They say that when you're about to die, that your life flashes before your eyes. Although I can't say for sure if that is true, I can most certainly say that when your life is being ruined you can see things in slow motion. I remember it all too well, the day my brother came home and trashed the place. Tears were streaming down his eyes and I remember screaming. Can't say I remember what he was crying about, but considering the explosion he was having, it had to have been serious.

I remember my mom trying to take my seven-year-old self away and carry me to my room to shield me from the events. She was panicking from the screaming of my brother—I think she may have even been bleeding from the event. But the thing I remember the most vividly was my dad. I can clearly recall not only what he was wearing, but also the words he exchanged with my brother.

"Listen, Hajime. I know you feel that you screwed up—trust me, I am getting heat for what you did. But you can't let this get to you, you know? People screw up and you just happened to screw up at the wrong time."

"Bullshit!" Cried my brother, tossing what I think was a lamp to my father. "How the fuck am I supposed to let this slide? Do you know what's going to happen to them because of what I just did?"

"They'll be put in crippling debt and have to put up with him for a benefactor. Again, I was getting heat. I know all about this."

"Exactly. My fault. My mistakes. I need to fix this or else, I just… I just won't be able to live with myself!"

My dad's voice, which I remembered as being warm then suddenly grew chilly. "Son, why do you think I gave you that suit in the first place? Because honestly, I think there has been a miscommunication." He said. From there, my hearing of what was going on was almost muted, but I heard just one last thing from my father. "You aren't a hero, so stop pretending to be one. Just go back to testing out what I give you and everything will work out eventually."

After that, I couldn't hear a thing. My mom took me to my room and tried to talk to me about something, but whatever she was saying was lost on me. Those words from my dad, the way my brother just exploded into a fit of anger… I had never seen either of them act like that before. To the very core of my being, I was shaking.

I was only seven at the time. After hearing those two go at it, I felt like my entire life had changed. My brother who I looked up to and thought the world of showed his ugly side and my dad told my brother that he was nothing more than a guinea pig. It was like a dark shadow was cast over the two people I considered 'heroes.'

Years passed and while I got along with my brother, I could only feel myself getting more and more distanced from my dad. Like a giant wall had been put up between us and never came down. Though in my defense, he never tried to get close to me in the almost ten years since that day. Always at working, tinkering away in the lab…

Why am I remembering all of this? They aren't repressed memories, but they sure as hell aren't things I want to think about. I mean, who the hell wants to remember how they found out that their father thinks of his kids as test subjects? Why would you want to remember the day when your brother started to lose control of everything? I hate it! I hate it!

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

But even though I hate it, nobody is coming to save me. My dad said it himself, 'my brother is no hero.' If he isn't one then… just who the hell is?

Are there really no heroes left in this world?


The sun broke through the curtains and shone rays of light down on me, waking me up from my short nap. Well, the sunlight and this goddamn blaring alarm.

"Good morning, Kaoru Taneshima. The current date is Sunday, August fourth of the year twenty-one current time, is seven-fifteen. The weather is sunny, not a cloud in the sky with a zero percent chance of rain, with a seventy-one percent humidity level. Special Events: Hap—"


"Stupid alarm…" I yawn, raising my hand from the piece of glass by my bed. Raising my body from the soft cushion of the mattress, I stretch out my arms and roll out of bed. Heading to the dresser, I bitterly laugh. "Sixteen, huh? Hard to believe…"

I move my eyes around and access the Link, adjusting the 'settings' of my room. The curtains are pulled away and all of the computers come to life. "Well… time to get started… Got a lot of work before I can begin the day." I muse, as I head to the computer.

A shadow may linger over my family, but at the very least I can try to be cheery, right?

In the year 2075, the technological company that focused on the research of environmental preservation, EcoCrown was formed. Within fifteen years, they had become one of the most research companies in the world, developing new alloys that the world had never seen before. With the sky as the limit, EcoCrown astounded the world with a sudden revelation.

Infinite, renewable and cheap energy for the entire world. This advent caused what history has since called 'The Reign of the Crown,' where all power plants were shut down.

Millions of people around the world were left jobless. While the energy was infinite, neither the output, nor the jobs EcoCrown could give were. Rather than choosing to live on the streets, humanity had changed their research into other fields; military.

In the next five years, the world powers had exponentially increased in their military might, causing war to drastically change. No longer were wars fought with soldiers, tanks and drones, now just a matter of whoever had the biggest gun. Tensions ran high and World War Three had nearly broke out.

It was then, that a winged 'savior' bearing the visage of man had descended from the skies. Appearing whenever armed conflict had emerged, this knight would dispatch of the weapons on both sides. As fast as a jet, as heavily armed as a naval vessel and as tough as a tank—it was truly a warrior from above to the men and women on the field.

Countries all blamed each other, wondering who developed such a weapon. A weapon as human as that had to have been the work of Japan's robotics. But to be armed like that, was surely the work of the Russians. Yet that aerial speed and those maneuvers were clearly that of the Americas. All of the espionage that the countries threw out was irrelevant, for the truth was unfortunately, far less interesting.

EcoCrown had developed a new work of technology. A mechanical exoskeleton modeled after knights. Fast as a jet, tough as a tank and as dangerous as any ship. In 2099, EcoCrown had complete market saturation in every conceivable industry, from food, to telecommunications, to of course, energy. With this amount of control in the world, it was then that they finally revealed their true colors.

"We have provided you energy. We have revolutionized your technology. We have paved new ground in medicine, robotics and agriculture. Even still, you try and fight, ignoring just who is really in control here. No more. Because from now on, you play by our rules, or we turn off the lights."

In 2099, 'World Peace' had finally been achieved. All under the rule of EcoCrown and their new form of 'recreational sports gear,' the 'Civilian Mech Suit.'

The world would never be the same.

Welcome readers, to the wonderful world of 'Brighter Tomorrow: Kaoru,' the first in a series of Sci-Fi stories set in the same universe, written by yours truly. Based off of a story written on another site as an interactive 'Choose Your Own Adventure,' you can easily find it to get an idea of what the story is about. Though do not rely on that to get an idea of what will go on in this story, as I am only using that version as a guideline. Treat that version and this one as two separate canons.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.