Trygelos Logelos looked over the sweeping vista that lay before his eyes. He saw the stars floating like diamonds above the jungle covered hills. He,for a brief moment removed his eye from the hand held telescope and gave a sigh. He realized that out there in the infinite space that hovered above his head would be all his fortune, his future, all his hopes, dreams and, most of all his ambitions. That there in the great beyond there would be a better life for him. Something more than the rural life that he found himself, living on this miserable waste of a planet. How he longed to live a mist the sights and sounds of a large city on a more urban, more modernized planet. He had dreamed of leaving his home world, that one day he would gather his belongings and head to the nearest launch temple and hop on a shuttle to Sippar the capital or Akshak the trade center of the kingdom. Oh how he dreamed of this, to start a new. Live life as an engineer or pilot on a merchant ship working for one of the numerous merchant guilds in the kingdom. How wonderful the prospect was, however he know that it would be some time before he could leave home.

Trygelos had never left Adab, the jungle planet had been all he had ever known. It had been all his dad had ever known, and his dad before him and so on and so on. However to say that he had never left the planet was not necessarily true. He had left the planet once before on a pilgrimage to one of the holy planets known as Bartok. There he stayed at a monastery for five years until he reached the age of sixteen and old enough to travel to a university to study a profession of his choosing. Trygelos would hardly call going to a monastery on a planet on the far edge of the kingdom, devoting himself to one of his many religions deities and doing scholarly work on said deity a vacation from the planet. However his time at the monastery was not all bad save for the immense lack of free time and a strict code of ethics that must be followed out to the letter. Lest one wish to incur the wrath of one of the head Ensi who was the chief priest present at the time. For one who failed to retire to his quarters at the lights out time would be forced to rewrite a whole chapter of a sacred script, by hand in cuneiform text, on a copper sheet. This was a punishment for only a minor offence. A greater offence would mean going without food for days in addition to the required days of fasting by all citizens and followers of the religion when a star had died and gone super nova.

When Trygelos had finally completed his five years of training as they called it at the monastery, he was finally free to leave and anyone who was chosen to continue their training as a cleric would eventually become an Ensi themselves, these students were the so called "lucky" ones. However Trygelos could never fathom how someone could endure such harsh training for an even longer more extended period of time. It was beyond him. He continued his study at the University of Geometry and Engineering on the planet Techmoss. Techmoss was a planet like any other however and was nothing special. It was like any other planet save the occasional large city or two spread throughout the equator of the planet. However the other parts of the world feather north were as rural as Adab, and there people had a different patron deity than those of Adab. For many years he had gone to temples worshiping a deity to which he revered yes but had not devoted himself to. Because of this Trygelos felt discomfort and began to grow soon completed his courses in engineering and geometry mathematics however he stayed on the planet for several more years thinking that a job would be easier to come by. Jobs in His Majesty's Navy were always available for anyone who had at least a first degree in engineering or at least a second degree in geometry. However Trygelos always lacked the latter and never really wanted to join the Navy anyway.

With that he left Techmoss for his home Adab, he left a defeated and sad man. Having spent a large amount of time learning his profession of engineering and chasing his dream of joining a guild. Never had he hoped that things would work out the way they did, but they did anyway. It was at this point were Trygelos made one last stop before returning home. He went to Carthamus Pi, a holy planet. Where it was said that on a high mountain peak located near the southern pole a High Ensi was championed by a God, a deity. He was ascended, in that he was taken by a craft and left the galaxy. When he returned, he returned with mysterious powers and this new found power was taken as magic, or power of the Gods. The High Ensi told his story to all who would listen, he told fables of how beings with great power and far advanced technology took him from the temple to a planet in another galaxy. That these beings thought him to use the power of telekinesis and how to manipulate the matter around him to his ends. He also gained knowledge of some of the Gods more advanced technology such as making space travel far faster with the use of hyper drives. due to the complex nature of this new found technology the High Ensi trained other Ensi in the use of this technology, and soon every space bound vessel carried a Ensi leading the ship through hyperspace. It was a revolution at the time and humans started to colonize new worlds and spread themselves throughout the stars.

