(Even locked behind bars, the passionate Queen of Scots remains a real handful. Please comment nicely!)

O tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide! - Shakespeare

Mary Queen of Scots,

Imprisoned but unvanquished,

A tiger untamed.

Pacing back and forth,

Caged in an English castle,

Guarded day and night.

Angry and confined,

The young queen longs to run free,

Just like a tiger.

"I could claw the guard,"

Fierce Mary broods at bedtime,

"My nails are sharp too."

She knows the sentry,

A dark-eyed, soft-voiced young knight,

A real pushover.

"Help! Please help!" She cries,

Faking that she's feeling sick,

Pounding the locked door.

Mary bangs and yells,

Till her throat feels sore and raw,

And her knuckles ache.

Her chance comes at last,

The guard fumbles with his keys,

Mary holds her breath.

He wears fine tall boots,

And a set of riding clothes,

Perfect for escape.

"Are you ill, my queen?"

He steps into the chamber,

His eyes unseeing.

From behind the door,

Mary springs like a tiger,

Fierce and merciless.

But the dark-eyed knight,

Seeming to sense her movements,

Spins and pins her wrists.

"Such a naughty girl!"

His dark eyes flash with anger,

His lips close to hers.

"I hate you!" She cries,

Struggling to escape him,

Her lips close to his.

Somehow it happens,

Her anger and his firmness,

Meet in one wild kiss.

Both of them want more,

But Mary's knight is stronger,

Shoving her backwards.

"That was a lesson,"

He purrs. "But the hour grows late."

"It's past your bedtime."

"Get out of my sight!"

The young queen hurls a pillow,

Hitting the locked door.

The knight strolls away,

Walking down the dark hallway,

Whistling a tune.

Alone in her bed,

Mary sobs herself to sleep,

A fierce tiger tamed.