Just an idea I thought of last night before I went to bed.


I walk through the hallways to find the spot I'm looking for. School has just ended about five minutes ago, and everyone's leaving for the weekend.

My boyfriend, Chad, asked me to meet him in the hallway next to our history classroom. He said he had something important to tell me.

I decided to come a little early to simply think.

Chad and I have been together for about four months now, and things are going great. He makes me happy, and he makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world-


Why is my boyfriend kissing Andrea Millers?

Maybe it isn't him?...Nope. It's definitely him.

I decide whether or not to go over there. After a few minutes, them sucking each other's faces the entire time, I decide to go break it up.


He pulls away quickly, and stared wide-eyed at me.

"Melissa?" he says

He looks over at Andrea, and quickly moves away from her, pretending nothing happened.

"What's going on over here?" I ask

"Ummm" Chad tries to form words, but fails miserably

He sighs "Well, I guess since you're here early I can tell you early" he says

"Tell me what?" I ask afraid of where this is heading

"He's not into you anymore, sweetie" Andrea says


"She's right" Chad says "I'm breaking up with you. Don't talk to me, don't look at me, and definitely don't ever think we're gonna get back together. It's just not gonna happen"

I can feel the tears building up in my eyes, but I refuse to cry. Crying means Andrea wins, and that's exactly what she wants.

Ever since sophomore year of high school, when she first showed up, Andrea has done everything she can to make my life miserable. We're seniors now, and she's done it again.

She steals everything from me. She stole the crown at prom, even though I won; she stole my spot at the popular table; she stole all my friends; she stole my spot on the cheerleading squad; and not she stole my boyfriend.

I should've known Chad Lanster wouldn't be into me, though. He does care about social statuses, and all that stupid stuff. I should guessed that Andrea would try to steal him from me. She did, and she won.

I'm not surprised at all. Chad is perfect. Student body president, gets all A's, teacher's favorite student, friendly, cute, amazing smile, bright blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, perfect tan, and he is just over all perfect.

"But, Chad I-"

"Don't bother, honey. He found someone better, and you just need to let him be" Andrea says "You know I'm better than you"

She's right. She could be mistaken for a Barbie doll she's so perfect. She has straight blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, perfect tanned skin, perfect manicure, and over all perfection.

While I'm just ordinary. People used to think I was beautiful. I was popular. But as soon as Andrea moved to town everyone moved on. They realized I wasn't as good as they thought.

I have boring brown hair, blue/green eyes, fair skin, and I'm really short. Everyone used to tell me that I was perfect, and that they thought I was adorably short. I wasn't sure what that meant, but by the way they said it I could tell it was a compliment.

I look down at my shoes, and sniffle.

"Pathetic. She's crying" Andrea says

"N-No I'm n-n-not" I say, and I can feel a tear running down my face

"Sure" Andrea says scoffing at how pathetic I am

I feel a pair of strong arms on my shoulders from behind me, and I already know who it is.

Neal Gates. The only thing Andrea hasn't stolen from me.

Neal has been my best friend since he moved from across the country when we were ten. No one liked him, and I was the only one who talked to him. Eventually more people gave him a chance, and he quickly became popular.

We can always tell what each other is thinking just from one look. But ever since high school started there's one look that he gives me that I can't figure out what it means.

Now he's one of the most popular guys in the school while I'm left as a nobody, because of Andrea. Bud Neal promised me that social statuses don't matter to him, and that he'll always be my best friend.

"What's going on here?" Neal asks

"Chad has moved on to someone better, and she's taking it kinda hard" Andrea says

Neal turns me around, and sees my tear stained face. He wipes a tear from my cheek, and takes my hand.

"Come on" he says

We start to walk towards the door.

"Neal, I can't believe you're still her friend. Everyone's moved on from her to me. Why haven't you? You're the star basketball player, and yet you still hang out with the school loser"

Neal stops walking, and turns around to face Andrea. He looks calm, but I can tell he's starting to get mad.

He's always been protective of me, and it makes him mad whenever someone's mean to me...Which is alot in the past two years since Andrea got here.

"What did you just call her?" Neal asks

"You heard me. She's a pathetic, nerdy, stupid, ugly, dorky, loser"

Neal doesn't say anything, but instead starts concentrating on his breathing. He takes my hand again, and leads me out of the school.

He pulls up his car in front of his house, and turns off the engine. My parents are gone for the week, so I've been staying with Neal.

He looks over at me. I stopped crying, mostly, but I can still hear what she said.

"She's a pathetic, nerdy, stupid, ugly, dorky, loser"

Is that true? Am I really a loser? A dork? Am I ugly?


Neal leans over, and pulls me into his chest. I wrap my arms around his neck, and cry into his shoulder.



"I-Is what she said t-t-true?" I ask looking up at him

He sighs sadly, and kisses my forehead.

"Let's get inside" he says, and I nod

He gets out, and runs to the passenger side to open my door for me. He holds my hand, and leads me to his room. he sits me on the bed, and sits down next to me.

"Y-You never answered m-me" I say, and he sighs again

"Mel, look at me"

He puts his finger under my chin, and turns my head up towards him.

