It was the next morning and King Ultar was in a conference with his war generals and his son Prince Zius was also in attendance. He had been very disappointed in his son's results especially since now that he had lost his daughter in the battle against the primitive kingdoms.

Prince Zius could feel his father's glare as he stood there hoping to prove himself again.

"Father please, I don't understand why the war campaign didn't go according to plan." His father turned to his son.

"I know what went wrong, you purposely didn't dispose of those royal brats and their little rebellion. They had joined forces." It was then that the queen entered the room, she was still in mourning for her daughter and was in need for revenge.

"I hope you have thought this campaign through Ultar because I am not losing my son like I did my daughter."

King Ultar sighed. "My love, this planet will fall and I will lead the campaign this time." Prince Zius was surprised by his father's sudden announcement.

"I think I should lead father, I promise not to fail this time." Queen Ivvana turned to her husband.

"Please give him one more chance."

The king approached their son. "Alright this is your final chance my son, make me proud or else I will disclaim you and your right to the throne." Prince Zius felt the pressure hit him in waves.

"I promise I will win this time." King Ultar walked over to the window of the craft.

"I will start with the closest and weakest kingdom, Edea. You my son will start with Solaris, disarm their militrary."

Soon both sets of ships left the mothership and began their campaigns.

Back in Edea, Queen Alanna awoke to the sounds of bomb type sounds exploding outside of the palace. She jumped out of bed and was about to go check out what was going on when Noel rushed in.

"Forgive me Alanna but the Murasaki had started their ambush." She didn't have to time to waste.

"Alright start re-evacuating the village and tell them to head back to the fortress. Than call Michael." He bowed and she hurriedly got ready than ran out of her room to go meet with the council.

Back in Solaris, Queen Serenity had already dispatched her forces to defend the palace and had too started evacuating her people to safety. Prince Gabriel got on the communicator.

"Michael, come in. Solaris is under attack by the Murasaki and the leader is Prince Zius. We need aid."

in the brotherhood Michael had received Gabriel's message and was about to give aid when another message came through.

"Michael, this is Noel, Edea is under attack by the Murasaki and this time it's led by King Ultar. We need help." Michael was shocked. He knew he had to contact and warn Asmia as soon as possible.

"Luke contact Katarina and warn her the Murasaki are on their way to Asmia." Luke nodded and left the room.

Moments later, Katarina rushed into the throne room of Asmia where Evan was seated on the throne.

"Your highness, Solaris and Edea are under attack by the Murasaki!" She exclaimed.

"Are there any fleets over Asmia?" King Evan demanded. Odette quickly checked the radar and shook her head.

"No, our airspace is clear, it looks they are just focusing their attacks on those two," she said. Evan smirked.

"Well then that was their first mistake, send the bulk of Asmia's air fleet to give them both aid, I'll fly the head ship," he commanded. The servants rushed at his word and soon the Asmia air fleet was mobilized.

Back in Edea, Alanna and Noel were having a tough time trying to defend themselves.

"I hate to say it, but I don't know how much longer we can defend ourselves," Noel panted as another Murasaki ship landed and enemy soldiers poured out of it. Since Edea was a pacifist kingdom it never really had much of an army and they were no match for the Murasaki. Alanna got a deep frown on her face. She didn't want to lose her precious kingdom once again.

All of a sudden, the Murasaki airship that had just landed was hit with a lazer beam and exploded. Both Alanna and Noel were surprised and looked up to see Asmian airships buzzing in the sky and shooting all kinds of Murasaki ships down.

"King Evan!" Alanna exclaimed with a smile. At that same moment reinforcement soldiers from the brotherhood came running up to give them aid.

King Ultar was pissed. He came out of the ship with 2 sets of armed soldiers.

"You all will burn."

Princess Alanna drew her bow and arrow and shot right at the King. King Ultar put up his force field which broke the arrow. "You won't be able to kill me that easily." Allie smirked and came up behind him with Steven in toe which they both attacked him. King Ultar's guard took the hit and was killed.

