Daniel was sitting by the edge of a cliffside slowley grinding a small traingular stone against a larger rock. He sat in scilence looking toward the ocean, when suddenly he smiled. "So, You've not found my child I pressume?" Another walked up behind him.

Jack was not very happy and spoke at Daniel with an angry tone "You are a very lucky Reaper Daniel!" Daniel couldn't help but laugh silently to himself, he always found Jack's outrages amusing. "If my eyes weren't off, I would have found the boy, instead I've just been watching some young Irish-American Girl."

"I must ask, if you have found my son, why did you bet that you'd kill him?" Daniel wasn't ready for the answer.

"Do you realize that it's possible for a reaper to have twins? just not when there is another reaper's child. The bet was that I'd have to find your son before mine was born, if not I'd have to grant you a wish."

Daniel stood up and turned to Jack, "My friend, I want to know, How is your child?"

"My son is going to be a healthy child, and yours?"

"Mine will also be healthy."

"That's good, although I do hope that he won't die."

Daniel shook his head "My child wouldn't die since Claire is taking good care of-"

Jack cut him off "You told your wife about our bet didn't you?" Daniel shook his head. Jack spoke again, "Well how about somebody else? Did you tell anybody?"

Daniel shook his head, "No, I kept it to myself."

Jack was still angry, but his body seemed to relax a little. "I guess you're child will make a good reaper."

Daniel replied, "In my home, instead of reapers, there was a banshee. I would've thought that a female reaper would become a banshee."

Jack smacked Daniel "That's just superstition mythology from your homeland! Now hurry up and make your wish!"

"I don't really want the wish yet Jack." Daniel said "don't you first want to know how I won?"

Jack knew he was being played, but wanted a good reason to throw Daniel off the cliff, it would not kill him, but it would give him enough time to call on Daniel's lie and have his wife and child killed in a car accident. "Alright, go on."

"The bet was that you wouldn't be able to find my son." Daniel said, Jack nodded impatiently "I think I've told you enough, my wish?"

Jack was furious now, "Your wish?, you told me nothing except what I already know!"

Daniel wasn't laughing this time, "Alright how about this." Daniel always made clever deals like this "I'll tell you how I won, after you grant my wish."

Jack grunted "Deal!"

Daniel walked up to jack and handed him a piece of paper. "Just remember, you made the bet." Daniel laughed as he walked off, he went to see his father.

Jack looked back, "What a smug jerk." He thought to himself "Who would have thought death would make him worse?" Jack opened up the piece of paper and and fell to the ground "I'm an idiot, I'm just an idiot." He cried

He looked at the paper again, it read.

"Jack, my wish is simple. I wish for you son, Richard, and my daughter, Alice, to be friends, what happens from there has no interferance from us."