So what happens when you finish writing a book?

In my case, it turns out that you decide that your book needs massive rewrites, and then you sit on your ass for three months doing about zero writing.

Then it turns out that NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and you've just had an idea to rewrite Time's Apprentice, but set it in Ottawa, and really show Jasmine Lockhart's origin story, and also make Terra Canadian because (and this is true, you guys; I had no idea) it turns out that having a Scottish mother isn't actually enough of a knowledge base to write a character from London.

So the gist of this ramble is this. It's NaNoWriMo again, and I'm writing a book called Time's Apprentice: Overture. It will be set primarily in Ottawa, with sections of the story in Disneyland (Spoiler! Disneyland is successful this time around!) and Roanoke. It won't be a complete rewrite; the story is going to end, timeline wise, pretty much where the original Time's Apprentrice begins. But, if you actually got this far and read this much, you might like to read it as well. I'm four days in and have five chapters posted (this will of course soon become inaccurate) so so far it's going good. At the risk of angering any Fictionpress rule gods that I don't know about, I won't post a link here, but it should be easily findable through my profile page.

I hope you enjoyed Time's Apprentice, and I hope you enjoy its rewrite as well!