As Edea continued it's fight, Solaris was successful in their defense against the Murasaki and Queen Serenity thought they were in the clear for now. She rushed over to Brayden and embraced him.

"I'm glad you are ok." He smiled.

"I'm glad you are as well, I had been worried about you."

All of the sudden a voice from behind them said, "I wouldn't become comfortable if I were you." Brayden turned to see Prince Zius standing there with sword drawn and a smirk. "Queen Serenity, Prince Gabriel, I will personally enjoy this."

Brayden in a serious tone said, "I don't think so." He attacked the prince and soon they were going one on one. But it wasn't long until Brayden was caught off guard when he saw Serenity surrounded and he was stabbed. Serenity screamed.

"No." She ran toward Brayden and Gabriel intercepted Zius's final blow with an attack which he stabbed Zius in the chest killing him instantly. Queen Serenity said, "Gabriel, help me get Brayden to the healing house and quick." He nodded and helped Serenity with her lover.

Once Brayden was comfortable, Queen Serenity quickly grabbed the cloth and herbs and started working on him. Prince Gabriel sighed.

"I think Edea was attacked and I must send our army to go help them." Queen Serenity nodded.

"Go brother and may our Gods protect you." Prince Gabriel could tell that she was concerned for his safety.

"Don't worry I promise I will come back sister."

She smiled a little. "You better." He ran to gather the rest of his remaining army and contacted Michael as he left.

"Michael, are you in Edea?"

Michael took a quick minute. "Yes, Murasaki are here."

"Prince Zius is dead and we need Alanna's healers in Solaris and I'm on my way with my army to help out Edea."

Michael said, "Alright hurry and I will tell Queen Alanna!"

Back in Edea, King Ultar and his army were still fighting everyone. Queen Alanna moved in closer with Noel. "We need a plan to kill the king."

Noel turned to Luke "Any ideas Luke?" He asked.

Luke nodded. "Yeah I have a plan, I'll distract the guards with Michael and we'll help clear a path to Ultar for you. After that it's in yours hands to stop him permanently Noel.

"Alright," Noel said drawing his sword. He knew that this wasn't going to be easy, but he had to do it to save Edea and most importantly, Alanna. "I'm ready when you are."

"That's my boy," Luke said and then turned to Michael, nudging him. "Okay leader, let's get this party started, then."

"Right, good luck Noel!" Mchael exclaimed as both he and Luke took off ahead. True to their word, they began cutting down each guard that sprung up in their way. Noel turned to Alanna and gently brushed the hair from her face.

"Stay close, I don't want you getting hurt," he told her. Alanna just smirked.

"You think I did all that training at the brotherhood for nothing? I'm here to guard your back," she informed him. He smiled, thinking that if only he had the time he would have kissed her, but they had to hurry or the path Luke and Michael had created would close.

"Let's go," Noel said and they rushed forward.

Noel attacked from the front drawing King Ultar's attention and Queen Alanna hit him from behind which she was able to stab him successfully. King Ultar turned to counter attack but she dodged out of the way and while she had him distracted.

"Now Noel."

Noel used all of his might and thrust his sword in the king's chest than pulled it out than slit his throat. "That is for Edea."

Once the king's body hit the ground, Alanna rushed to Noel and embraced him. Noel gave her a quick kiss and that was when Prince Gabriel had rushed in with his army. Alanna pulled away from Noel.

"Gabriel, let's finish up these guards and then we have some business to talk about." Gabriel nodded and they continued killing the rest of the guard. Within minutes Edea was safe and Gabriel got off his horse.

"Your highness your healers are needed in Solaris, Serenity's lover is in need."

Alanna smiled. "Of course and we have to unfinished business as well Gabriel, let's go find King Evan."

Soon the healers left Edea and made their way to Solaris while Prince Gabriel and Queen Alanna both approached King Evan. "King Evan since the war is over now, we must discuss the resource concerns for our kingdoms."

