Eira – A Modern Fairytale

Summary ~

Eira captures the essence of Jane Eyre and Cinderella. When Eira Winthrop meets Fredrick Barnes, a charming dark haired Brit, at one of her parents' social parties she is swept off her feet by his charisma and courtliness. She goes to England to his large estate in the country. What secrets lie hidden in the centuries' owned family estate and what dark secret is Fredrick hiding from her? And where is the mysterious piano music coming from Eira hears in the house when she's alone?

Cast Description [CHARACTERS]:

Winthrop Family

Heinrich Winthrop – Kenneth Branagh

Ella Winthrop – Joely Richardson

Thomas Winthrop – Eugene Simon

Eira Winthrop –

Gene Winthrop – John Bell

Barnes Family

Fredrick Barnes – Aneurin Barnard

Rebecca Barnes – Michelle Dockery


Mr. Hayes [housekeeper] – Jim Carter

I have yet to find my Eira look-a-like! But once I find her, I'll let you know!