Flesh And Blood.

Running on empty let's put on a show, scales
falling slowly off my skin, covering up the
misgivings of yesterday, always waiting for
tomorrow, holding time tight against my palms.

Let's give chance a push against the wall,
I'd much rather hide from this side of you
than face whatever it is you'll put us through,
I can feel bloodlines loosing oxygen, dying out.

Trembling hands to force these chests open wide,
cracking skulls against the floor and crossing
fingers at your back I see you putting
everything we've build down into young graves.

I speak the name forced upon you, long lost
the sweet innocence of its meaning, I taste
nothing but madness and the powerful weight
of regret, its death was an art on its own.

Let us be soaked in bitter blue, so deep
in my veins I can hold the strings of our
sins and point tired fingers to those I'd
rather be, I'll tie them as weapons on my wrist.

One glass of problems and two of forgetfulness,
count slowly until home seems like a good plan,
I can see the storm forming in your mind, your
eyes get lost and dark like the ghosts in this house.

I'll count the days for you, cold in waiting
but these roots have long since been severed,
I'll no longer be guilty for the fact that
I'm half of you, always in spite of yourself.

I promise once I'm gone there won't be force of any
kind to bring me back, I'll fight my way out of this
grave and walk away while there's time, Lord knows I
don't mind how much, no flesh or blood to hold me down.