His managers never knocked, they had a key and were always more than comfortable letting themselves into his loft. He heard their feet as well as their arguing as they came down the hall way. He glanced at the naked blonde asleep beside him, he should wake her up but decided not too. The door opened and Randy a middle aged, short, stout man walked in first. Behind him was Barney, a shorter and slightly younger blonde with glasses, the thorns in his sides.

"I can't believe these headlines!"Randy raged.

"Morning Randy," Tanner replied sitting up.

"You're still in bed? It's after noon."

"Yeah, that was a wild party last night."

"You shouldn't have been at any damn party," Barney said.

"I just won a race, I deserved to let loose a little."

"All you do is let loose Tanner, it's out of control." This from Randy.

At this moment the blonde stirred awake, up until now neither of the men noticed she was there. She blinked up at Tanner and then as if sensing the other men she slowly sat up, clutching the sheets to her body.

"Well, miss Maria. Fancy meeting you here," Randy said.

"You're fired," Barney added.

She glanced at Tanner, her eyes begging for help but he simply shrugged and then turned back to the two men. She slipped from the bed and gathered her clothes before ducking into the bathroom.

"The man whoring has to stop!" Barney yelled.

"I'm not a man whore, I just enjoy the company of beautiful women."

"You also drink too much and gamble way too much," Randy commented.

"I'm a millionaire, it's not like my gambling hurts my bank account."

"It's going to hurt all of us if your sponsors drop you and take back your car," Barney pointed out.

"Six are already talking about dropping you," Randy added.

"Because I like to have fun?"

"Because your out of control, Barney and I have already hired four different women to try and keep you contained. You've slept with all of them."

The girl they were currently speaking of chose that moment to dart from the bathroom and out the front door. Tanner watched her go before rolling from the bed and heading for the kitchen Barney didn't follow him but Randy did.

"Tanner, you have to get a hold on this. You cant be out living this kind of lifestyle anymore, the contracts are talking about letting you go. Nobody wants to sponsor a racer who spends his nights drunk, gambling and sleeping with random women."

"I'm not doing anything illegal, I don't see the big deal."

"What if you have an accident? What if one of these random women end up pregnant? Think of that."

Tanner opened the fridge and began drinking orange juice from the carton, he didn't reply to Randy or comment on any of his remarks. Tanner lived his life to the fullest and didn't let anything get to him at the start of his racing career that made him an asset now he was a liability.

"Tanner, you have to calm down."

"Why? I'm young and hell my last name is wild. I may as well live up to it."

"You're not that young, thirty five isn't that young."

"My career is at it's peak, that's something to celebrate."

"In moderation maybe, Barney and I are at our ends and your sponsors are too. We're going to hire on more person, if you don't straighten out..." He trailed off not needing to end his sentence.

"Find but I pick them," Tanner said.

"No, We tried that once. You need someone to go with you and keep you from making stupid decisions, a groupie isn't appropriate. I suggested we hire a man for a go, but a woman works better when you go to small social gatherings."

"Just don't get some old crotchety spinster."

"Who we pick isn't your concern, you need to be worrying about the next race and the rest of the season."

Barney came into the kitchen and tossed down the paper the men had brought with them.

"Read this, see how the public sees you and pray to God you can change that image."

"We'll be in touch," Randy said.

The two men turned and exited the apartment, Tanner hesitated before picking up the paper and glancing at the front page.

Championship rally racer Tanner Wild, playboy and millionaire. Out of control and truly running wild.

He didn't bother reading the article before laughing and tossing it back on the counter.

"Running wild, I like that."