However since time immemorial other Ensi were championed by other Gods and they would then instill the philosophical belief of their Gods into their legions of followers. These Ensi would fight among other Ensi who opposed their Gods point of views, and hundreds of wars ensued. Each religious group felt so vindicated in their belief that their God was the one true God, that their God was far more powerful and wiser that the other Gods. In the fighting many more people were championed by their Gods, and those that became championed in the battlefield became known as Zealots for their religious fanaticism and devotion to the God of which they represent. Many of these Zealots died in wars and many more continued to die as they fought for their self-righteous Gods for years after. However long since these times several hundred years ago the wars had ended with many casualties, and the destruction of many religious followings. Many new kingdoms, empires and republics were formed many of whom were devoted to one single God as their main source of worship, while concurrently worshiping many other lesser gods. So matters remained at the present time of the galaxy. Every now and then there might be a border dispute between two or more neighboring nations, but they were mere skirmishes compared to the religious wars of the past.

Logelos moved away from the balcony as a carriage rolled into the street below. He looked at his wrist watch, it read ten forty five. It was at that time when carriages drawn by various animals were allowed to roam the streets. It was far too crowded in the day to allow such forms of transportation. He then laid down on his bed and looked to the roof. Tomorrow would be a big day for him for the first time in a long time he would return to Techmoss to meet one of his old friends from university. They were to meet up with each other before leaving for Sidera, a planet where they would take part in a trades fair of various jobs and professions. It was their hope that they would find work among the employers present at the fair, or at the very least provoke the interest of a guild or two and hope that the guild would help them further. However all that was only a faint hope for what could be. Many people would be attending the fair, and needless to say the search for work was highly people saw fit to join the Navy as a way to obtain work and pay. War had not come to the Kingdom of Lawrencia in many years and few in the public thought that war would ever come. So to most it was a safe bet, they would take almost anyone who signed up. However most people were stuck with very low paying jobs and many of those who signed up for the Navy from non-noble families would seldom be promoted, and Logelos was not of a noble family.

However in his vast train of thought he thought of another idea. He asked his self the question whether or not he should train as a cleric in a monastery, and live a far more pious life. He had come from a family of evangelicals and joining a monastery would at the very least bring honor and pride to his the thought of commitment soon popped into his mind. Should he join a monastery he would have to commit himself to years of service in monasterys and on various temples littered across the kingdom and if need be throughout the galaxy. It would be a life of scholarly work, he would have to devote his whole life at the monastery to the study and worship of one of the many Gods in the Universal Pantheon. The Universal Pantheon contained hundreds of Gods who did not ask for the worship of their followers but demanded it, lest they be punished and killed. Some of these Gods were benevolent , but some less than others, some would often call for sacrifices or small tokens to prove the devotion of their followers. There was no doubt in the minds of those that believed that these Gods exist, for they did and there power over the humans in the galaxy was absolute. So it was no surprise for Logelos to question his new train of thought, and so he confided to himself that in the morning when he arose he was to travel to the temple of the village and ask for the guidance of the local Fortune Teller.

In making a decision of this magnitude no small detail may be overlooked, every minute detail counted for something. And everything had a purpose and maybe his path was not his to chose, perhaps it was predestined truly guided by the divine hand of a God. If so which God, which God would command his worship. There was a burning question that was left in the mind of Trygelos Logelos, if he was to go down this new path he must chose a God to worship and devote his whole livelihood. He was to leave everything behind for a monastery, for a God. He thought to himself that the life in monasteries and temple maybe worth while, but could it really. He pondered over every question fathomable laying on his bed. He went through countless permutations of his future life, perhaps he questioned he could decide to leave the monastery? Alas however those who do will feel the smite of a hundred Gods and feel forever damnation. He would take any opportunity he got to leave Adab.

