Tyson I

Tyson was fine, until he nearly got his face bitten off. The day had started off as usual, wake-up, brush teeth, get dressed and go to school. Nothing unusual about this kid, at all.

"Later mom." Tyson said to his mother as he rushed out of his house with his back-pack slung over his shoulder, and a bagel in his mouth.

"Tyson!" His mother yelled. Groaning inwardly, the annoyed teen turned to face his mother. Tyson's mom looked fairly angry, a suspicious scowl was set on her face as she eyed her son. "Come back home right after school ends, with your brother."

Tyson bit back a groan, he and his friends always went to the park to play basket-ball after school, and the last thing he wanted was to baby sit Jack when he could be hanging out with his friends.

"Mom, do I have to?"

"Yes, you do." His mother said coolly, "Jack's only in second grade Tyson! You need to look after him, you need to take care of him and-"

Tyson didn't bother to hide his groan this time. "Mom, please, not the lecture. I'll get the pipsqueak just, please don't lecture me."

"Don't take that tone with me, young man!" His mother warned him. "Now, get to school with your brother, Tyson Blaze, you're going to be late!"

So, that's how Tyson ended up hauling his brother to school with him. Unfortunately, his brother (put bluntly) wouldn't shut-up.

"We have a History test today, do you think I'll have a good grade? I'm I studied a lot! What'd you think will be for lunch today, huh? Hamburgers? Cause I love me some Hamburgers! What'd you like for lunch, big bro?"

A couple of kids turned to stare in Tyson's direction, (Jake was talking really loudly) one of them was an olive-skinned grill with dark brown hair, it was one of Tyson's friends, Amanda.

"Hey! Isn't that your girlfriends over there?" Jake asked stupidly, hundreds of kids at the schools front door turned to stare at them, including Amanda.

"Well, if isn't little Tyke and his little bro Jacky! Want brings you here, huh?" A tall blonde dude taunted. The kid was roughly Tyson's age with a fairly similar physic, tall, slender and well-built. A gaggle of kids, girls and guy's, surrounded him, all laughing at Tyson.

Normally, Tyson would've brushed it off, ignored Jason and walk into school, but not today.

"Well, if isn't the Retard and his gaggle of psycho's, why don't you get a life you worthless hobo." Tyson retorted ferociously, sneering at Jason whose face had turned bright red.

"Why you little …" He growled balling his fists and storming towards Tyson, who dropped his bag and prepared for a fight.

"Bro, don't-"

"Shut-up, Jack." Tyson snapped at his brother, he charged towards Jason and shoved his hands out, catching the blonde in the chest. Jason struggled to his feet, his face beat red, cussing like a sailor.

"You're going to pay for that you piece of shit!" Jason spat at the dark haired boy. "I'm going kick your-"

"Ah, shut up." Tyson said, surprised at his own boldness. I just kicked Jason rear, hmm, maybe this day won't be so bad after all. "Why don't go suck a-"

"Tyson!" Jack admonished. "There's no need for foul-"

"Bullshit. This piece of crap," Tyson pointed at Jason, "needs to learn a lesson. And I'm just the one to teach it to him." He cracked his knuckles menacingly to emphasize his point. Tyson turned away from Jack and sneered at Jason. "Well, freak? Ready get your rear kicked?"

Jason muttered some profanity, grabbed his bag and ran to school.

"Do you know why your here mister Blaze?" The principle asked Tyson, narrowing his eye's, gazing at the boy over his interlocking fingers. Tyson was stuck in the principles small rectangle office sitting in a chair as he was 'interrogated.'

"Nope." Tyson lied, what he really wanted to say was; 'yes, because Jason tried to be smart with so I kicked his-"

"You're here, because I received a complaint from Mr. Stone, he said you harassed him right before school started. is this untrue?"

"Yes." Tyson replied, tonelessly, (the principle) raised an eyebrow.

"Then what happened?"

"Jason started it, sir-" Tyson began, but cut him off.

"So you did fight him." asked coldly, glaring at the teen. "You've been causing an awful lot of trouble, this year ..."

Tyson said nothing, he looked down at the floor biting his lip. It was true, he had gotten in plenty of trouble for playing pranks, fighting, cussing and lot of other things.

The principle sighed, he massaged his temple with his meaty hands. "Good god, Tyson!" He groaned, "why do you have to make my job harder than it should be? I mean, every day you're in detention! Hell, we've even reserved a seat for you!" It was true, in the detention classroom there was a seat with the name Tyson Blaze taped on it. "I mean, what do you want me to do, eh?"

"I ... I'll try not to fight so much this year, sir." Tyson mumbled shamefaced, the principle let out an exasperated sigh."That's what you say every year!" He muttered, getting up from his chair. The principle glared down at Tyson, "here's what I'll do, instead of suspension I'll let you assist the janitor for the rest of the school year."