"Nothing she said it true" he says looking me in the eyes "You're not pathetic, you're not nerdy, you're not stupid, you're not ugly, you're not a dork, and you're not a loser. Mel, you're a great student, but you're not a nerd; you're one of the smartest people I know, so you're definitely not stupid, you're no where neal ugly, because you're beautiful; you're not a dork, a loser, or pathetic, you're amazing. You just don't see it sometimes"

"I can't help but think that she's right" I say

He pulls me into him again, and I cry into his shirt. He lays me down on the bed, and lays beside me while I cry.

When I calm down he still doesn't let go of me. He holds onto me protectively, letting me know he's here for me. He rubs circles on my back, and I sniffle.


"Yes, Mel?"

"Will you play your guitar for me?" I ask, and he smiles

He always plays his guitar for me when I'm upset. For some reason it just makes me feel better when I hear him. The way he perfectly plays any song you ask is just amazing. He can hear a song once, and play it perfectly.

"Of course" he says, and I smile

He sits up, and I stay there. He walks across the room, and gets his guitar, before returning to the bed.

"What song?" he asks

I sniffle again "Anything" I answer

He smiles again, signaling that he chose a song, and starts playing. "Be Your Everything" by Boys Like Girls

When he starts playing I take a closer look at him. His grey eyes that look perfect with his messy brown hair, his boyish smile that makes me smile whenever I see it, he freckles that surround his nose.

As he sings I can't help but feel that he means every word he sings.

"I'll be your shelter. I'll be your storm

I'll make you shiver. I'll keep you warm

Whatever weather, Baby I'm yours

Be your forever, be your fling

Baby I will be your everything"

Do I...Like him? No no no.. We're just friends, and nothing more. That's the way it's been since we were ten, and that's the way it's gonna stay.

But...Does he like me too? It would make sense. He never really stays in a relationship, and then never telle me what was wrong with the girl. Then there's the way he always acted around my boyfriends - again before Andrea showed up.

Girls - especially his ex-girlfriends - always looked at me weirdly for hanging out with him. Is there something they know that I don't? Did he maybe tell them that I was the reason he broke up with them?

Is it like in movies where it's totally obvious that that guy likes the girl, and everyone can see it but her?

Maybe...Maybe I do like him. There's always been this strange feeling in my stomach I get whenever he's with another girl. Could that have been jealousy?

"Baby I will be your everything" he finishes the song, and smiles at me, which makes me smile too

"Glad to see you're feeling better" he says still smiling

"Yeah...Thanks" I say

I sit up, and kiss his cheek.

He sets his guitar down on the foot of his bed, and pulls me in for a hug. I wrap my arms round hie neck, and hold onto him. Breathing in his scent, and feeling the tingling I feel everytime he touches me. It's that that I realize that I do in fact have feelings for Neal William Gates.


"Yes, Mel?" he looks down at me, and I do something completely spontaneous

I kiss him.

Just really quick, but long enough to let him know how I feel about him.

He looks surprised, but...Happy.

He smiles, and kisses me again. He's slow and passionate, and...Completely perfect. I'm not gonna lie, he's an awesome kisser.

He pulls me into his lap, and I pull him closer to me by wrapping my arms around his neck, and tangling my hands in his hair. He puts one hand on my back, and one on the back of my neck, pulling me as close to him as possible.

"Am I interrupting something?" We pull apart to see his older sister, Kelsey, standing by the door.

I quickly get off of his lap, and scoot away from him.

"Kelsey" he says "I-I thought you were at Amy's house"

"Her brother, Brandon, was sick so I decided to come home"

"Oh" Neal says

"I'll leave you two alone, but keep it PG in here"

"Kelsey" Neal whines, and she laughs

"Okay. Okay. I'll be downstairs if you need me" she says, and closed the door, leaving the two of us alone again

We sit in silence, and just as I think no one's gonna say anything Neal talks.

"What was that?" he asks looking at me, curiously

"What was what?" I ask slowly trying to figure it out myself

"The kiss...Why did you kiss me?"

"Why did you kiss me back?"

"Are you ever gonna actually answer my question?" he asks

"Are you ever gonna answer my questions?"

"Are you gonna keep doing this?"

"Are you gonna-" he cuts me off by kissing me

He pulls away, and looks into my eyes. The beautiful grey of his eyes looks even more amazing close up.

"Melissa" he says, and I start to worry

The only time he ever uses my whole name is when he says something important.

The last time he called me 'Melissa" was when he said he was going to summer camp, and he would be gone the entire summer. That was back in eighth grade.

What if he's gonna tell me that he doesn't like me that way? What if I just ruined our friendship? What if things between us are never the same? What if-

"I love you"

"Y-You...What?" That is not what I was expecting

"I have for a while now. Chad was a jerk, and I knew at some point he was gonna break your heart. Mel, I-..." he sighs "I've loved you for a long time now, and...Do you love me too?"

I look into his eyes, and see a hint of fear. Is he actually scared that I'll say that I don't love him?

I kiss him quickly, and loom into his eyes.

"Of course I love you, Neal"

He smiles, and kisses me again. We fall back onto the bed with him on top of me. My hands tangle in his hair again, and feel how soft it is.

He licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I stay strong, and don't let him in just yet. He moves his hand from my waist, up my arm, and to my neck. The movement is so gentle and sudden that I gasp, letting him in.

After what felt life hours we break apart. Neal looks me in the eyes, and for the first time I can tell what that look is.

It's the same look he's given me for years, and it's the look he's giving me now.


Neal William Gates loves me...And I love him too.

I don't own Barbie, or anything else famous I might've mentioned.