In the morning Logelos awoke from his bed at five thirty, he had decided that joining a monastery was the only way to ensure what he thought would be a better life. He would be guaranteed to see new worlds, those with large cities and skyscrapers. Those worlds that he could have only dreamed of, massive holy cities populated with millions of people, and even more people flowing into the cities every day in the form of pilgrims. He was sure the he was in for something great. He put on green pants,a brown tunic and tidied cord around his waist. He was a simple peasant man and should dress to fit the part, it was not that he could not afford better clothing, it was simply that he chose to dress modestly. Finally he put on a green pileus hat with an orange feather on the folds. With that he set out to a temple, and from there he would join the temple and then join the a monastery. He left his room and walked down a stone hall with wooden flooring, infact all the rooms in his house had wooden flooring and stone walls. He took a look at his living room for one last time. He sighed, he know that should his plan succeeded he may never see this room ever again and for that matter the planet. He saw a book on a small table, he recalled himself reading the book next to the fireplace, while reclining on a small wooden chair. He considered for a moment to grab the book however he decided against it and proceeded out the door. He then turned around once outside his home and took the moment in once more, contemplating what was ahead of him. He took off his hat for a moment and moved his right hand over his head feeling his soft black hair. He had been an honest hard working man and never did he think or imagine himself doing what he was about to do. He then put his hat back on and turned to face the crowded street in front of his house.

The street that Logelos' house was on was a small and congested street, it was a dirt road with two massive housing complexes on both side each three stories high. He walked down the street weaving between people attempting to get out of the street as fast as he could. After ten or so minutes of walking down the street he finally came to an open plaza. It was an open plaza with many merchants selling a wide variety of fruits and other goods. He continued walking to the center of the plaza where he found the temple of the indignant people. It was a massive step pyramid structure and easily dwarfed any other buildings within the city. Almost like any other building in the city it was made with stone, only this time the stone was painted. There was a large entrance way whose was painted a brilliant red color, it was perhaps the only red in the whole of the city. the rest of the temple was painted in an orange, yellow color, the color was meant to honor the color of the sun, the stars. Next to the entrance way where two stair cases both meeting at the top of the entrance. These stairs ways were also painted red and once they joined at the top of the entrance they then continued up the step pyramid to a small red painted stone hut.

Logelos having been impressed by the structure inside, know that there was only one other course of action that he could take, and that was of course to step inside and began his long journey to join the ranks of the Ensi. The two double doors of the temple were enormous and were fifteen feet tall made of solid gold, with an impression of a great zealot, who had a halo around his head. The doors should have weighed a ton, however the door opened very effortlessly, it opened on it's own. Logelos was awestruck, truly this technology was that of the God's. He had come to a holy places, he took off his hat and bowed down before he entered the temple. He slowly stepped inside, and untied his shoes and placed them on a small rack.

"You need not take off your shoes in here child, although this is a holy place such formalities are unnecessary at this time. If I may be so bold as to inquire, your being here?" Logelos heard a voice of an old man coming from deep within the inner temple. He saw him emerge from within the dark of the temple. He had a bald head with a brad white bread, he wore a simple brown robe with a rope tied about his waist.

"I have come to pay tribute to the Gods." Logelos said with a stutter.

"And you bring these shoes as a tribute is there something more to your story, young child." The man gestured towards Logelos' shoes.

"Give them here, child." Logelos complied and gave his shoes to the man.

"These are worn, you have had them for quite some time. You are also a very hard working man, yet you are nervous. Is there anything I can help you with?" The man handed Logelos his shoes and he sat down and put on his shoes.

"I wish to join the monastery."

"The monastery, hmm that is odd. You seem to have your hands full right now as it is." The man was looking down at Logelos as he tied his shoes.

"Well that may be true, however scripture tells that we must devote our lives and livelihood to the temple and the Gods. Without the Gods we have nothing."

"Indeed praise be to the pantheon. Come let us walk the temple halls." The man turned and proceeded to walk down the long hall of the temple. Quickly Logelos rose and walked to the man.