Prince Gabriel said, "My sister wants me to handle this since she is occupied at the moment." Queen Alanna nodded.

"Let's all head inside of my palace and into the conference room."

Once they all were assembled, Queen Alanna smiled. "King Evan if you may start off this discussion."

Meanwhile, outside Allie ran over to Steven. "I'm glad you are ok." She embraced him and he gave her a deep kiss than got down on one knee.

"Allie will you marry me?" Allie screamed in delight.


Katarina came up behind them and gave them hugs. "Congrats and you better take good care of her Steven."

Steven smiled. "I promise I will."

Back in Solaris, Aria and Dorian had finished healing Brayden which luckily for Serenity's quick thinking, she had took care the worse of it. Aria and Dorian bowed as Queen Serenity thanked them and she approached Brayden.

"I'm so happy that you are ok." Brayden leaned in and kissed her "I want to spend my life with you Serenity. Will you marry me?" Queen Serenity smiled and returned his kiss.

"Yes, I do. I love you."

Back in Edea, Queen Alanna and the others waited for King Evan to start the meeting.

"Alright everyone, I think we can all agree that we don't want to be as selfish as the rulers before us. After all we've been through together, I feel we can come together and share our resources equally…so what do you say?" King Evan started.

"I agree, and will do the Same for Solaris," Gabriel said as he smiled. Alanna nodded, pleased with the suggestion.

"As will I with Edea, also, let's all agree to pardon the Brotherhood in our kingdoms for the great services they had rendered us during this whole war," Alanna said.

"That's a great point," Evan agreed, "I say we make them heroes of the realm instead of outlaws."

"Excellent, then it's done," Gabriel said and then they hashed a few other things out before adjourning the meeting and parting ways as friends.

As the royalty rejoined the others outside, Queen Alanna stepped forward. "Brotherhood of the Sword you are now hearby no longer considered outlaws but heroes in our kingdoms. I know that if you war should ever hit our kingdoms again, than we can count on you all."

Michael smiled. "This is great news and we are honored." Noel turned to Alanna knowing there was one more thing to do and he got down on one knee.

"Queen Alanna, will you marry me?"

Alanna pulled him up and kissed him which he returned it. Luke smirked.

"Our little brother is becoming king Michael, he's flying away from the nest."

Michael smiled. "He deserves a happy ending though after all that has happened."

Alanna pulled away. "Yes, Noel I will marry you. I love you."

Noel felt so happy. "I love you too." Than he turned to Luke.

"I heard that comment Luke and you can't get rid of me that easily. I will still work for the brotherhood while helping Alanna."

Michael nodded. "You will always have a place with us Noel." Alanna could tell that their friendship ran deep and she couldn't be more happy.

"Michael, Luke, everyone if you ever need anything don't be a stranger to Edea."

Michael bowed. "Thank you and same for you as well your highness."

Meanwhile, Seth turned to Hawke. "So when is your wedding?" He asked her with a smirk.

"Don't be stupid, Seth," Hawke said turning away, but truthfully she couldn't help but feel a little jealous of all the other couples that were taking the next step. Just then Evan appeared with a smile.

"You know, thanks for ruining the surprise," Evan said to Seth, but he was smiling and Hawke gave him a confused look.

"What do you mean?" She asked. That was when Evan dropped to one knee and held out a ring with a purple diamond to symbolize Asmia.

"Well, I need a queen and wondered if you would do me the honor?" Evan said. Hawke embraced him.

"Of course!"

"And here I promised myself I wouldn't cry…"Seth said wiping away a tear.

Evan laughed, "Hey I need a best man too, you know."

Seth snorted, "Yeah yeah, count me in."

Within days all of the weddings happened and all of the kingdoms were at peace. With the resources back on track their kingdoms prospered and the Brotherhood of the Sword continued as defenders and helping out the kingdoms with any trade that was needed. It was a golden age for them all.