400 Centuries ago…

"Why are you doing this?" The man was on his knees looking up at the shadow that loomed over him. His face was littered with scars, those that he had received in battle and quests that were bestowed upon him from their Great Lord. His armor held tatters of fabric and scorched metal that would melt down if given more time. His sword and shield on the ground, harmless, with his arms still attached to them, blackened beyond recognition. His face contorted, as anger lit up his hazel eyes. "TELL ME! Why are you doing this!"

A clap of thunder lit up the area of destruction, revealing littered bodies, all with their limbs torn from them. The blood creating a deep crimson pool around the two remaining beings. Another clap of thunder allowed the fallen man to take in the appearance of the very person responsible of this bloody massacre.

His brother in arms.

The shadow let out a mad cackle, throwing his head back and placing a hand over his face. His laughter rang throughout the clearing, echoing in the dungeons that surrounded them. It was a while until his laughter ceased. "Why? Why, you ask? All this time you have been by my side and yet you haven't noticed of what I wanted all this time?"

He swept his arm around him, his pearly whites clearly shown in the dim lighting. "Isn't this beautiful?"

"Answer the question, Zard!" The man yelled, his brown hair, a mess, was starting to get into his eyes. He flicked his head in an attempt to relieve the obscurity, but they fell back in place. He grit his teeth. "Why have you turned from the Right Path?"

"Oh shut your trap!" Zard hissed, back handing the kneeling man. He then grinned maniacally as he caught sight of the others eyes. "I have always loved your eyes, you know, always better than mine."

He let out another mad cackle, but ceased into a wide grin. "You want to know why I turned from the Right Path?"

"If it is something that I can hear before I leave this world, then I will." The man answered solemnly, spitting to the side. A tooth joined the crimson pool. "Why have you, Zard? Weren't we brothers in arms?"

"Bah!" Zard waved his hand, immediately dismissing the thought as if it weren't anything worth his attention. "Brothers in arms is just another fancy name for rivals! There was nothing brotherly between us! You always got the spotlight when we finished a quest, you were always the first one who was addressed when we got back to the Palace, and you were always the one who the toast was addressed to! While I was stuck in your shadow!"

He stopped his rant, in order to even out his breathing. He then returned to his maniacal grin. "Where was the brotherhood in that, dear, dear, brother Sadr?"

"For quite a long time now," Zard started again, after recomposing himself. "I have wanted the power to overthrow you, to become the one who was worshipped like a god when I bring us victory!"

His grin then gave way into a snarl, a clap of thunder allowed Sadr to see the familiar face twisted in anger. "But I was pushed back when you made your appearance! Every dream and goal I had was crushed to bits! Everything! And it only got worse!"

"I was practically disregarded as a knight of the Great Lord, my reputation dwindled into nothing!" By now, Zard was yelling. The echoes bounced off the rocky walls. He then calmed himself down, letting out a laugh that resounded around them. "And here I would end the very person who has brought my demise!"

Sadr remained silent, a frown marring his face. Zard noticed the lack of voice from his companion. "Aren't you going to say anything, Sadr? Your last words to the life that had treated you like a god?"

The said man sighed, relaxing the tension in his body. "I'm sorry, dear brother."

Zad did not take too well to the apology, growing angrier by the second. He stuck his face in front of Sadr's, snarling. "Is that all you have to say? No pleads of sparing your wretched life? Not even a pathetic plea of keeping your family safe?"

Getting no reaction from the said man, Zard spat on Sadr's face before he straightened up. "Pathetic, I'll end your pathetic excuse for a life now, that'll spare your undeterred humiliation."

With that, Zard brought his broad sword above Sadr's bowed head. "I'm sorry, Zard, I am hop-"

The words were cut off as Sadr's head rolled across the ground, dyed in the red liquid. The body fell, splattering the red liquid on the remaining person in the clearing. Zard spat onto the head, sneering. "Your excuses are pathetic, Sadr."

Laughter then took over, rising in volume.