"So you want to join the temple then do you?" The man kept look forward, as though he did not acknowledge the presence of Logelos if only through word. They walked down a hall whose only light source were torches lit on the walls of the temple, further down the hall a red velvet carpet appeared flanked on both sides with wooden pews. The red carpet lead to a brilliant altar made of pure gold. However this altar was so marvelous and so breathtaking to Logelos he was dumbfounded. Yes he had seen it before but never had he had the opportunity to approached so close before to do so without the proper permission or attendance from a member of the temple was present. The altar was made with painstaking skill and labor. At the center of the altar was an impression of the God Akinark, he held in his right hand the book of The Eternal Star and in his left hand he held a staff with a red crystalline tip. The tip of the staff radiated and around the head of Akinark was a halo round in shape. The face of Akinark was one of a simple yet pious man, one who offered hope to all those who believed. As if he was shining in glory for all men to see.

"Fantastic, is it not," He looked back at Logelos, and for the first time there he felt as though he had truly been acknowledged.

"Yes it is truly impressive."

"This is the God you are to worship, if you are to join the monastery then Akinark is to be your protector and he is to guide you on your journey. May he be with you always." Logelos accepted that this god Akinark was to be his patron God. A rush of emotion overcame him. He did not know what to think. He felt a sort of fear in the God Akinark, he was fearful of his power and his smite. However soon that fear turned into a sense of responsibility to the God, although he did not know the God personally he did feel a connection to the God. Almost like a bond between him and Akinark, that he Trygelos Logelos was a representative of Akinark on this mortal realm and that it was his duty to convert as many people to the following and worship of Akinark as he could. His life had changed forever that day, and the Ensi would spur him on to greater things, though he was unsure of the role that he was to play in this larger universe.

"You may kneel at the altar if you would like." said the man after seeing the expression on Logelos' face. The man the stepped behind the altar.

"If you would please." The man pointed to the area before the altar where Logelos was to kneel.

"Of course," He said under his breath.

"You will now enter the holy order of the Ensi and all of the Sages and the divine order of the Apothecaries. Who is your patron God?"


"So it shall be, rise child tell me what is your name?"

"I am Trygelos Logelos, twenty years of age."

"Come now we must walk further and discuss your future at this temple and any other temples you will be sent to. As you serve the great people of this kingdom." They turned from the main hall of the temple and proceeded down a narrow yellow colored hall fit for no more than three people. However this hall was not lit by chandeliers and torches like the main hall rather it was lit with lights. Real lights that were mounted on the roof. They were very dim lights and they were placed every ten paces. After reaching what looked like the end of the hall. He turned his head facing Logelos and uttered several words.

"In here is the main area and halls of which the Ensi of this temple roam." He turned his attention to the wall. There was a small indent and he pushed the stone in the indent. A opening appeared as if out of nothing. the wall seemed to disappear and they both moved into the new hall. Only later would Logelos learn that this was the technology of the Gods. It was a hologram, the wall in that area never existed. and behind that wall was a shield which had to be deactivated before the two entered the new hall way. They then continued for several paces and walked down some steps.

"What is it that you wish to be Logelos, where does Akinark take you."

"To become an Ensi,"

"To become an Ensi is an honorable role, one not taken lightly." The man turned to Logelos.

"Tell me child, what am I. Who am I." Logelos appeared to be shocked at the question of the man and he hesitated not sure what to think.

"You are the high Ensi of this temple, are you not?"

"Yes I am yet I am also a human the same as you. My name is Alamphos. It is my first and last name. It is my only name." The man continued to walk forward down the hall.

"Child tell me your name."

"My name is Trygelos Logelos, high Ensi." Logelos bowed as he said this and the man whose name Logelos had found to be Alamphos turned and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Spare me the formalities Logelos we are brothers, if you are to join the orders of the pantheon you are to address all people as brother and sister. You should be a apothecary Logelos we could use more of those. Not many people are akin to the healing arts these days." They both continued down the hall and took a left.

"In here child you will truly see the power given to us by the Gods." There was a hexagonal door with an obvious impression in the center. Alamphos pressed on the impression and the door opened. Yet for all of the simplicity of the temple and the door, the opening of the door was elaborate. Much more than he had expected. The door opened horizontally and a door behind that opened vertically.

When the two stepped into the chamber Logelos was absolutely amazed. The chamber was like no other on the world. It was metallic and the walls of the room seemed to glow with lights. Each turning on and off. How fantastic it all seemed to him. In the center of the room there was a bright blue light that came down and into a large octagonal hole or rather chasm. Alamphos then gestured for Logelos to move closer to the rim of the octagon shaped chasm.

