Glory, What Glory?

We sat there, cold nights turning into endless days,

Locked in a stalemate, neither side gaining the upper hand,

The trenches were like a complicated maze.

While my comrades died left and right,

I fought tirelessly for a faraway victory,

I was soon to learn, would never exist.

I woke to a banging on my door,

One by one, some were captured, some were killed,

And I was taken to a place I didn't know before.

Forced to march with my hands tied behind my back,

My fellow soldiers and I,

Were taken to the enemy's camp.

The people there must have seen brighter days,

For what could be worse than what I've seen?

I couldn't judge though, for I'd soon be following their ways.

Their sunken skins called out to me,

My fellow captured warriors of battle,

A mere empty shell of their former proud selves.

My human dignity was soon stripped away,

I was whipped, starved and forced to work.

Daily torture, everyday was on replay.

Some were experimented on, some were gassed,

There was no limit to how you could die.

People died by the hundreds everyday, yet more just arrived,

My comrades who arrived with me were no more,

They succumbed to the treatment they received.

I found myself contemplating why I joined this war,

"For the glory of your country!" they said.

Which wouldn't mean a thing,

Since I'll most likely end up dead.