Hi! My name is Pot-End, and I'm part of the Power Squad!

We go around and stop bad guys! We work together and make sure they don't hurt anyone. We're Heroes!

Thric-Nak kills stuff, Astey-Queer finds bad guys and treasure, Levy-Canis uses magic and makes us stronger, and I protect everyone!

Well, Pot-End...you know that is not even his real name? Its actually Pothoc-Achthend...you know what that means? It means Stupid-Food. Only he's too stupid to get it right, and so, Pot-End.

And we're not the Power Squad.. We're Squad 121, working out of the Marshal's office for Combe Sector of the Western Empire. We're trouble-shooters. That is who we are, and what we do. No ridiculous names involved or wanted, thank you very much.

Me? I'm Aesthyr-Ocuir. It means Woman-Sees. I see stuff. Since I was a kid, I've always known what was around me. Like, all the time, everything. Its not seeing, not really, but I know what's there and where.

And that is part of the job. We go around, investigating trouble and rumors of trouble. We hear its some 'betterment' scheme of the Emperor. -shrug- All I know is that its a job that needs doing. At least the Common people get someone to look out for them, even if its just us.

The others? Thric-Ominak, as he calls himself, is...I guess he's efficient...yeah. He likes his job, maybe a bit too much...but you know what? I'd rather have him with us, where I can keep an eye on him and put his...tendencies to good use. I sure wouldn't want him runnin' around on his own.

And Levex-Arcaniss...well, she's the normal one. Sort of. She gets along with people, dresses nice like normal people, seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She does magic, but not like a mage or cleric. Its hard to explain, you can ask her about it. She also makes us stronger. I don't mean as a team, though she does do that, but individually. She has some kind of power to make us better.

Hmm? I've had many names. Call me what you like.

You heard what now? Yes, I've also heard some people call me that. Irthos-Verthicha-Loex*. No, no idea what it means. Maybe they like the sound? It does have a certain majesty, along with a playful lilt.

I? I help to remove problems. Hmm? For my squad, and for the Empire. Aesthyr-Ocuir says we're helping the "common people", but at the end of the day its really just a job, same as anyone's -he gets a dreamy look and licks his lips-.

Hmm? Yeah, we have to follow rules. Regulations you know. It all comes down from the Marshall's office. The Emperor? Nah, you don't keep hold of power like his by being squeamish. I figure its the Marshall trying to cover his backside, in case anyone thinks to complain. -Of course, there's ways to deal with complainers...- Huh? Was I mumbling? Nothing important I'm sure.

* It means Secret Mountain of Dead.

Hi, come in. Please sit where you like. Can I get you some tea, or wine? Or maybe some juice?

Yes, my name is Levex-Arcaniss. That's right, it means Enchanted-Magic. Magic comes more slowly to me, but it is usually more reliable once I have it. I work under the Marshall for this Sector. My squad is tasked with investigating and clearing up those situations which interfere with the Empire and its people.

Oh, dangerous animals, trouble-makers, that sort of thing. If you'd like details, I'm sure the Marshall's office is the place to ask. Oh, no secrets, I just don't want to miss-remember anything. They have all our reports on file and can give you accurate information.

The rest of the squad? Aesthyr-Ocuir is in charge. Pothoc-Achthend is sometimes silly, like his name, but he knows his job and does it without complaint. Thric-Ominak is...efficient. We work together fairly well. Little things come up in every squad, but we get through them. The important thing is that we know we can count on each other.

Hmm? Oh. For personal details...well, I think its best if you ask them individually. Otherwise Aesthyr-Ocuir might be able to help you fill in your story. I don't think I'm authorized to share the personal details of anyone with whom I work.

Are you sure you won't have some beverage? How about a snack for the road? Well, be well. Bye.

Author's Note

Just a little fun. What did you think? Let me know.