"Come forward," Logelos then came forth and Alamphos then punched a rather large square shaped button on a terminal which stood erect by the rim of the chasm. The terminal was not made of stone however by made with glass and inside were circuits and conduits and they all glowed blue. A lift came fill the chasm. In the center the blue light that had been in the center of the room now come through the center of the lift.

"Do not get close to the beam child, lest you be burned." Logelos heeded the warning of the man, and stepped onto the lift, he kept his distance from the beam and with a slight jerk the lift lowered. It was a very smooth system. Logelos had hardly felt a thing and everything to him seemed so god like, he was in absolute awe of his surroundings. The walls were like those described in the citadels of the Great Pantheon and inside great ships, capable of spaceflight. When the lift stopped the old man stepped off the lift onto a ramp.

"Come now child there is much to see, and that is most certainly not a good view of what I am about to show you." Logelos got off the lift and followed the man. The man walked with a sort of staggered gait, as though he did not walk to his fullest capability. He then stopped for a brief moment and pull a handkerchief from his pocket. His hands were shaking and he seemed frightened. Almost as though what he was about to show Logelos a terror that sacred the man far more than anything in existence as though he was to meet his doom. He used the handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

"This way, child."

"Alamphos, is something wrong?" Logelos walked to Alamphos, and stood by his side.

"Nothing, child I merely grow weak in my old age. I have seen too much and lived for far too long. Soon my days as an Ensi will be over and I shall die as all humans do. It is nothing of concern."

"Surely you shall enter the Pantheon and be awarded for your deeds within the mortal realm," Logelos assured Alamphos, however he was to have none of this and turned his gaze to Logelos.

"What do you know of the life everlasting, you are only a child and can not be more than twenty five years of age," Alamphos then turned his gaze back to the metallic floor.

"We should all be so fortunate to enter the Pantheon, it is a gift only bestowed upon the most devoted and faithful followers of the Pantheon." Alamphos then recovered from his brief rest bit and continued down the corridor.

"In here Logelos, my dear friend, you will find the true power and majesty of Akinark and all of the Gods of the Pantheon. In here you will find proof of the Gods existence." He then reached down into his robe and pulled of a necklace of which there an amulet attached. The amulet glowed as though it was imbued by a mystical power, the amulet itself looked more like a key with three prongs. The prong of the left was larger than the prong in the center and the prong in the center was larger than the prong to the right, Alamphos then recited a prayer.

"Oh great Gods of the Pantheon grant me and this lowly peasant the honor and right to see your glorious creation, so that we may come into full enlightenment of your majesty. Gods have mercy upon me for I am not worthy of your great gifts. Show me and my companion your great wisdom and knowledge so that we may one day to bask in your knowledge." Alamphos then turned once more to face Logelos.

"Come do not fear for with in this temple the Gods of the Pantheon are with you and you shall soon witness first hand their great power and majesty." Logelos quite frightened however, he had known for quite some time that the Gods had possessed power and knowledge beyond comprehension of the common person, however was was not sure that the Ensi had fully understood this knowledge either, and that the power of the Ensi was rather bestowed upon the Ensi rather than learned through rigorous years of training. Furthermore he had heard whispers of an unknown technology within the temple that was the power source of the the village. However for him he wondered whether or not his power truly existed, he had seen no evidence of this power source and to Logelos everything seemed for the most part to have a natural explanation.

