Kira Shadowkiss stared at her classmate disbelievingly.

"Are you serious? Is this some kind of joke?" Kira asked.

"Nope. Apparently because of our high scoring in both the practical and the theory test, we're going under the wing of Regina Aiziwa," he answered. He was Leon Masters, Kira's equal in every way. They were considered the best in their year and possibly, in the low rankings of the Generals, which was quite an achievement.

"Regina only takes on the best. What makes you think she'll take us as part of her squad?" Kira asked.

"Have you seen our scores? I say if that didn't attract her attention, nothing will," Leon stated.

"From whom did you hear this information?" Kira asked.

"From Eita," Leon stated sheepishly.

"No wonder," Kira scoffed, turning on her heel and heading to her dorm before looking over her shoulder at him. "It's bad enough we're bonded to each other until who knows when."

Leon winced. Looking at the scar across Kira's cheekbone, marring the otherwise unblemished skin, while tracing a matching one on his own cheekbone. It had been a year ago but Kira still hadn't quite forgiven him for it. The scars contained a piece of the other's magic auras effectively binding them together. It wasn't in a marriage way but more like battle partners allowing them to fight in sync. It was also very dangerous as if one of them was away from the other for too long, they would begin to feel nasty side effects.

Kira walked away, her long raven hair swaying against her back as she walked. Leon sighed. Kira's looks really didn't help him or the other boys in the academy from staring. Her long raven hair, stormy blue eyes, fair skin, lithe and toned figure, not to mention the outfit she wore on a daily basis did nothing to help. Her black form fitting pants, tight sleeveless turtleneck top, and black knee high biker boots with black bracers. She always wore her katana on her belt.

Leon could be considered her opposite in appearance with his messy medium length blonde hair, aquamarine eyes, tanned skin, well-muscled body but not to the point of looking like a jock. He usually wore a red short-sleeved shirt with denim blue jeans and white running shoes with a silver lion pendent tucked under his shirt.

Turning in the opposite direction, he headed back towards his dorm and flopped onto the bed, looking toward the ceiling. He still had no idea what to get Kira for graduation.

"Hey, Leon! Wake up!" an older male called shaking the male awake. Apparently, he had fallen asleep.

W-what time is it?" Leon asked.

"18h00, as is one hour before the party," Leon's eyes flew open at that statement.

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope, dead serious. By the way, both you and Kira graduated. Congrats."

"Thanks, Eita," Leon said looking at his older brother. They both looked truly alike, but where Leon was blonde, Eita was brunet. Eita preferred green to Leon's red and had the same lion pendent tucked under his own top. Instead of his usual attire, Eita wore the General's uniform used for special events such as this. It looked like a navy uniform in dark blue with gold trim and black dress shoes. His hair for once was brushed neatly. Eita's preferred weapon, his own longsword, was in its sheathe strapped to his belt.

Eita's words that there was only an hour before the party began sank in and he rushed toward the bathroom to take a shower. Luckily, his roommate, Alex, a guy with messy blonde hair, cerulean eyes and lightly tanned skin had just come out allowing Leon to go in and take a much needed shower.

"And what's up with him?" Alex asked Eita, clad in only a towel.

"There's only an hour left before the party," Eita answered, eyes not so discreetly looking over Alex's towel clad form.

Alex noticed this and gave the older male a deadpan look. "Really? Can't you go one day without sex?"

"Not when it's you I'm looking at," Eita replied shamelessly. Alex rolled his eyes and pointed to the door.

"Out, you pervert," Alex said wanting to get dressed.

"You love this pervert," Eita said leaving the room.

Alex groaned before going to get dressed into his own uniform and brushed his hair so it at least looked presentable. By the time Alex was done, Leon had just come out of the shower.

"So, did you figure out what to get Kira for graduation?" Alex asked his roommate while he was getting dressed.

"Actually no, I haven't," Leon admitted.

"Why don't you give her that pendant you were planning on giving her when you guys went on your first long term mission?" Alex suggested.

"That could work," Leon agreed going over to his bedside table and taking a small black box out before putting it on the bed so that he could finish getting dressed.

"Is this really necessary?" Leon asked once he was fully dressed in the stiff uniform.

"Yup. Also, tell Eita that he needs to learn restraint. If it wasn't for the fact that the party was this close to starting, I'm sure he would have done it with me here in the room. Thank god for this uniform," Alex said.

"You should know that he's insatiable, especially when it comes to you," Leon said putting the box in his pocket.

"He could at least behave for one night," Alex grumbled.

"At least Eita pays attention to you. Trying to get Kira's attention is like getting Regina Aiziwa to train you. Absolutely impossible unless she wants to train you," Leon ranted.

"It's starting in five minutes," Alex said checking his watch, referring to the party.

"Finally," Leon breathed leaving the room.

Walking into the ballroom, Leon could certainly give kudos to whomever had pulled this together. The room looked spectacular.

"Looks like they did a good job this year," Alex noted. "Hey, there's Kira!"

And there Kira certainly was, although dressed in the uniform, still looked stunning although the female looked as if she would rather be anywhere but there, like the training centre where she could be doing something productive.

Kira's roommate, Andrea, seemed to be trying to rope Kira in helping with the Annual Kaminami Festival that the Organization organized every year, although Kira was trying to turn down the eager female without seeming rude in front of the guests from the other branches of Kaminami.

Speaking of said guests…

"Good evening," a petite female dressed in a black long sleeved, knee length dress greeted. She had long black hair ending just an inch or two above her butt, chocolate brown eyes, Malaysian face structure and skin tone, and she wore black high heels.

"Um, hi, Miss…" Leon trailed off waiting for her name.

"Akahana. Akahana Hiashi," the female introduced herself.

"Leon Masters," Leon said. "Are you from one of the other branches of Kaminami?"

"No, I'm actually here for reasons that are my own," Akahana answered slightly nervous.

"If you're looking for President Cianas, he's over there," Leon said pointing in the man's direction.

"Thanks, but you know what, I'd like to squeeze in at least one dance and you're the best looking guy here. Dance with me?" Akahana asked.

"I don't really dance," Leon admitted.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine," was all Akahana said before dragging the blond to the dance floor.

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