my head back and let the sunshine light me up. I felt a prod against my leg; it was Billy, the adorable 10 year old from across the street.

"Hey Billy!" I said excitedly, "how are you doing today?" I asked him sweetly. He was such a nice kid; I babysit him from time to time.

"I am doing very good Miss Melody," he responded politely. He smiled and I could see a gap in his teeth where a tooth recently fallen out.

"Did that tooth go on vacation Billy?" I chuckled. He stuck his finger where the tooth used to be and smiled even brighter.

"Yes ma'am! The tooth fairy came last night and gave me a whole dollar!" he was practically screeching with enthusiasm. I had an impressed look on my face and ran my hand through his short stubbly hair.

"Well you sure are a lucky kid. Don't go spending it all in one place now," I said half sternly half-jokingly. I knew I dollar didn't go a long ways these days. He had a guilty look on his face and his cheeks turned a bright shade of red. "Did you already spend it?" I laughed mostly to myself. He looked at his feet with a sheepish grin and nodded.

We both exchanged a look and burst out in laughter.

"Come on Billy! If we don't hurry, we'll be late for the aquarium," It was Billy's mom calling him.

"Well I guess I got to go," Billy started sadly "how about next time we have a race?" He said with his usual happy tone.

"Of course Billy, but I have to warn you, I used to race for the government spies," I said with a coy look on my face. His face lit up like a Christmas tree as he turned to run off.

"You're on!" He shouted as he left with his mom. I spent the next couple of hours bathing in the sunlight as the people went about their days. It was like nothing at all happened this morning.

The Town clock tower began to chime its twelve bells signalling that it was lunch time. I decided I should call Donny to see how he was doing at his work. I took out my cell and dialled his number. The ringing was so monotonous and seemed to drown on forever. 'Hello this is Donald's' phone, leave a message at the beep'. Damn, I got his voice mail. He must not have been on his lunch break yet.

"Hey Donny, it's Mel, I just wanted to call to check up on you. I miss you, and I love you so much," Is what I left on his voicemail. A huge clap of thunder then shattered any silence there was. Dark grey clouds followed very soon after. I needed to get home quickly; I was definitely not dressed for rain. Apparently the weather forecast wasn't wrong for once! How unfortunate.

I began my long walk toward home when the rain began to fall. At first it was really gentle like a mist. Soon after it became a torrential downpour. My skin was aching from all of the rain pelting my bare flesh. I felt like I was going numb. The rain was coming down so hard that I was having a hard time even seeing.

'Summit St.' was the street I just passed which meant I only had about 4 blocks more to go. As I came up to the next street I didn't even bother looking both ways. I just wanted to get home so badly. The sounds of a horn blaring and tires squealing filled the air. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Glanced to my left to see a car that was only a couple feet from colliding into me. I felt like a deer in the headlights. I couldn't move, I was frozen in fear. Road conditions were too slick for the vehicle to be able to stop.

I felt the full force of a car smashing into my frail body. I fell onto the hood, and then continued to fly over top of the car. For a split second I felt like a bird. Like I could just take off and never come back. That's the moment that I came plummeting down onto the unforgiving asphalt. With a huge thud I laid there motionless.

I could hear a man screaming. I assumed it was the guy who plowed into me. I laid on my back staring up into the abysmal clouds. With rain falling freely upon my face. Was this it? Is this where I was going to die? They say people see a bright light when they are going to die. All I could see were the damned clouds staring back at me menacingly. Donald was the only thing that was racing through my mind. I couldn't possibly die here alone on the streets of the most beautiful city.

My eyes became very heavy and I could no longer keep them open. I guess this was it. It's all over now. Everything went black.

I don't know how much time passed but I could all of a sudden hear voices. Not just any voice though. It was Donny's' voice.

"Is she okay?" he was shouting, he sounded so worried. "Baby I'm here, I am here for you now. I am so sorry about everything," I could hear him beginning to tear up. He was holding my hand, but try as hard as I might I couldn't squeeze his back. In fact, I couldn't do anything apart from hear voices. I felt so weak. The beeping of the heart rate monitoring machines was almost deafening to me. 'Too slow' I thought to myself. I'm not going to make it. Deep down I knew it.

I felt the warmth of his lips against my forehead. A tear dropped onto my head and all I wanted to do was scream and tell him how much I loved him.

"It is going to be okay babe, I promise. I am so sorry for everything I said today. I love you. I need you here in my life. So please, fight as hard as you can," his words were ringing in my ear. A single tear rolled down my cheek. I managed to just barely squeeze his hand.

"I'm here honey, it's okay" he was whispering into my ear. I mustered up all the energy I possible had left in me. To say three little words, a final goodbye.

"I…love…you..." I whispered to him. He broke down to tears. He was sobbing uncontrollably and I could feel his body press against mine. The steady beeping turned into a single flat tone. It was too late. I didn't make it.