The Temple the greater organization or religious group that was the Temple had an odd way of showing their power and true wealth, it is true yes that the Temple lacked weath. However the true wealth of the Temple lied within the knowledge of the Temple. To the common citizen of the village and of any other village in which a temple was located the knowledge was that of the Gods passed down to the Ensi, this knowledge was a sacred knowledge that which must be held in high regard, and taught to only a select few. Though the method of teaching was not that of an understanding, of the knowledge or of the technology which might stem from that knowledge. it was not an education that a school child might receive when they learn how to add and subtract simple numbers and that child will then fully understand the reason for the adding and subtracting. No this method of teaching was that of prayer, and worship. This technology was not technology, in fact seldom did any of the Ensi understand the meaning of the word technology. The Ensi took this technology as dogma, something that must not be tampered with, it was sacred. There could never be improvement on the technology of the Pantheon to do so was sacrilege and thusly punishable by death. Do to this much of the technology that was given to man by the Gods was and still is kept under close protection by the Ensi, and much of the technology is is used in many of the public infrastructures, such as electricity which is used to power large forums and town halls. The generator for the electricity is kept underneath the very temples of which the Ensi and their followers worship their Gods. It is no surprise then that those who are able to gaze upon this technology bow and stand dumb struck in the wonder and majesty of such technology.

Logelos followed the man, and they soon found themselves on the other side of the sliding door only to find another door standing before them.

"Do not enter yet child first we must prepare, to enter the next chamber without the proper clothing could be lethal," The Ensi then went to the wall directly to the left of them and placed his hand on a small pan with an impression of a hand. He placed his hand in the impression and almost as if by magic the wall slid open revealing a compartment with, what was to Logelos strange looking clothing. He had never seen such clothing before, and the color of the clothing was unlike that befitting of clothing, or at least clothing that Logelos himself was familiar with. In the compartment lay bright yellow suits, in two pieces or three rather counting the black boots that accompanied the suit.

"Here you need only put the pants and the shirt over your clothing, however the boots must be donned before the pants as the pants will tuck into the boots and the shirt will then tuck into the pants and then a belt must be run through the pants to ensure complete security, believe me it is for your own good child." The man handed Logelos the clothing, however Logelos hesitated for a split second, contemplating what he was about to do.

"Go on child you have nothing to fear," The voice of the Ensi reassured Logelos and he proceeded as he was told. In the end of it all his was finally given two last pieces of equipment to wear before the two entered the next chamber. One of the pieces of that of a helmet though it was not a helmet used for battle but rather one that would protect him from the vast amounts of radiation that the two would encounter upon entering the next chamber. The helmet has a small visor that only allowed for one to only see the eyes of the wearer the rest of the face was covered by billowing material that hung just above his chest.

"And this is the single most important piece that you are to wear" The Ensi pulled out a small golden medallion on a necklace, the Ensi held it out on his hand for Logelos to grab. After a brief moments hesitation Logelos did so and held it close to his visor so that he might see it better.

"What is it?" Logelos inquired.

"It is a sacred ornament to only be worn as protection by those of the order of Ensi, a gift from the Gods themselves." Alamphos then donned his helmet,

"It is to be worn around your neck at all times, it shows your devotion to the God Akinark, as well as your devotion to the Ensi order." The Ensi said this in a muffled tone as the helmet. On the medallion was a figure clad in a robe similar to that of a Ensi robe, the mans face was that of a generic face, one that showed no expression other that complete piety to the Gods. His arms were erect towards the sky. They were reaching for a star at the top of the medallion, and the star had rays coming forth towards the man. Finally as Logelos followed the rays from the star back to the mans head he noticed a small circle, a halo around the mans head. Logelos then after a brief moment of examining the medallion dawned the it around his neck. The two were now ready to enter a most holy room, a holy chamber. These rooms as individual rooms are not necessarily special although they are consider extremely holy. Every temple had their own holy room, and it was this room from which the temple gained all of it's power and distributed said power throughout the surrounding city. This of course gave local temples a unique position in the local society and it was further more said that it was the prayers of the faithful which kept the power running throughout the city. Do to this the Ensi would often ask their congregation to pray several times a day and attend temple masses every other day. And as the Ensi commanded the people did, for the Ensi where of course the religious and political leaders of the city.

At last after much preparation the two Ensi then walked into the holy room. For a moment Logelos was dumbstruck, he was paralyzed by what he saw. To be sure what he saw was indeed a most holy object. It was the power source which powered the whole of the city, yet it was small and simple. Though from it emanated a most holy light and it filled the room with a blue hue unlike anything he had seen before. Now he knew why he must pray why others must pray, it was holy and sacred yet so very delicate.